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First breast cancer, now leukemia! Let's save Ola so that her husband and daughter do not lose her!

Aleksandra Rzepecka

First breast cancer, now leukemia! Let's save Ola so that her husband and daughter do not lose her!

Fundraiser goal:

Car-T Cell therapy in Israel - the only chance to defeat leukemia

Fundraiser organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Aleksandra Rzepecka
Wrocław, dolnośląskie
Malignant breast cancer, lymphoblastic leukemia
Starts on: 10 September 2019
Ends on: 10 December 2019

Fundraiser result

Aleksandra Rzepecka

Dotarły do nas wieści, których nigdy nie chcielibyśmy usłyszeć... Ola była prawdziwą wojowniczką. Jej walka poruszyła setki serc. Wygrała z rakiem piersi, ale białaczka okazała się zbyt silna, zbyt podstępna... 

Wszyscy mieliśmy nadzieję, że ta historia skończy się inaczej :( Brak słów, by wyrazić żal, smutek...

Bartkowi i Matyldzie - mężowi i małej córeczce Oli - składamy najszczersze wyrazy współczucia i życzymy im dużo siły w tym trudnym czasie.

Do zobaczenia, wojowniczko... [*]

Fundraiser description

Extremely urgent! A dramatic fight for life is underway! For the second time, cancer wants to take Ola from her loved ones… Ola beat breast cancer. After a few months, another blow from fate - leukemia! Ola can't do it alone this time, because nobody in Poland is giving her a chance… She needs us to win… To survive! Please - read, help, do not postpone it until tomorrow, because by then it may be too late! Ola doesn't have much time!

Aleksandra Rzepecka

My name is Bartek and I am fighting for the life of the most important person in the world to me. Until the autumn of 2017 we lived the life of an average family. We got married in 2010.In 2015 our daughter, Matylda, was born. We were very happy.

Everything changed in October 2017. It was then that a deadly disease crept into the peaceful life of our family. A lump was found on my wife Ola’s left breast during a check-up. First fear, next examinations, hoping that it’s nothing bad… Unfortunately, it turned out to be a malignant tumor. This turned our family's life upside down…

Oncology - a department that smells of fear - has become a well-known place to us… A place to fight for life. The wife is only 36 years old; her future should be ahead of her… Many years of life. Meanwhile, the struggle continues to make this life last.

After a quick decision in November 2017, doctors performed Ola's mastectomy. In January 2018, Ola started chemotherapy.

Ola was very brave, if it wasn't for the lack of hair, no one would have known that she had just put such a hard fight behind her. After more than half a year of treatment, as the tests returned good results, the worst seemed to be behind us. We could return to normalcy; to plan a vacation, spend time with our daughter and enjoy being together. No matter where - it's important that we are together!

Our joy only lasted for 4 months.

That was just before Christmas. A Christmas tree, carols and the anticipation of presents… and in the middle of all this during a routine test. I wished for only one thing for Christmas; that Ola would be healthy. In my worst nightmares, I could never have imagined what would happen…

Aleksandra Rzepecka

Ola had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The tumor cells were found in 93% of CSF and 96% of bone marrow. The results were so bad that the doctors couldn't believe that Ola had arrived at the hospital on her own feet. Without immediate care they gave her only a few weeks to live!

Instead of family holidays spent in the company of loved ones, there was a hospital ward. Instead of the scent of gingerbread the smell of the hospital, instead of joy - terrifying fear. Instead of the traditional dishes of Christmas Eve - another round of chemotherapy. We were left with faith and hope that chemotherapy would bring the expected result and Ola would soon be back with us.

After chemotherapy, the next stage of Ola's treatment was to be a bone marrow transplant. Our prayers were answered - after the worst news, good things finally awaited us: remission was achieved and a compatible donor was found. The transplant is scheduled for June 12. That day, Ola was to receive a new life. Unfortunately - 2 days before admission to the hospital the phone rang ... Fate again turned away; again despair. The transplant did not take place, the donor went abroad. We were left with nothing…

Nonetheless, we did not give up. Ola started another cycle of chemotherapy and the doctors began the procedure of looking for another donor. We managed to find a new donor - the compatibility was the highest possible, 10/10! Joy again… which did not last too long. After some good news there is always a slap in the face. This time the disease had become resistant and chemotherapy would not stop it. Tests showed a recurrence! 90% of the bone marrow…

During this short time, while the doctors were looking for a second donor, the disease had become resistant. Chemotherapy wouldn’t stop it. Doctors decided to introduce the innovative drug Blincyto, which also could not cope with an increasingly raging disease. One more chemotherapy was tried – a last resort treatment. Unsuccessfully.

Aleksandra Rzepecka

The doctors in Poland have run out of further treatment options, the only remaining chance is the CAR T-cell treatment. This Treatment is unavailable in our country but is being used successfully in other countries such as Israel. This method will give Ola a great chance for remission which will make a bone marrow transplant possible… And this is a chance for a victory, so Ola can stay with us!

I am begging you: please help us beat leukemia! This is the only chance for our family.

Bartek, Ola’s husband

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