Wojtek doesn't have time. Cancer takes over everything

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Wojtuś Duda, 4 years

częstochowa, śląskie

Neuroblastoma z mutacją N-MYC+

Started: 05 July 2019
Ends: 04 August 2019

Oncology ward is not a place of a happy childhood. We have a month and a huge amount of money to raise. Wojtuś’s life depends on it. I can’t let the disease win. Please help us!

Wojtuś is fighting alone but it’s me who has to create best treatment conditions. The price of fighting neuroblastoma, the price of my boy’s life is over 1 000 000 pln. At the beginning of August we should register in one of the Italian clinics. With each passing day the chances are smaller and smaller. We can’t risk. Italy is our only chance, so that next year our little boy could blow out the candles on his birthday cake...

Wojtuś Duda

Routine medical check-up, several examinations and diagnosis that makes everything else unimportant. From then on only one thing matters: the life and health of your child. There’s no such picture that could make a while last longer when you see your child dying. A deadly combat begins ad there is only one chance for the scales to turn in our favour.

Wojtek, Wojtuś... it’s the very first thought I wake up with after a short nap. I sleep restlessly with only one thought in my mind: how to save my boy? Being with him in a hospital room and returning home for a while only to be back in the hospital again. I have never thought this would be a part of our lives.

It was discovered by chance. We went to the hospital because we wanted to make sure that Wojtek’s heart was working properly. The sound of it confirmed that everything was all right. I wanted to pack our suitcase and go back home. Unfortunately during one of the examinations the doctors discovered a lump. I was told it could be anything. I remember it was Friday because for the whole weekend we had no information, no clue, no diagnosis. I was crying and crying in the hospital ward. And then they let us go home. It was the worst weekend of our lives. At least so I thought... The doctors from the heart surgery ward suspected lymphoma. Surgical removal was supposed to solve the problem once and for all. I was so happy that soon it would be over. I was waiting for the surgery.

Wojtuś Duda

The referral to oncology ward was supposed to be a mere formality. Then the doctor asked me to come to his surgery and what I heard was like a sentence: neuroblastoma. The worst, the most difficult opponent wreaking havoc in a young organism. This word, this diagnosis shattered our world to pieces. Our life stopped existing. I couldn’t even cry. Yet I couldn’t break down. And though my heart was bleeding I couldn’t afford to hesitate. Instead of thinking about consequences I started to look for possibilities. There was no time to waste. When we sent medical report to a translator it turned out she had no right qualifications so she send them to her friend who contacted us with an Italian clinic specializing in such cases. It was a glimmer of hope in the sea of despair.

There was one moment during the treatment which I’ll never forget. After chemotherapy Wojtuś always gets medicals protecting his organism from its effects. This time his veins cracked making injection impossible. He was taken from me to a separate room. The doctors were trying to give him a neck injection. I was standing there and I heard everything. Those sounds will stay with me forever.  Cries of fear and despair and a heartbreaking scream: Mooooooom! Helplessness.  The worst feeling the parent of a suffering child can experience. I said to myself that I will never ever leave him alone again. It’s just a child and his pain is also my pain. I want to spare him this fear... The feeling of being abandoned, of being lonely... it’s horrible.

I don’t let myself think that Wojtuś could pass away. I push it back at the very bottom of my mind. When I hear of children dying after autograft which is yet another stage of my boy’s treatment I cease to breathe. I can’t catch my breath for a few seconds and then this thought... we are still fighting. My son has a chance!

Wojtek’s childhood ended with the diagnosis. There was no playground, no dinosaurs, no little brother. There was hospital bed, lots of tubes, injections and medicines. Laughter and shouts of joy were replaced with a silent cry for help that I can see in his eyes. How can you tell a four-year-old that death lurks around every corner? I won’t do that to him. Instead I set him new goals. I tell him that I don’t know much about his favourite dinosaurs so he must be strong to tell me all about them. I explain that he must take his medicines and eat to recover. And when he falls asleep I look at him and I can’t help crying. Even the hardest mountain cracks sometimes...

The Italian clinic is our only hope to fight the disease. Wojtek will have to fight this battle on his own but it’s us who must support him in every possible way. Immunotherapy is not reimbursed and the costs of the treatment are horrendous. Our son is so brave but he alone won’t win this battle. The price for my child’s life is exorbitant! And the worst thing is that we should be in the clinic at the very beginning of August and the whole sum must be paid in advance. Every day matters. We have no time to waste. Please, help us to save Wojtuś! It’s our only hope.

Living from chemotherapy to chemotherapy, some good days. Learning while you are sick. Me or my husband – there’s always someone with Wojtuś. His twenty-month-old brother is waiting for him at home. My heart breaks every day because no matter what I do I’m always far from one of my children. Being in hospital I think about what’s going on at home. And being at home I can’t stop thinking about Wojtuś. Whenever I pick up the phone I’m afraid that something horrible happened. Every day I’m thankful that my son is still alive.

The illness has taken away my boy’s childhood yet still we can create some good memories. Our family’s energy concentrates on his fight for life. We live mostly in hospital. Each return home is an occasion to celebrate but only when we hear that our son is healthy again will we regain the joy of life. I’m ready to give everything to see my two sons playing together again. Please help us make this dream come true. The dream of life and saving Wojtuś.

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 24 467 people
1 093 919,45 zł (101,8%)