Burn armor suffocates Dominik's heart! We are gathering money for urgent surgeries in the US!

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Urgent life saving surgeries for Dominik URGENT!

Dominik Breksa, 15 years

Kraków, małopolskie

severe burn, second and third degree, 35 percent of body

Started: 04 July 2018
Ends: 30 December 2019

Mom: - We are begging you, our beloved Donors for a great thing - for support in surgeries saving Dominik's life in the United States so that he can live, stop feeling the chest and heart pricking at every minute movement and effort ... To be able to grow ... .

Dominik: - Yes, Mom, I have stopped living since the day of the accident, i.e. from August 30, 2012. I vegetate ... It's getting harder for me because after severe burn 35% of my small 8-year-old body then did not completely accept my own skin grafts on the entire surface of the burn. I have all the respiratory organs with my heart totally contracted ...

Mom: - Now you're over 14 years old. You are changing from a boy to a man ...

Dominik: - Mom, I can not change into a man. My burn is a hard armor in which I have been imprisoned for six years. Neck and chin, entire chest, right side with both armpits, part of the back and the whole right arm with the elbow have set like lava ...

Dominik Breksa

Mom: - You do not have any skin on this surface. Your transplants are a big patch of kerchief, adhesions and hypertrophy ... You look like a larva that can not turn into a beautiful butterfly.

Dominik: - Keloids and adhesions do not grow with me. I'm experiencing a drama like being trapped in the armor, in the prison of my own body. I feel that I do not exist outside my body.

Mom: - You burned a flame. Son, I still can not forgive myself for not anticipating your accident ...

Dominik: - Mom, I just wanted to play with matches in the attic. I did not think that I would almost lose my life then ...

Mom: - You did not shout. Your younger sister Klara has alarmed me. She noticed that you burn like a torch ...

Dominik: - Mom, I'm still burning. This pain lasts in me over the years and can not stop. I am unable to photograph my body burned, even when I am in the hospital once on the surgical beds in the apparatus ...

Mom: - First you were rescued in USD in Krakow Prokocim. You have undergone six skin transplant surgery and dressing changes. For the first four weeks you were dying ... when I was entering the Intensive Unit, I always directed my eyes first to the doctors and nurses: Do you live ?! I was dizzy and I was vomited at the door of the unit ... Child, I love you so much! I could not imagine you would die ... For a month I was unable to enter your room at home ...

Dominik: - I remember later in the ordinary ward, where after morphine I saw monkeys and monsters on the wall ...

Mom: - Do you remember another year of murderous rehabilitation exercises and massages that did not help?

Dominik: - The series of pressure garments, ointments and special creams also did not help. Mom, I could not raise my head and see the sky ... or raise my hands and straighten my right elbow. I could not write at school. I could not do anything.

Mom: - Then we got to Dr. Anna Chrapusty, who three times operated you in Centermed and the Rydygier Hospital in Krakow, Poland.

Dominik: - The doctor tried very hard, but I still had horrible contractures and felt like a mannequin at the exhibition. I did not pass the cycling card. For me, there was no help in Poland.

Mom: - My son, I remember that I promised you foreign assistance. Then, for the last time, we both cried dully all the way from the hospital to the house.

Dominik Breksa

Dominik: - You wrote a request for help to the Children's Burn Foundation in Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles, CA) ...

Mom; - Yes, Son. When in the American Foundation they saw your photos, how bad you look after nine operations in Poland, after 10 minutes from sending a request, they replied that at their own expense they are taking you to the United States for a recovery program ...

Dominik: - The time between 2014 and 2015 was very intensive in West Hills, CA. Under the direction of Dr. Peter Grossman, MD, FACS, contractures in both armpits and in the right elbow were permanently removed with the help of artificial skin. The doctor repeatedly tried to loosen up my adhesions and keloids on the whole surface with steroid injections. Failed to. And then he invented giant tissue expanders for me, which he started to assemble me from various sides of the kelo ... Then I went through five surgeries.

Mom: - Sonny, you were in California for the first time in three years after the accident, you started to move and play with the sisters on the playground ...

Dominik: - I believed that I would not be a mummy for the rest of my life.

Mom: - A doctor from Gdansk also believed in you, the only one that we were looking for in all of Poland burn hospitals. The doctor who directed you to further treatment in the USA ... In 2016-18 the President of NFZ and National Consultant of Plastic Surgery in Poland they reimbursed you for further treatment at Grossman Plastic Surgery in West Hills, CA.

Dominik: - Yes. I'm just finishing my fourth stay in the US, and a few weeks ago I went through the sixth and last surgery sponsored by the NFZ (and the twentieth in my life!)

Dominik: - You know, Mom, where Dr. Grossman partly eliminated my scar, pulling my healthy skin on this place, I can feel your hand when you stroke me ...

Mom: - These tissue expanders put on different parts of your body are so huge that I'm overwhelmed with horror ... in addition, the American Doctor can "pull" repeatedly the same healthy skin without additional cutting lines. Child, it's a miracle! After these surgeries, you do not remember at all that in some places you were so badly scalded ...

Dominik: - Mom, why do we need 4.5 million PLN for my further treatment in the United States?

Mom: - Sonny, a lot of surgeries before you. The new American program, which is unfortunately no longer refunded by the NFZ, provides for a dozen or so surgeries and other side procedures. Plastic surgery, especially abroad, can do miracles, but it costs a fortune.

Dominik: - Mom, my life has no price.

Mom: - Yes, Son. I want to dance with you rock-and-roll ... I want you to ride with your sisters bicycles "for racing."

Dominik: - And I want to swim, Mom. For six years I can not enjoy anything, even water. I have still opening wounds in various parts of the burn. I do not want to fall into the chest of an 8-year-old child ... I am entering the high school ..

Mom: - Thank you from the heart for every dollar/euro!

Dominik: Help me, dear Donors... I really want to live ...

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 12 350 people
406 939 zł (8,98%)
To reach our goal: 4 119 658 zł
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