A small heart dies ... We have to save Filip, help!

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Heart surgery at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Filip Rutkowski, 9 months


Heart defect: Ebstein anomaly, prematurity

Started: 31 March 2020
Ends: 09 June 2020

April 15: URGENT UPDATE❗️ High-cost medical transport necessary!

Important and unfortunately not very good news!

Filip requires specialized medical transport that will take him directly from his home straight to the clinic in Pittsburgh, USA. At the current euro exchange rate, the cost of such specialized transport reaches over 160 000 euros (PLN 700 000)!

There is no other option - with such a complicated heart defect, Filip must only fly at the certain altitude allowing his heart to work properly and must always be kept under the medical care of the best specialists. His life is at stake ...

This further complicates the task. We need to increase the fundraising amount, and our time is unfortunately running out ...

We believe in your good hearts and your willingness to help and that despite difficulties we will succeed, and Filip will have successful heart surgery in USA. This is his only chance to save his heart and to save his life ...

Thank you for being with us! Thank you for your help!


URGENT! Extremely complicated heart defect and only hope for rescue! Little Filipek is fighting for his life. The only surgery available that gives the boy a chance is in Pittsburgh. If he succeeds in June, the boy will get a new life. To make it happen, we have to collect a gigantic sum of money. We believe that we will succeed, because nothing is impossible with your help!

The struggle for life began with Agnieszka, Filip’s mother.

The worst dream for future parents came true: my child will be sick. I did a lot of research, I took care of myself, I waited and it wasn’t enough. My pregnancy was exemplary. All the tests and my well-being were fine. I was afraid, like every future mother, but it never crossed my mind that my child would be born seriously ill. Deadly sick...

Filip Rutkowski

At 29 weeks of pregnancy, the study, which was supposed to be just a formality, turned out to be the beginning of a nightmare that continues to this day. It turned out that Filipek has a very rare and severe heart defect - Ebstein's anomaly. This defect may be mild or moderate, which in that case, does not require surgery. However, our son's degree of defect turned out to be extreme, the worst possible.

During the next visits the defect deepened. I came to the pregnancy pathology ward, one treatment was not possible. To save Filip's life, the doctors decided to shorten the pregnancy immediately. Filip was born on September 17, 2019 at 34 weeks by caesarean section. The son's condition was critical. A heart defect caused a huge swelling of the body. All this further weakened the already low chances of survival.

Filip Rutkowski

He was immediately intubated and connected to a respirator. For many days he fought for his life, and I was losing my mind ... I still heard that there were minimal chances of survival. The nurses baptized Filip, and we could only pray for a miracle ... Such a tiny one, and he was already intubated, connected to a respirator. He could barely be seen among all the cables and pipes ... The biggest pain for me was that I couldn't touch him, take him into my arms, or hug him... tell him that everything will be alright, if he is strong, if he doesn't give up, that mom and dad are waiting for him and love him very much ...

On November 13, 2019, Filipek's first operation took place, i.e. systemic-pulmonary anastomosis. However, it was only a palliative surgery. The problem of heart and circulation remained intact ... After 3.5 months in the hospital, finally, the coveted moment - we could go home with my son. It was nothing less than a fairy tale ...

After a temporary improvement, Filip is in a bad state again. He has no strength to eat alone, every breath is a big effort for him. Although he is mentally developing well and would like to do everything that 6-month-old baby babies do at his age, he can't. He can't even raise his head by himself ... He is tired all the time, as if he had just ran a marathon. Healthy children breathe about 30 times a minute. Filipek takes 80 breaths for a minute ...

Filip Rutkowski

Everything is guilty of an extremely dangerous heart defect. Despite the fact that our Polish doctors saved Filipek's life and are trying their best to keep Filip healthy, the only option for surgery in the country is a single-chamber heart. In Poland, we received a proposal to make a single-chamber heart. When? Not known. We don't even know the date ... Nobody wants to plan anything. We have already heard that with such children we look to the future a maximum and a week ahead. Which does not make sense, because Filipek can die at any moment. We can't agree to this!

Thanks to the social network, I learned about doctors from the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh who specialize in surgery for children with such severe heart defects. I contacted the clinic. The answer poured new hope into my heart - our son has a chance!

We have been qualified for the operation valvuloplasty by the cone (cone procedure). The eminent professor Jose Da Silva in a children's hospital in Pitssburg, Pennsylvania - a pioneer and inventor of this method - decided on an operation that in Poland is described as impossible. The heart will remain two-chambered!

The operation must be carried out as soon as possible. Filipek has an artificial vessel inserted, so-called systemic-pulmonary anastomosis that does not grow with it. It won't fit his weight very soon. Not only that, the right chamber, which is deformed, is getting worse every day! This dramatically worsens the son's prognosis ...

Filip Rutkowski

And although we have a real chance to save the heart, the biggest obstacle is money. Estimated cost of the operation, stay on OIOM, medical transportation is the amount of approx. 170 000 dolars. And these costs may still increase ... To make matters worse, the recent situation in the world is still hampering our entire mission. In real life, the surgery could take place in June, if we can accumulate so much money ... Being aware of the hard mission ahead, we beg for help, because every dollar, every disclosure of our appeal is Filip's chance for life. We can't even imagine the day that his heart will stop forever and we will do everything we can to prevent that.