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The scar that is a symbol of tragedy. Don’t let Julian’s heart die!

Julian Kruszyński
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

The congenital heart disease surgery in German clinic in Munster

Julian Kruszyński, 6 years old
Rybnik, śląskie
Heart disease HLHS with hypoplastic left heart syndrome
Starts on: 02 July 2018
Ends on: 14 March 2019

Fundraiser result

Operacja serca Juliana w Klinice w Münster odbyła się w dniu 13.07, a kardiochirurdzy wykonali wszystko, co zaplanowali!

Julian wrócił z sali operacyjnej na własnym oddechu, a my mogliśmy z nim być bez przerwy, w dzień i w nocy. W miniony weekend otrzymaliśmy wypis i szczęśliwie wróciliśmy do domu.

Dziękujemy za wszelką pomoc całemu zespołowi, wszystkim Darczyńcom oraz każdemu, kto dołożył swoją cegiełkę w naszej walce. Bez Was nie byłaby ona możliwa.

Ania Kruszyńska, mama Juliana

Julian Kruszyński

Fundraiser description

I found out that my son could die just after his birth; that in his breast beats only the half of heart, that my older son could lose his brother, although he wasn’t born. My world collapsed, I lost the joy of life, the meaning of life… But a mother has a lot of strength – I convinced myself about it. My Julian is alive today, although his heart is like a ticking bomb. We must save him before the bomb will go off and take us everything… Please, help our son!

Julian will be 2 years old in October and he will undergo a third heart surgery and we hope that it will be the last one. However, we have no chance for that in Poland because they operate just the children in a critical condition, very often after the age of 3. Julian’s heart cannot wait… In order that the child with HLHS congenital heart defect could the chance for life, all three stages of surgeries should be completed before he will reach 2.5 years old. That’s why professor Malec, one of the best heart surgeons in the world, agreed to treat our son. However, the surgery is very expensive and we cannot afford it… Julian’s life is very important for us and we ask you for help – please, give our son the chance to live with a half of the heart…

Julian Kruszyński

Like for each mother, it didn’t matter if I delivered the second son or the daughter. I just wanted my child to be healthy...But since 21st week of pregnancy I was aware that my child would be terminally ill. Mid-pregnancy ultrasound looked terribly in our case… It was an attempt to look for red spots on scanning monitor which indicated that the blood flowed to the left ventricle what meant that it worked. But it didn’t work… All abnormalities indicated that it was the worst congenital heart disease – HLHS, incurable. Our world collapsed in one second.

It was a blessing in disguise – we managed to detect the defect before the birth, we could prepare for that as much as possible. After the birth I held my son for 15 minutes and I thought that it was just a nightmare – he was plump, ruddy and screamed loudly.  Just after that his heart weakened and he started to die… He was put in an incubator and the doctors had to connect him up to a medicine that kept him alive – just to survive to the first operation.

I spent every moment next to the incubator, as far as it was possible after the long delivery. I sang him lullabies which were sometimes interrupted by my crying. I couldn’t stop crying, even though I tried to be brave. When the visiting hours ended I was saying goodbye to him because I didn’t know if I would see him another day. The doctors didn’t cheer, they said the truth.  He was in a poor health condition…

Julian Kruszyński

After one week we had to sign the acceptance for his first operation. We knew that there was a high risk that he would not survive… At the same time if we hadn’t signed the acceptance we would have condemned him to death… We were so scared… Before the surgery we asked the hospital chaplain for baptism for our son. The room was dark, there was just a light from cardiac monitors and small lights on hospital beds. Julek was sleeping so innocently… We had to say goodbye to our warrior who disappeared behind the hospital room’s door.

The surgery went well but the risk didn’t disappeared. Opened breast, respirator, drains, cannulas, cables, pumps, syringes, beeping cardiac monitors and postoperative oedema is not something that the parents dream about when they look at their baby.

We will remember the day of hospital discharge to our dying day. Our three and a half of heart was bursting with the happiness and the pride. We just needed to wait for the second operation’s date. Three months later we had a check-up. We heard some bad news… An immediate cardiac catheterization was essential. Unfortunately, the balloon angioplasty didn’t work and the doctors had to insert a stent. After few months the second surgery was conducted. It was also successful but the recuperation was difficult for him. Our hearts were breaking when we saw him suffering…

Julian Kruszyński

At the moment we are at home and we know that Julek will undergo the third surgery which will end the three-stage treatment. His heart will never be entirely healthy but the surgery can save his life. So far he was treated in Poland. However, we decided to ask professor Edward Malec from Clinic in Munster for help and he agreed to conduct the third stage of the heart surgery.

Unfortunately, we have to cover the cost of surgery by ourselves. The chance for our son’s life is priced at 40 000 Euros. We ask you for help to raise the money which will let our son live.  He has only a half of the heart but he has a will to live…

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