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In September, Marcin will be born, and that same September he’ll start to die! His mom begs for help…

Marcin Poliszuk
Zbiórka zakończona
333 436,00 zł ( 100.07% )
9530 donors

Childbirth and operation - 1st step of treating heart defect HLHS

Marcin Poliszuk, 21 months
Anusin, lubelskie
Wada serca HLHS
Starts at: 17 July 2019
Ends at: 30 September 2019


A month, many less - that’s how much time we’ve got left to save my son. Only recently we found out how sick he really is, that with his heart he has no chance to live. The truth is that the moment he’s born, he’ll start dying… a certain drug will give us a few days, but without an operation my son will be gone. We’re terrified that we won’t manage to save him! Our rescue is waiting in Munster, Germany, but the operation is terribly expensive. From all our hearts we beg you, if you’re reading this right now- help Marcin. 

Every donation, every share our cause gets, will increase the chances of Marcin living through this and beating all odds!

We have an older son, 6 year-old Arek. Thanks to him, our life has been filled with more joy than ever before. That’s why we were elated when we found out we were expecting our second child! Until recently, our life continued in its normal rhythm. Of course, there were better days and worse days, yet we were happy with the joy this pregnancy brought to our family. We had already seen others’ requests for medical support, in which we read about new therapies, surgeries abroad, the last options… It always chilled our blood, and we started thanking God that our son was healthy. 

We weren’t anticipating that so soon we would come face to face with this world; the world of fear and hope that can take over a person. 

We didn’t foresee that one day it will be our turn to write an appeal with a plea for help for our child, and that it will all come down to money, or a lack of it…

Marcin Poliszuk

The pregnancy was proceeding smoothly, until the next control-check was due. It was June. There and then the doctor made the diagnosis: HLHS -  a serious heart defect with hypoplasia of the left ventricle. This means that our child will be born without the ventricle responsible for pumping blood to all organs. What’s more, both the valves in the left side of his heart and the main vessel coming out of it- the aorta - are underdeveloped. What does this mean? Such a heart has no way to function properly. A child with such a defect has no way to survive…

We were directed for a medical examination to Prof. Joanna Dangel. The diagnosis was verified. There was also an option of operating Marcin in my womb, however the risk turned out too high. Nobody seemed to want to take care of the situation… Despite our despair and indescribable fear we decided to fight for our child. In the end, a spark of hope was ignited…

Marcin is safe as long as he’s in the womb, however right after his arrival to the world he’ll start to die - his missing left ventricle prevents blood circulating around his body. We can save him only for a few days by giving him a special drug. This will give doctors time to conduct medical examinations and prepare for the surgery, which will give us a chance for saving our son. However, that’s not the end…

In order for his heart to function properly, Marcin has to undergo at least a 3-step surgery. The first operation, saving his life, has to take place a few days after birth. The next one, when he’ll be 6 months old, and the third just before his third birthday. We know what a long and difficult road awaits us. How many tears will be shed. We will, however, march on that road with courage, because it’s the life of our child that’s at stake. There’s no other way…

Marcin Poliszuk

We started searching for help from someone, who could possibly save our child. We had read hundreds of stories of children with heart defects. We know that many parents choose the path of surgery in Munster, Germany. Treatments are performed under Prof. Edward Malec, who has the best results in treating children with serious heart defects. They have saved so many children, we have a chance to save our son!

When we qualified for the surgery, tears flowed like rivers. It’s an unimaginable chance… We ask for your help, for time is running out. A moment after birth will begin the battle of life and death. Only thanks to your help will Marcin be able to meet his brother, to come back home with us…

With all our hearts we, I as a mother whose child is in a mortal danger, ask for your help. It’s our only chance…

Ewelina, Marcin’s mom. 

333 436,00 zł ( 100.07% )
9530 donors
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