Birth with death sentence. We have not got much time to save Mikolaj’s life!

Goal: Childbirth and lifesaving surgery - 1st stage of treatment in Munster
Mikołaj Marczak
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Critical heart defect: DORV type TOF, VSD, IAA

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Started: 28 August 2017
Ends: 10 October 2017

My baby is coming soon and in the same time will die. I am mortally scared ... The defect of Mikołaj's heart is extremely complicated, he must hit the hands of the best specialists from the Munster clinic just after the birth. Only there he has a chance. The operation of saving my son's life must take place immediately after his birth. The cost of it scares me ... I'm so scared that I will not manage to collect the money on time and Mikolaj will not even get the chance to live. Please, do not let my child die...

I can feel his moves under my heart, I know he is alive, right now inside of me he is safe. I would like to keep him there forever, because when he is born, he will be in a deadly danger. I know that his welcome day can be a goodbye day. My little son will never meet his parents, will never feel how much we love him… He is getting bigger, he will appear on this world soon and the only chance of his living depends on money.

The date of his birth is 22nd October and I should be there two weeks earlier.

There is not much time to safe Mikolaj’s life! We are not able to get that huge amount by ourselves – it is more than 350 thousands zloty.

We can save his life only with your help so I beg you – please  help us.

On Valentine’s Day I got the best gift I could even dream of – I found out about the pregnancy. It was like a fairytale – the first doctor visit, pregnancy confirmation and the most beautiful sound- the sound of beating heart.

During the next examination we’ve learnt that we will have a son, and our three-years old daughter Maja will have her dreamed little brother. We were extremely happy until the first of June. It was a Children’s Day, we were going to half term examination. After that we planned to take our daughter for dessert to celebrate her Day. That time, when our happiness reached zenith, we had heard words that brutally destroyed it and gave us unexpected blow straight in the heart.

During the examination we found out that Mikolaj is suspected to have a complex heart defect. Doctor saw and confirmed an abnormal picture of four chambers of the heart, ventricular septal defect (VSD), DORV - double outlet right ventricle, and mentioned that he also suspects aortic stenosis. I did not understand any words he said, I had only one thoght in my mind –my child can die! His heart will stop beating after the birth… It was so hard to believe that the doctor has been doing my examination three times. Unfortunately the image of Mikolaj’s heart was the same every time. How is it possible ? Everything has been all right so far, we lead a healthy lifestyle, we care about ourselves and our unborn baby. We asked ourselves – why we ? There are no heart defects in our families. After leaving the office, I constantly heard Doctor’s words in my head. I couldn’t stop tears despite trying to be strong so that our daughter couldn’t see me crying – it was Children’s Day after all.

Meanwhile, instead of joyful celebration, there was so huge desperation we could not quench.

Next days were a nightmare. I woke up and I thought it was just a bad dream. I was touching my belly, I felt Mikolaj’s moves and I couldn’t believe, that my baby is in deadly danger.

After two weeks heart ECHO ultimately confirmed diagnosis, which was a verdict – - a severe, complex heart defect in the form of DORV - double outlet right ventricle , which means that the aorta and artery leave from the right heart chamber and the large ventricular septal defect (VSD), which is the only way that blood can leave the  ventricular chamber. This critical heart defect can kill my child after childbirth…

We do not confess to despair. For the first time I saw tears distilling down my husband's cheeks and I felt his trembling hand… The doctor gave us encouragement, but no words came to us – it was only one information - our child can die.

Every new visit gaves us more plunk - In addition, Mikolaj being in my tummy got the infection what is proved by appearing the calcification at the level of sternum and the fluid in pleura. It exacerbates his condition and prognosis. Furthermore, I have got increased amount of amniotic fluid that could cause a premature birth and it is a threat to our son’s life!

I was still thinking , why it happened to our family, why misfortune was falling on the most defenseless person who did not even have the chance to do anything wrong.

Mikolaj was not born yet, and is was about to die? I could not believe that…

During one of the last examinations we have heard that prognosis are pessimistic. The heart defect is going to change with his growth. Until Mikolaj is inside of my tummy he is safe. In time of cutting off the umbilical cord our little baby will start fighting for life. His little heart will not handle itself… We were told that Mikolaj is going to have at least three operations and we have to be prepared for everything. Each of operations is very dangerous. Before each of them we should say goodbye to our child, because it is not certain that he will survive…

I am paralyzed by the thought that I might lose my son. I have already manage to love him so much… I am afraid that the Day of greeting can be also a goodbye with our beloved son and our three- years old daughter, who is waiting for him, will not meet him. When it seemed that our despair had no bottom, we found out about Professor Malec. We went on consultation. After the careful analysis of currents test results he agreed to qualify Mikolaj for an operation in German clinic in Munster. He also gave us hope for retaining two heart chambers and reducing the amount of operations to two or even one.

But it is too early to judge. Everything will be clear after the childbirth. The date of birth is 22nd October and it should be in specialist center where I should be two weeks earlier. Mikolaj will get medications immediately to stay alive in his first twenty four hours of life. In his first days, our little baby needs to be operated. It is his only chance. Unfortunately, the cost of the operation in enormous due to the complex heart defect. We do not have and we will not have such amount of money. But the worst thing is that we have not got much time… One month and a half for collecting 350 thousand Polish zlotys. If it was not for my child's life, I would not have thought it would work. I probably would not even try ... But for my son I will do everything, so today I beg you for help - only with you we can save Mikolaj...

Verified Zbiórka zweryfikowana przez Fundację Siepomaga
Supported by 7 031 people
171 068 zł (47,59%)
To reach our goal: 188 422 zł

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