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URGENT❗️Wojtuś is dying, we have very little time to save him... Please help!

Wojtuś Sadowski
Zbiórka zakończona

URGENT❗️Wojtuś is dying, we have very little time to save him... Please help!

4 258 259,36 zł ( 101.04% )
Wsparło 113841 osób

life-saving heart surgery in the US

Wojtuś Sadowski, 3 years
Zgierz, łódzkie
critical heart disease
Starts at: 05 March 2020
Ends at: 08 May 2020


24 March 2020, 09:28

Dramatic news❗️We have a few weeks to save Wojtuś!

Wojtuś is fighting for his life and his heart for every beat ... Only the surgery will save our son's life - this is the only chance that he will stay with us. Wojtuś's heart should be operated right after his second birthday ... Only then the surgery - very complicated and burdened with a huge risk - has a chance of success. Son is 2 years old on May 8! We have literally a few weeks ...

To reserve the date of the surgery, we must have collected 80% of the amount ... Completing formalities and just waiting for the date takes several months. This means that we must raise money as soon as possible. Every day works against Wojtuś. Every day kills him ...

Wojtuś Sadowski

We came across a very difficult time ... It deepens our fear. However we fight, because it is about Wojtuś ... In the fight for his life we ​​will never give up, although we are more and more afraid with each passing day ...

Please, be with us, save Wojtuś! The only hope that our son will live is in you! Wojtuś's small, sick heart needs your good heart... Otherwise it will stop beating.


This charity collection is the last scream of help – the help for a little boy, whose little heart will stop in the nearest future! Wojtuś hasn’t turned of 2 years yet, however he underwent five surgeries during his life. It seems that he ought to be healthy and enjoys his life… unfortunately - without the last surgery he is going to pass away! The surgery would be performed in USA, where four other children: Julka, Emila, Dawidek and Antoś had the surgery and they are alive. This surgery would happen only if you will want to help and save his life. We need you.

Wojtuś Parents: Our sonny fights for his life from the first moments… five times we were standing scared to death behind the doors of surgery room, having no idea if we would be able to see him alive once again. We are frightened as much as we love him – he is the most precious for us. Please, provide help for our child! The health defect is a sentence of death, but we can cancel it!

Wojtuś Sadowski

About the situation that our coveted sonny will be born with heart disability, we heard in the middle of pregnancy. During the USG examination, performed in the middle of it, we heard that Wojtuś is going to die just after being born. Heart defects differ with complexity and mortality. Wojtuś is a very difficult medical case. He has mixed great veins, closed pulmonary trunk, large ventricular septal defect and the same for atriums. In his little heart everything is mixed…

Wojtuś was born on 8 of May 2018 at specialistic hospital, because only there he has had chance for survival. Just after being born, he had to leave us and he underwent for application the cure, which provides him chance of staying alive. Without the pharmaceutical help, he would have smothered on our eyes… Any child shouldn’t experience pain, loneliness closed behind a hospital room and fear. Our sonny, Wojtuś knows them very close, too close. He underwent five difficult cardiac surgeries. Fires to them, lung-systemic compound has been conducted when he was nine-days newborn child…

Wojtuś Sadowski

After the first surgery, Wojtuś was not able to breathe, he was intubated and once again went to Intensive Care Unit… Once again the fear has come. There were a necessity of re-operation. During the whole month Wojtuś spent in hospital with pleural drainage, parallel – we were scared every day. In case of heart defect of your child, the severe disease, you aren’t sure of anything… You are losing the feeling of having everything under control… Every time, when we thought that the nightmare ends up, the sudden deterioration happened. When we finally came back home, we haven’t enjoyed so much wanted discharge from hospital. After few days we had to come back to the hospital using medical transport, because Wojtuś had tachycardia. Right ventricle, which should have been working for two – didn’t work at all… Wojtuś started to be sick, he was very weak and stopped to eat for more than a year. He has been fed only via tube.

Another surgery would have been conducted, when Wojtuś was six-month old. Meaning at December 2018. Being in hospital, Wojtuś caught three infections. We spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve on the ward with him, wishing only one thing – that Wojtuś won’t have complications and we won’t be scared for his life. Just only small wish – having New Year better than the ending 2018. Unfortunately, our wishes hasn’t come true. The biggest drama was ahead of us. The last surgery didn’t go according the plan. Wojtuś’ lungs started to be fulfilled of blood, he stared to be inefficient, he stopped to urinate and after that – to breathe. Urgently, he had undergone the fourth surgery, which didn’t help him in all. On the first of February 2019 Wojtuś had his fifth surgery. Glen Method compound was the last chance for his life, however it hasn’t been performed with 100% success. The complications have started, Wojtuś’ heart needed to be catheterized urgently… Our child… our world… our everything – once again was fighting for his life…

Wojtuś Sadowski

Unluckily, it is not the end of fighting for life… The worst and the most important thing is ahead of us. Heart defect is complicated and the heart is roughed up after the number of surgeries. Cardiologists from Poland and Germany are able to create one-ventricle heart despite Wojtuś’ heart has 2 working ventricles (from the left the flow is blocked). One-ventricle method will not save his life, just only give some time for him, approximately few years of life. One ventricle without the second cannot manage the difficulty of pumping blood. It means the one and the most scarifying  thing – we will be witness of our son’s death.

For saving Wojtuś’ heart, we are able to travel to the end of World… We were searching for help far away than Europe and we found – professor Frank Hanley from Stanford Hospital in USA. He is the expert of the most severe cardiac cases in the World. He decided to conduct full correction of Wojtuś’ heart. He is able to create a proper anatomy of this organ. He will change the connections of veins in this way that they will be in proper places, working properly. He is also ready to build up the cavity between ventricles and put into the heart the pulmonary valve. Unluckily, we have to pay a big amount of money for this surgery. Medical care in the USA is the most expensive one in the World. We need help, your help. This is the one last chance for Wojtuś’ life!

Wojtuś Sadowski

Doctors, nurses and friends say that Wojtek is still alive thanks for our actions. Lots of thing we have been fighting for, another we begged. For about 2 years we are running between cariology, cardiac surgery and anaesthesiology wards. However, this time we are not able to fight alone.

Wojtek won 5 severe battles. We hope that he will win the last one and will be able to enjoy his life. As his parents we would like to give him a chance of normal life with studying, with love, with ability to have his own family. We need him. We need him staying with us alive. Just only that and that much. We beg for help.

4 258 259,36 zł ( 101.04% )
Wsparło 113841 osób

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