May this little heart beat forever! Help Krystian on the occasion of ...

Małgorzata Stano
organizator skarbonki

"No matter how many steps there will be and how small they are on the way for having a fixed little heart. What matters is to not give up"   
- Krystian's parents

Dear Helpers!

Inspired by an amazing friend I decided to use the opportunity of my 23th birthday to get the best gift anyone can receive.

Taking the advantage of this great chance which is being a citizen of the world, having friends literally in every part of the world, I would like to ask each and every one of you to give me the best birthday present anyone can get. Specifically, I would like, with your help, to bring someone closer to have a chance for a better life.

I was thinking, what I would like to get for my birthday and I realized, that material things don't interest me. Of course they make life easier, they make it more diversified but none of them matters when there is lack of health... That's a thought that I wanted you to consider thanks to my event. I would like that me and you, all together we can help someone to have a chance to dream and experience the goods of the world that we do in everyday life and usually not appreciating the fact of being healthy,where our only obstacles are our own fears and doubts. Not everyone is that lucky.

Please meet a cheerful baby boy, Krystian. He really wanted to come to this world. Unfortunately he was born with a heart condition. In his little heart there was found to be a heart defect HLHS. His parents are raising money for his surgery in Germany, already the 3rd stage of fixing this defect. It's an extremely expensive surgery, 36,500 euros. But his parents don't give up, they fight and believe that together they can do it. I believe in that as well, that with all your help we will be able to bring them closer and reach this goal!

It doesnt matter if you give 1 Euro, 5 Palistani Rupee or 100 Malaysian Riggit. Wherever you are, you can help me get an amazing gift for my birthday :) Together we are powerful. I truly believe in that. And you?

Thank you in advance for each peny! :)


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