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Do not let me get stuck in four walls

Ryszard Piastuch
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

Purchase of an incident electric scooter

Entity submitting the fundraiser: Fundacja Dzieciom ZDĄŻYĆ Z POMOCĄ
Ryszard Piastuch, 64 years old
Wieliczka, małopolskie
Dwa udary mózgu, paraliż lewostronny, choroba wrzodowa, niedokrwienie serca
Starts on: 02 February 2017
Ends on: 17 June 2018

Fundraiser description

We believe that our lives can be planned. That we have full control over it, that we are blacksmiths of our own destiny. Sometimes, however, the moment comes when nothing is the same, and our unwavering faith in their own strength is put to the test.

Ryszard Piastuch

In my life, such a moment occurred when, after more than ten years I finished renovating my inherited home. It was a total hovel. The wall was eaten by a mould, and there was not even hot water in the pipes. There was virtually everything to exchange, but there was nothing more important to me than providing my family with a roof over their heads. Work on the house absorbed every free moment and all the money, but I did not complain. I was healthy, strong and I managed to bring the house to order. It seemed that we would finally breathe. Together with my wife and children, we started planning the first summer holidays. I promised them that I would take them all abroad. Maybe Croatia? It was supposed to be so beautiful ...  

The stroke that I got at the end of 2001 brutally verified all our plans. Connected to drips I spent 4 months in the hospital, and the stroke left me with the paresis of the left side of the body. It was bad, but the rehabilitation began to slowly bring effects. I did not lose hope that I would be able to regain fitness that now it will only get better. It was when it seemed that I was going straight, and I was given another stroke. This time the right leg was paralyzed.

Ryszard Piastuch

It was a knockout blow, but I was not allowed to give up. I had a family and three adolescent children. I had to live for. I fought for three consecutive years to get out of the pram. During that time, the doctors gave me hope that someday I would start walking again. Later it was necessary to reconcile with the fact that I would never go back to my former fitness. A double stroke impacted strongly on my psyche. After all, I was a strong man. I was only 42 when the nightmare began. I ran my own shop, I had a car. I was able to provide a family with a worthy being. Now the store had to be closed and the car sold. I had to start living with a modest invalidity pension. Constant stress began to affect my body. Bronchial asthma, nodular thyroid goitre, ischemic heart disease ... The list is long. The most dramatic was thrombosis, the consequence of which was lung embolism. Initially, the doctors dismissed the symptoms. When they finally managed to identify the disease, I heard from them that I should be dead. - If you have survived it, it means that you have something else to do in this world- the words of one of the doctors are still coming back to me.

Every day I move on a mobility scooter. Without it, it would be impossible to visit doctors, travel to rehabilitation or even shopping. The scooter allows me to function normally among people and be independent of others. I take care of my scooter as I once cared for my car, but the equipment is getting worn out more and more. After 6 years of intense exploitation, almost every element of the scooter starts to fall. Wheels and accumulators are replaced. The steering system is not working, and the most dangerous, brakes. I can stop only by braking the engine. Before every trip from home I am a bundle of nerves. I am afraid that again, before the peak of some hill, the batteries will discharge and I will be stuck looking around for help. Such situations have already happened several times. I must ask passers-by to push my scooter upstairs. Not everyone wants to help. There are those who look away or cross the street.  

Ryszard Piastuch

Repairing a scooter is completely unprofitable. Parts are so expensive that its cost would be a little less than the purchase of a new vehicle. Despite the illness, I try to function as independently as possible, but without a scooter I am completely helpless. I strongly believe that the doctor who examined me after the embolism was right and I have something else to do in this world. But to do something, you need tools. For me, such a tool is a scooter. I live near Krakow. A lot of hills here, so I need strong and reliable equipment. Unfortunately, I am not able to pay for it myself, and scooters are not subsidized. That's why I am asking you for help. Please, give me a chance for independence!

This fundraiser is finished. You can support other People in need.

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