Mój bieg, Twoja pomoc- nasze ultra!

Paweł Śliwiński
organizator skarbonki

My running, your helper our ultra!
That's what time the second edition!

A year ago we were able to collect 1527 zł and perform more than 100% of the norm!
Behind every great once again THANK YOU!

This year again I would like to support its miles of foundation
"Na ratunek dzieciom z chorobą nowotworową"
which implements nationwide social campaign to build a clinic "Przylądek Nadziei", which is the new headquarters of Bone Marrow Transplantation Clinic, Oncology and Hematology, Medical University in Wroclaw. Currently, the clinic is located at Bujwida, in an old former German building, which can not be used to renovate so that it meets the necessary standards. Construction clinic intensely moving forward, also thanks to you. However, the need is still some work! I hope that once again we can help you!

Why do my running and this foundation?
Because I know from experience that cancer is a constant and difficult struggle especially when it affects children. That's why I'm counting on you and your big hearts! I hope that once again you show me that it is worth helping!

Edit I - 2014 season

My main goal was running a two ultramaratons:
- "147Ultra" from Szczecin to Kolobrzeg over a distance of 151 km of which fulfill my in 22h 59 min and
- "Run 7 Valleys" ultra marathon mountain this time over a distance of 100 km defeated at the time of 14h 53 min
In addition, I participated in many races where I tried to promote action by running! Beating at that time more than 1400km.

Edit II - 2015 season
Major competition:

- Marduła's Run in Zakopane - June 6 as a year ago but almost five times shorter, but this time it is a mountain race over a distance of 32 km.
- KBL 110 km 07/17/2015 at the Lower Silesian Festival of Mountain Gear

I have in my head a few more gears, that I will inform you updated!
However, like last year every start and training this year will be devoted to the action.
It is therefore particularly important will be your personal support as well as financial throughout the collection. Every penny will make me even more motivated to work out training and during the race gives me even more energy.

His actions I will keep on my blog described the Sliwaatrip
and on Facebook. So I encourage you to peek!

I am counting on you and with all my heart I urge you again to support my collection, it is important for your buck!
 "My course, your help-our ultra", joining forces again to help the youngest;)


50 zł


Pięknie Ci poszło, Paweł :)
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Krzysztof Biesiekierski

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Dobiegnij do mety w pierwszej dziesiątce. Dasz radę.
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Inspirujesz do bycia najlepszą wersją siebie :)
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