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Crush cancer – a miner needs our help!

Krzysztof Szczepaniak
Fundraiser goal:

Immunotherapy at MediColonia clinic in Cologne

Fundraiser started by: Fundacja Onkologiczna Nadzieja
Krzysztof Szczepaniak
Lubin, dolnośląskie
Stage IV glioblastoma
Starts on: 01 April 2019
Ends on: 15 September 2020

Fundraiser description

Update,  27.09.2019:

Thanks to your financial support, I have started immunotherapy treatment with dendric cells. I'm responding really well for that treatment. Treatment is led by dr Nesselhut in Duderstadt, Germany.

4 vaccines are needed to verify if immunotherapy is doing good to my brain.
Unfortunately, cost of those vaccines is tremendous. In total, 4 vaccines costs 100 000 PLN.

Thanks to you, I'm going for a second vaccine mid September. In case of positive response it is recommended to get 3 more vaccines each 3 months. Pity, I do not have such amount of money to continue that treatment.

Lately, one of my dreams came true, I led my daughter to the altar. Now with joy and hope I'm waiting for birth of my first granddaughter Lily.

Please help me continue this promising treatment and let me enjoy that important moments in life.


Krzysztof Szczepaniak


For 40 years I worked in the mine. This year I was to retire, but then cancer appeared. Doctors discovered a tumor in my brain – Glioblastoma Multiforme grade IV. Not long after this, I learned that I am to become a grandfather. I dreamt about that my entire life, but now I do not even know know if I will survive to see the birth of my grandchild.

Krzysztof Szczepaniak

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are taking the remnants of my strength. Hope exists as immunotherapy in a clinic in Cologne. The results are very promising – so much that this therapy was awarded the Nobel Prize. Unfortunately, the treatment is not refunded by NFZ. I believe that I will meet my grandchild, that I will lead my daughter to the alter. It is not yet time to leave. Please, help me survive.

I started 2019 with great hope and joy. I was about to retire. Finally I could devote all of my time to my family. We were all busily preparing for my Daughter’s wedding. I was glad that I now I would be able to spend more time in my garden with my beloved cats. I was happy, until the day that I learned about the cancer. Instead of time devoted to my family, there were weeks spent in hospital, days full of fear and hours under a drip.

How did it all start? At the beginning of January, on the bus to work, I lost consciousness. Suddenly I fell, I had a seizure. An ambulance was called. From that moment until the diagnosis, only a few hours passed. In hospital doctors performed detailed tests, from which it turned out that the cause of the seizure was a brain tumor in the temporal lobe. Doctors were reluctant to share much more information, I knew only one thing, that they suspected it to be cancer. Even then, this was a blow. Less than one year earlier, cancer had taken my mother. I had always been a picture of health, until this day came, when it turned out that my time here on earth may soon be over.

Krzysztof Szczepaniak

Doctors immediately opted for surgery. The tumor was removed, but then the result of the biopsy came. It turned out that I am dealing with the worst type of cancer, the most malignant - grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme.

Cancer has invaded our life in time, which was meant to be the most beautiful. I heard from my son that I’m going be a grandfather!

Today I am during radio-chemotherapy treatment with Temodal. I'm fighting because I have to meet and get to know my grandchild. In May, I want to lead my daughter to the altar and see how she begins the next chapter of her life. At the end of April, I am finishing a 6-week treatment session in Poland. My chance to survive is immunotherapy in a German clinic in Cologne, where patients with glioblastoma are given therapy to stimulate the immune system to fight cancer. I know stories of people who were not given a chance, and they are living after this treatment...

This fundraiser is finished. You can support other People in need.

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