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We fight for Szymon's hand! 3 weeks left!

Szymon Prowadzisz
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

Left hand surgery at the Aachen clinic

Szymon Prowadzisz, 6 years old
Lubicz Górny, kujawsko-pomorskie
Extreme prematurity, craniostenosis, brachial plexus paralysis
Starts on: 02 October 2019
Ends on: 08 October 2019

Fundraiser description

Szymon cannot feel his left arm from elbow to hand. Without being able to move it, he cannot develop properly. At the age of 3, he already has a disturbed sense of balance. Without a functional hand, he will not button up his jacket or tie his shoelaces. He does not even enjoy his childhood as he cannot get hold of his toys or simply use a mag. Unfortunately, the older he grows, the more the problems will increase.

Szymon’s condition is due to pre-mature birth. When our son was born, he weighed just over a kilo. He spent over 2 months in intensive care. From the beginning, we have been struggling with the shoulder plexus, premature fusion of the cranial suture (craniostenosis) and psychomotor retardation. He has already undergone several operations and there are still more to come. All so that in future Szymon will be independent and fit and go to school without problems.

On October 24th, Szymon is going to have another surgery on his left hand. Unfortunately, such operations are not performed in Poland. As a result, we had to seek help in Germany. For Szymon it's the only chance of restoration to his arm. There is only little time left! However, we believe that with your help, we will be able to raise the amount needed.

Szymon's parents

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