Life for Ewa

organizator skarbonki

Sometimes, we dont kwow how life is fragile till the moment something bad happen. Especially when someone from our family get sick, what when is a child.... 

One day before arrived to Santiago, I heard than cancer which had Ewa is still dangerous. It should  to be good, but it wasnt.  This intention I gave to Santiago, but Ewa needs our help too. A change for her is really expencive medicine, which costs  300 000 PLN. Its her last change. 

I ask You for help. Instead going to have a beer or coffe tonight, give this money today for Ewa.  

Now her life its depends of us.


200 zł

carles boronat

good luck
20 zł


Będzie dobrze!
1 000 zł

Setu Kamal

I wish you all the best! :-)
1 000 zł

Setu Kamal

I wish you all the best! :-)
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