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Help me fight for a better tomorrow!

Tomasz Matysiak
Fundraiser finished
Fundraiser goal:

intensive rehabilitation

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Tomasz Matysiak, 64 years old
Kórnik, wielkopolskie
Osteoarthritis of the spine, trauma to the head and cervical spine
Starts on: 27 August 2020
Ends on: 30 October 2020

Fundraiser description

Even though you don't think about it, one moment can affect your whole life.  A harmless event can become the one that will change reality forever.  Carefree turned into fear.  Being able to treat yourself as something completely natural becomes just a dream.

Soon a year has passed since the accident, and I still feel its effects very painfully.  This is an event I will never forget.  Carefree fun with the grandson, moments that grandparents absorb like a sponge.  At times like this, it doesn't even occur to you that you are in mortal danger.  It's impossible, right?

 And yet in my case the impossible turned out to be reality ... The seemingly harmless stumble turned out to be tragic.  When I was hospitalized, the doctors were not in doubt - the matter is serious.  An X-ray found a bruised spinal cord and a fractured spine, and the decision to operate was made almost immediately.  Doctors worked all night saving my life, health and fitness.  Unfortunately, the new day did not bring hope or good news.  An era of my life was ending with the next information provided by doctors.  Four-limb paralysis - the sound of these words still gives me chills...

Tomasz Matysiak

I was always active, I was always on the move because that's when I felt alive.  After the accident, even the simplest activity was beyond my reach.  I was determined to fight, even though it took many hours of effort.  You can't prepare for it - sometimes, despite putting all my energy and commitment, literally nothing came out.  I had to re-learn my body.  Do whatever it takes to remind yourself of how the brain's connections for independent movement work.  On my way I put up new challenges - raising my hand with a spoon to my mouth, brushing my teeth, standing up on my own.

The right side suffered much more as a result of the accident.  Now I'm learning to use the left hand.  This is a huge challenge, especially since it also does not work like it does for a fit person.  Despite the enormous effort and constant rehabilitation, I still find it challenging to fasten buttons or brush my teeth.  My relatives help me in the simplest activities, but I do not want to and cannot be a burden for them.

I am a man of action who does not give up so easily.  Unfortunately, a cost estimate stood in the way of my fitness - rehabilitation, the non-reimbursed one, means huge costs ... Funds that I will not get myself.  To have a chance for an ordinary life, I need help!  If you can, help in the fight for a better tomorrow.  Without you my hope for the future will be lost ...

I know I can fight.  I know that I have a long and difficult road ahead, but this goal is worth my commitment.  Yours too, because by helping you give me new opportunities.  I put it all on one card, I played va banque - join me!

This fundraiser is finished. You can support other People in need.

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