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Miłość do potęgi trzeciej

Campaign finished

Miłość do potęgi trzeciej

42 103,71 zł ( 100.24% )
Donated by 1210 people
Campaign goal:

Rehabilitacja wcześniaków

Żory, śląskie
Starts at: 17 August 2015
Ends at: 29 December 2015

Campaign result

Takiej dwójki, jak ich trójka, to nie ma ani jednej :)

Trojaczki z Drużyny A rosną i rozrabiają.

Reabilitacja, na ktorą zbieraliśmy, to ich codzienność. Ciężko pracują i widać tego efekty. Ala jest w coraz lepszej kondycji, Ania sama chodzi (i uprawia wspinaczkę, przyprawiając mnie często o zawał serca :) ), a Olek coraz więcej mówi.  

Z Trojaczkami nie ma nudy, co to to nie. A medycyna także podsuwa nowe rozwiązania, które mogą pomóc dzieciom. Komórki macierzyste, rizotomia grzbietowa, operacje okulistyczne, leczenie biomedyczne - to tematy na bliższą lub nieco dalszą przyszłość.

Dziękujemy wszystkim Darczyńcom za wsparcie. Rodzice


Campaign description

October 2013 - yes, they are! Two lines on a pregnancy test! What a strange feeling to know that a little man's growing in me. The first visit at the gynaecologist and his words:  "I can see two gestational sacs, but please do not expect  twins, it is too early. So let's meet in two weeks, please". Our joy was great. Twins?! I was looking forward to the next visit and hoping to see two sacs again during ultrasound.. After two weeks I was absolutely sure... I called my husband Arek:

- Good news? Have we got twins? - he asked

- No, we haven't.... - I answered

- Do not worry - he began but I didn't let him finish

- You'll have to come up with not two but three names. We've got triplets!

The first day was full of laughter and joy. The next - full of tears. I woke up at 4a.m. filled with fear..." Will they be healthy?" The first four months of pregnancy were smooth. We expected a premature birth in my 30th week of pregnancy and there were no signs of what was about to happen. In the 25th week of pregnancy, on 2nd April 2014, my waters suddenly broke and the doctor decided to delivery immediately. An hour later our three babies - Anna, Alice and Alexander - were born. They weighed 2410 grams together. I couldn't hear their crying, couldn't hug them. Even I couldn't see them. I fixed my eyes on a photo taken by my husband with his mobile phone.


The babies were taken to Zabrze where they stayed for a period of  5 months, balancing between life and death. I will never forget that sight of  tiny hands and feet. The sight of my babies, not much bigger than my hand, connected to a bundle of wires, fighting for their lives. Every day, on my way to the hospital,I prayed that none of the incubators were empty .And that feeling of uncertainty while crossing the intensive care unit and a quick glance at the incubators and.... phew!!! They were all there. Over time my anxiety was diminishing slowly, especially when the children started to breathe on their own. Though Alex's apnoes caused adrenaline in rush. It was not easy to look at my  child being resuscited , sometimes several times a day.

Something special came about on  Children's Day. Two months after giving birth I was allowed to pick up one of my daughters, Anna. It was a brief moment-as  she was still being intubated but it was absolutely a great moment -  just for us. We celebrate our children birthday twice a year. On 2nd April - the day they were born and on 12th July- the day they were expected to be born. After leaving hospital our fight was not over, it changed for fighting for their health. Cerebral haemorrhages, hypoxia,  rethinopathy of prematurity (Anna is almost blind and Alice is probably blind in one eye), epilepsy, cerebral palsy, hypertension, reflux, backwardness - these are our enemies. Every day we face these challenges  and we will not give up!


Now, our greatest fear is for Alice. We believe Anna will get by even if she is blind. Alex is a lucky boy, he managed to pull through. But Alice....she has profound mental retardation. To fight for our children, for their lives and health, we need a huge amount of money. Our savings are getting smaller and smaller. The children have to exercise regularly, mobility rehabilitation and eyesight therapy are essential. We would like to do more but simply we cannot afford to. And that is why I am asking you for help, for a financial donation. We are collecting money for the girls' all year rehabilitation. Alex was lucky and we hope he will have finished his work in a few month. But the girls need more and more.

Sometimes I think what would have happened if I had had only one baby. Would they have been healthier? stronger? smarter? And then I look at my triplets and ask myself - who would you choose? Anna? Alice? maybe Alex? but then we would risk not having the other two... NEVER!

Agnes, the mum


Please, support the triplets!

Foundation name: Fundacja Siepomaga

Address: 27 Grudnia 9A/8, 61-737 Poznan

Postscript:        2862 Czerkies

Bank:         65 1060 0076 0000 3380 0013 1425


42 103,71 zł ( 100.24% )
Donated by 1210 people

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