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How much suffering can a child bear? A story of a sibling who sounds like a bad dream

Franciszek, Jan i Ewa Oczkowscy
Campaign finished
95 623,00 zł ( 78.78% )
Donated by 3167 people
Campaign goal:

The aim of fundraising is the purchase of an insulin pump for Franek as well as provision of medical treatment and rehabilitation to Jaś, Franek and Ewa.

Franciszek, Jan i Ewa Oczkowscy, 16 years
Toruń, kujawsko-pomorskie
Ewa i Jan - galaktozemia, Franciszek - wrodzony brak przedramienia, cukrzyca typu 1, guz podwzgórza mózgu,
Starts at: 28 September 2017
Ends at: 26 February 2019

Campaign description

A sick child is a tragedy at home and throws your life into disarray for months. When it turns out that a child is sick, its parents focus all their efforts and  energy on protecting the most sensitive and most vulnerable child. What if there are three of them in the family who are sick and need care?

What if their illnesses can never be overcome? What does the life of a family with three very sick children look like ? Many of us think that this is a major  drama and the only thing we can do is to stay seated, cry, wring our hands and just wait for the worst to come.

We only know that parents should never break down or give up because it will only mean that  the children have been unprotected, that there is no one to fight for them.

Franciszek, Jan i Ewa Oczkowscy

Jaś, Franek, Ewa are the children who were very unlucky coming to the world very sick. However, they are also the lucky ones because they have wonderful parents who will do everything for them and will always be next to them.

Can you be very sick and very happy at the same time? Probably yes, because       severe disease is the state of the body, and happiness is the soul ...

The amazing story of Jasia, Frank and Ewy, is a family story that not only touches, grabs the heart, evoke great emotions, but  above all it is a beautiful story about life, struggle and the  power of love.

Today, we will tell you the story of Frank and  we will ask you for help for him from the bottom of our hearts.

Franciszek, Jan i Ewa Oczkowscy

Franek was much a wanted and awaited for child, the second born in the family. It took a long time for the parents to make a decision to conceive again because their first child's disability is the result of  the late diagnosis of galactosemia, which is a genetic disease, and inadequate medical treatment provided to the girl in the first weeks of her life. Before Franek came to the world his parents had been convinced that a healthy child would be born.  During pregnancy all medical checkups were correct. Nevertheless, the boy was born without the right forearm, which left the mother shocked and crying for a month with the same question being asked: 'Why?”.

How to cry  over a child who is completely unaware of the fact that there is something wrong, that has nothing to do with his disability, that he just wants to live, love and be loved? A wonderful boy who teaches  adults, how not to give up, how to get joy from every moment and every day of life.

The family seems to be absolutely unprepared for another child's illness. Their everyday effort begins. The problems start piling up more. When a normal life begins, where the conditions are set  by a terrible disease, it is already getting hard.

No matter how well he developed and lived like other children, neither a kindergarten nor an infant day care wanted to take care of Franek because  he did not have a hand. Several babysitters didn't meet the parents expectations too.  His  mother  quit her job and  took care of a child herself.

The series of misfortunes may  be stopped, but bad luck decided that it is not enough for Franek.. After two years, Frank's parents attempt to find an artificial limb. They do it abroad in Finland from their own resourses. But it does not matter, after all Franek is the most important. Until today Frank’s mother- Agnieszka talks about the two-year-old boy who underwent all the tests with great patience. He drew his left hand and the right hand stump to measure. He wanted  to be like all children so much…..

Franciszek, Jan i Ewa Oczkowscy

He could be grateful to his parents who always did their utmost for their son  to have contact with other children. At the age of four, Franek starts  to learn and play chess.          The next stage in the boy's life is his first school. Everything is OK. Franciszek enters the school environment being more independent.He has no problems at school     The reaction of his peers to his disability is no longer a surprise to him. He answers his schoolmates’ questions with patience and innate grace. Sometimes, when he  enters the new environment it is annoying that the same questions will come again, but he still responds, over and over again...

When he is in grade two, Franek loses weight, he looks bad. A long stay in hospital and numerous health examinations leave no illusion - type 1 diabetes.

How much will this little boy be able to endure? Much.. ... Having a strong bond with his family allows him to survive the hardest moments in hospital. The boy is very tired of medical tests, he misses his relatives and friends. He returns to school to get to know the world with the same enthusiasm as before. And.. this distance towards the disease that more than one adult could learn from him. Always smiling  he is taking care of catching up with schoolwork but the biggest joy for him is getting back to normal, talking and playing with his friends. He knows a lot about his illness. He is a very responsible patient. He begins to learn his body and responds adequately to its signals.

During the day, sugar levels must be controlled 8 to 10 times. This is very important because the sugar concentration of more than 170mg / dl leads to blindness, kidney and nervous system damage.

Frank's mother already knows that she can not easily part with him now - preparing properly balanced meals six times a day, counting the units of insulin is not a simple task, and you can not go wrong ...

Here the series of misfortunes could have ended, but someone decided that Franek would endure much more. The boy suddenly began to grow rapidly when the diagnosis appeared unexpectedly - a tumor of suprasellar area.The treatment continues ... And now it is really hard. Painful MR examination,fear, pharmacological treatment. In spite of everything, Franek tries to live a normal life.                             He has his passions and favorite sports.

Franciszek, Jan i Ewa Oczkowscy

The ordinary family, everyday parents. Their great love for children, their wisdom and great sensitivity inspires admiration and always moves tremendously. The boy's parents Agnieszka and Tomasz have tried to manage on their own for a long time. Today,they know that there is no other way and they are asking you for help.         Now the most important need is  a modern insulin pump for Frank and rehabilitation for three of them.

Cancer disease makes it very difficult to balance the diabetes, and it weakens        the body again and it also makes harder to fight the tumor. You can buy non-refundable equipment that can help. It's hard to believe, but Franek still has           a brother who needs a lot more care, because the history of this family is the story of three children. The youngest Jasiek, very sick, everyone in the family loves him immensely.                                                                                                   

Every day, every night is the fear and the fight for his life. Hospital stays,                  the ventilator and epilepsy attacs have become common. Specialist treatment and rehabilitation are indispensable to his life.

Today  parents are fighting for a normal life for three of them, but when you have a war against  so many adversities, the priorities must be set. Today ,    the most important is Franuś , because his illness is the most burdensome    for him. At the same time it is easiest to help him. Every penny paid to support this family will be a unique gift of the heart that will make their life easier in the shadow of many diseases. Living with three seriously sick children does not have to be a nightmare.

Let's help them!

95 623,00 zł ( 78.78% )
Donated by 3167 people
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