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2 million for Ula's life. Cancer is not waiting, we don't have time!

Blanka Tokarska
Campaign finished
Campaign goal:

CAR-T Cell immunotherapy - the only hope for overcoming the disease

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Blanka Tokarska, 23 years old
Sokołów Podlaski, mazowieckie
Mediastinal lymphoma from large B lymphocytes
Starts on: 16 August 2019
Ends at: 19 November 2019

Campaign result

Leczenie dobiegło końca! Ula w jego trakcie podjęła decyzję o zmianie imienia, jako symbolu rozpoczęcia nowego etapu życia, gdy rak zostanie pokonany. Teraz już Blanka pisze do Was:

"14 czerwca 2020:

Ostatnio dużo się działo. Nie pisałam co i jak, ponieważ decyzje się zmieniały i nie chciałam pochopnie dawać informacji. Po badaniu PET-CT lekarze z kliniki w Heidelbergu uznali, że najlepszym rozwiązaniem jest naświetlenie resztek.

6 lipca 2020:

Malowniczy spacer wzdłuż rzeki po skończonej protonoterapii... Badanie PET będzie za trzy miesiące.

Teraz czas na wewnętrzne umacnianie się w tym, że nadeszło już szczęśliwe zakończenie.
Łapię w żagle pomyślny wiatr i zaczynam podróż do świata własnych myśli. Muszę ukierunkować wszystkie w jedyną słuszną stronę- optymizmu. Starać się kontrolować swoje lęki i przywoływać same dobre emocje. W tej krainie nie może być już miejsca na żadną negatywną energię.
Proszę, prześlijcie mi czasem w myślach ciepłe słowo i dobrą energię. Oczywiście trzymajcie kciuki!

W takim optymistycznym i marzycielskim nastroju,

Pozdrawiam Was z Heidelbergu. Dziękuję za wszystko. Mam nadzieję, że będziecie trzymać za mnie kciuki ! Świadomość, że we mnie wierzycie i otaczacie ciepłem, przepełnia mnie nadzieją, że już wszystko będzie dobrze."

Blanka Tokarska

Campaign description

My name is Ula. I am almost 21 years old. I am a girl with a bit of illness but not the other way round… I would like people to see first me and only later my illness - cancer. However, this is becoming more and more complicated… I like to call my illness an incident as I believe this is how it will end – meaning that I will soon recover, I will get back to the university, and I will live a long and simple life, as simple as that… Yet, this „monster” is not slowing down and it doesn’t want to be only a short episode. Now I know that there are no other possibilities to defeat it. What is left is only an expensive treatment abroad. The price for my life is enormous, yet I want to try and ask you to help me pay for it…

A couple of days ago I found out that after a nearly one year fight with cancer doctors in Poland cannot do anything more for me. They proposed me a treatment using the CAR-T Cell method, currently available only abroad. I was told also that the cost of treatment will reach even two million zlotys… 

Blanka Tokarska

Me and my cancer – together, even though we have a very toxic relationship. It is killing me… I cannot break up with it, get rid of it, it is not easy to break free from it… It brings me pain. Severe dyspnea, great pain in the chest and in the back. Because of it I went through a backbreaking treatment but I won’t be complaining here. I think of only one thing – for my divorce with cancer to be feasible. For me to be better…

The cancer cam when I was taking my first steps in my adult life – I got to my beloved artistic studies, I left for Toruń, I met new people, I developed my passions, and took the best out of my life. This is when I started to cough – it was completely innocent, but it developed in a fast pace. It made it difficult to even exercise, I couldn’t even lie down… I thought it was due to lack of sports, lack of fitness. When it started to hurt I thought that it maybe is due to long hours of painting canvases. But it was a lot worse…

Autumn came and my cancer started to be more active, even though I didn’t know anything of it existence… At one night I got to the ER. Resonance imaging, chest x-ray. It turned out I had 3 litres of liquid in my lung! It had to be drained… The December 2018 for me started with a surgery. The doctors took a tumorous mass slice. The tumour in my chest (mediastinum) had 15 cm, everyone suspected a blockage of the main vein due to pressure. I also have a lymphoma infiltration on my pancreas. This is when I figured how tragic my situation was…

Blanka Tokarska

I felt an unbelievable emptiness as if I was beyond time and place where I was now.  As if it didn’t concern me… However later I figured that the cancer will only be an episode. I will win, I will defeat it, I won’t let it kill me! 

I had marrow and bone biopsy in one of the Warsaw hospitals, lumbar puncture, and a PET test. On the 21st December, a day before my 20th birthday, I had my first out of 6 cycles of chemotherapy. For 24 hours I laid for a full 24 hours with an IV infusion, and a toxin was getting into my blood. I had to suspend my studies for 2 years. Now my life is all about cancer… 

The first treatment wasn’t effective. The doctors qualified me for another one, staging my cancer as primarily resistant. On Friday I ended the chemotherapy and was released home. Unfortunately, my last results stated that neither the chemotherapy, nor radiotherapy won’t be effective and won’t stage me in remission. Yet, I was given a shadow of hope – a state-of-the-art CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy. But it is not refundable…

Blanka Tokarska

The doctors are not hiding anything against me. I was given a chemotherapy just to stabilize the cancer, with another one in three weeks. I need to start the immunotherapy as soon as possible – in a maximum of 3 months … Unfortunately, this is non-refundable. I ask for your help as this is my only chance to get better. I am only 21 years-old. I know it is hard, but I am trying to look optimistically at life. I prefer to believe I can best this monster… Will you help me with that?


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