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Help ❗️ Maja's embracing for a war with cancer! URGENT!

Maja Krzaczek
Zbiórka zakończona

Help ❗️ Maja's embracing for a war with cancer! URGENT!

1 474 827,93 zł ( 101.63% )
Wsparło 39905 osób

Urgent treatment in a clinic in Greifswald - Maja's last chance! Die letzte Chance für die kleine Maja aus Polen - eine Neuroblastom – Behandlung an der Universitätsmedizin in Greifswald

Fundraising organizer: Fundacja KAWAŁEK NIEBA
Maja Krzaczek, 6 years
Bytom, śląskie
Stage 4 neuroblastoma with metastases
Starts at: 08 July 2019
Ends at: 15 August 2019

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Maja Krzaczek
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24922 supporters
25.04.2019 - 25.05.2019

Immunoterapia anty-GD2 - by skutecznie zawalczyć z neuroblastomą

796 914,11 zł ( 110.64% )

Immunoterapia anty-GD2 - by skutecznie zawalczyć z neuroblastomą


There's a breaking voice on the other side of the phone - "my baby is walking cancer, she radiates during every scan, has three tumors in her head totalling 5.5 inch in size. Now, when all her hair has fallen out, the protuberances are visible. There is also a 4-inch tumor in her stomach, growths in spine and chest, and her veins are full of chemia, which the doctors pump in for as long as 27 hours without a break!"

Only a few months ago, Maja started and finished each day with a smile on her face, and now? Only her beautiful eyes remain untouched by cancer… Maja's terrible story began with her eyes. A story that is going to last a short time only, because a win or defeat is a matter of the next few months! Can a baby so ill be saved? She can, but we need a lot of luck, correct decisions of doctors and treatment as expensive as gold. What is gold in the face of a child's suffering? If we manage to collect this unbelievably high amount, Maja will take on the war with cancer armed and prepared. If not, cancer will complete its act of destruction…

Maja Krzaczek

Maja's treatment plan was drawn up almost instantly. Chemotherapy, 6 cycles, followed by 2 more cycles and 2 high dose chemotherapies. Then, the moment of truth - if the tumors begin to shrink, the doctors will operate and cut out any tumor they manage to find.  Finally, there will be radiotherapy and a dose of antibodies. Now, we know that we must go to the Greisfwald clinic to increase Maja’s chances. This is the only way to beat such advanced cancer. There is a chance, so we will fight and beg for it!

Everyone who looks at this tiny girl, must ask themselves a question - will she be able to cope with it? She will, because she is full of life and incredibly strong. Even now she buoys everyone who is fighting for her.

There is hope in her eyes and a plea for help, to which we must respond! In those beautiful eyes there’s a fight for life of a 4 year old girl. Her Mum can’t stop her tears from falling when telling Maja’s story…

“A dreadful day has come, when under Maja’s eye appeared a bruise. Maja said she’d hit herself, but I could not remember her cry. The bruises under her eyes and on her eyelids were concerning, but when vomiting started we quickly went to see a doctor. In addition, Maja had been complaining of headaches for a while. She was first examined by an eye doctor, who concluded that the cause was not in her eyes, but in the head. We were referred to a hospital. In such moments the time seems to drag on. There were no news upon further eye checks in the hospital and, eventually, after 10 days she had an MRI scan.

Maja Krzaczek

The doctors did not know what to look at first - the three big tumors in her head, a huge 4 inch tumor in her stomach or numerous metastases.  Cancer has attacked and was eating our daughter away. Her life has only been saved by instant decisions of doctors and intake of chemotherapy.  Paradoxically, the bruises underneath her eyes have saved her life, otherwise she would not be with us right now.

Since February we’ve been fighting for her life - we’ve moved to the oncology ward for the first line of this terrible battle. The first few days were a tragedy.. Maja did not say a word and only munched on a dry roll all day. We were so concerned that the terrible reality would overwhelm her…

Maja instinctively felt that she must be strong, that something bad was happening to her, but as long as she was with her parents she felt safe. Her smile, honest and unconditional,  has returned after a few days. The doctors have been in awe - 27 hours in bed under a drip with chemia would knock any adult, but our Daughter, got up and went to play with other children, as it was normal… We’ll remain defiant as the life of a 4 year old girl is not meant to be like this. Instead of being ridden to a hospital bed, with her bold head full of fear that fills in the entire ward, she should now be at home, playing with her brother…

A child wishes to be a child, even in the new reality. Maja is hesitant when she is permitted to leave the hospital. She says she is afraid and that she’d rather stay in. This is her new world. For how long? The uncertainty of tomorrow is heart-breaking. Her will to fight is enormous, but we cannot stop our tears. At this moment in time, our Daughter has a slim chance to live until her next birthday. Can we grab that chance?

Maja Krzaczek

We’ve received an estimate for incredibly expensive treatment, which will decide if we’d ever take our Daughter home again.  We are helpless, because we cannot fight cancer ourselves and we don’t have money for others to fight it for us. The stake is the most important creature in our lives, and the result will be her life or death. No one should ever be forced to watch their child in this state. No Mum should ever need to pick up her child’s hair from a pillowcase. Time has stopped for us - all clocks have stopped ticking. We need help to save our child. We’re begging for your help - a human who has looked into our Daughter's beautiful eyes asking today to be rescued…”

Maja’s Mum


In Polen gibt es für unsere kleine Tochter keine weiteren Behandlungsmöglichkeiten mehr. Jetzt suchen wir die medizinische Hilfe in ganz Europa. Wir wenden uns mit einer herzlichen Bitte an euch, uns finanziell bei einer Behandlung an der Universitätsmedizin in Greifswald zu unterstützen. Der Lebenswille unseres Kindes ist enorm. Maja ist sehr mutig und kämpft täglich mit aller  Kraft um das Überleben. Leider übersteigen die hohen Behandlungskosten unsere finanziellen Möglichkeiten!

Noch vor einigen Monaten strahlten die Augen von Maja von morgens bis abends, sie lächelte über das ganze Gesicht – und jetzt? Der kleine Körper ist total von Killerzellen angegriffen und zerstört. Der bösartige Krebs hat sich im Bauch, im Kopf, im Brustkorb und in der Wirbelsäule  eingenistet. Die Chemotherapie gehört ab jetzt zum alltäglichen Leben. Bis zu 27 Stunden am Stück muss unsere kleine Tochter an die Tropf – Infusion angeschlossen sein. Die chemischen Substanzen bestimmen ihr Leben. Ab Februar 2019 hat sich unser Leben total verändert, die Abteilung für Onkologie wird zu unserem zweiten Zuhause.

Bis zum 17.06.2019 hat Maja 8 Chemotherapie – Zyklen nach dem Protokoll überstehen müssen - leider ohne den erwarteten Erfolg. Aus diesem Grund entschieden die Ärzte zwei weitere aggressiven Zyklen der Chemotherapie durchzuführen. In Polen sind ab jetzt leider alle Behandlungsmöglichkeiten für Maja ausgeschöpft. Die einzige Hoffnung und Chance für die erfolgreiche Behandlung unserer Tochter ist der Aufenthalt und eine Therapie  an der  Universitätsmedizin in Greifswald. Wenn wir genug Geld hätten und die hohen Behandlungskosten bezahlen könnten, wäre es möglich. Unser Kind hätte die Chance, gerettet werden zu können.

Wenn Maja die hohe Geldsumme gehabt hätte, könnte sie gut bewaffnet gegen den Krebs antreten. Schenkt bitte unserem Kind das Lichtlein der Hoffnung, dass sie wieder gesund und munter singend durch die Gegend laufen kann. Lasst sie nicht im Stich!

Mutti von Maja

Wir haben schon die Schätzung der hohen Behandlungskosten. Alleine schaffen wir es nicht die Therapie zu bezahlen, uns fehlt einfach das Geld. Das Herz schmerzt und das Auge weint, denn unsere Tochter schwebt in  der Lebensgefahr. Keine Eltern auf dieser Welt sollten das eigene Kind in so einem Zustand sehen. Keine Mutti sollte das Haar ihres Kindes vom Kopfkissen sammeln. Für unsere Familie ist die Zeit stehengeblieben. Um unser Kind retten zu können, brauchen wir Hilfe und finanzielle Unterstützung. Helft uns dabei! Das Schicksal hat es mit Maja nicht gut gemeint, aber vielleicht kann ihr noch eine  schöne Kindheit geschenkt werden? Schaut bitte in die süßen Kinderaugen, wie sie um Hilfe flehen. Lasst uns und unsere Tochter nicht allein, geht einfach an Maja nicht vorbei. Es kann euch doch ihr Schicksal nicht egal sein. Maja möchte wieder gesund werden und das Kindsein in vollen Zügen genießen.

Wir bedanken uns herzlich – die Eltern von Maja 

1 474 827,93 zł ( 101.63% )
Wsparło 39905 osób

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