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Hania's life is as fragile as porcelain! SAVE HER before the worst happens!

Hania Terlecka
Fundraiser goal:

Kontynuacja leczenia onkologicznego chemią molekularną, rehabilitacja

Fundraiser started by: Jesteśmy Blisko
Hania Terlecka, 3 years old
Kielce, świętokrzyskie
Choroid plexus carcinoma
Starts on: 27 November 2020
Ends on: 23 August 2021

Fundraiser description

This fundraiser is a cry of despair. A cry for help, rescue and survival...

I don't really know where to start. We're on the edge. For the past few days, we've been pulling every hour of our daughter's life out of the merciless clutches of disease. Hania is only 16 months old, and we've had to say goodbye to her so many times in the last few weeks. We write these words from the pediatric oncology department. From a place that should not even exist. We show you pictures of our precious baby, even though our hearts are in our mouths, just thinking how heartbreaking they are. We do this because collecting an enormous amount of money and foreign treatment may be the only way to save her life...

Hania Terlecka

It started innocently, as in the case of most of the children who fight side by side for survival in this ward... Hania, who was always an active child, was fading fast, day by day. At first a simple infection (standard in the little ones who attended a nursery), then vomiting. Next, doctors, hospitals, examinations, downplaying symptoms and throwing the blame at teething. Time escaping through the fingers, when a deadly danger was developing inside Hania's head...

The parents' instinct can't be fooled. After another sleepless night, we decided to go to the hospital, this time to the neurology ward. Here they finally took care of Hania properly. Head measurement, tests and a head CT scan. I saw in the doctor's eyes that something was wrong. She said we have to wait, the radiologist will describe the image and she'll be right back. That time was eternity, but finally she came and told me - guys, unfortunately it's a cancer, a papilloma, and it needs to be operated on quickly, I've already ordered an ambulance for you, which will take you to Warsaw to the Children's Health Institute...

Hania Terlecka

On November 26th, our world broke up into a million pieces. It is hard to describe in words what you feel at such a moment. A hurricane of thoughts is rolling through your head. The grieving heart wants to jump out of your chest, tears are pouring in streams and there is no way to stop them. Our daughter has turned from an ordinary child to a terminally ill patient within a dozen days.

She had an attack in the ward. The fluids that were accumulating in her head no longer had an outlet and there was an attack. Hania was twisting in different directions, her head was tilting back strongly, her eyes were rolling to the back. The view was horrible, I did not know what was happening and how to help her. The doctors took her to the operating table, where a drainage tube was inserted. Soon the tumor was also removed, and I said goodbye to my daughter leaving for the block, as we didn't know if we would see her alive yet...

Hania Terlecka

After surgery, another blow. The result of the histopathological examination sounded like a judgment - choroid plexus carcinoma, malignant, in its worst form. Fatal prognosis, doctors don't offer any hope. We felt powerless and unwilling to live. Even the painkillers did not help, Hania suffered so much and words failed as. She was given her first chemotherapy, and she needed cure...

On December 14th, Hania had a second MRI and it showed enormous changes. The disease rages, and it's only been two weeks since the previous examination. The doctors didn't give her a chance to survive. We were supposed to prepare for the worst... You can't prepare for something like that. She is only 16 months old... Asking the doctors if Hania has a chance somewhere abroad, they said that with such an extensive illness there is no cure. Unless the second chemotherapy works miracles. We had to make the hardest decision of our lives. Chemotherapy could kill Hania or buy us some time... Yesterday (the 7th of January) ended and our daughter is still with us. There was a slight improvement. We experienced a small miracle, but we do not know what will happen next.

Hania Terlecka

In the meantime, my friends and I started looking for help abroad in the best clinics in the world. We are in contact with a hospital in the USA, where they fight such difficult cases in children. Unfortunately, as can be seen from the  fundraiser for Marcel, it involves huge costs, over a million dollars. We do not have a cost estimate so far, so there is no specific amount given on the fundraiser. However, we must not wait, we have to start collecting money as soon as possible... That is why we ask you for help and rescue!

For a month and a half I have been living with my daughter in the ward, 150 km from the house where her older sister is waiting. A small room, behind the wall other little ones fight desperately for life. Time goes by in a completely different way here, you often don't even know what day of the week it is. A depressing place from which you often just don't come back... We don't know how much longer we'll spend here. Every day we look at our daughter's crib with our hearts pounding, checking if she is still breathing... We pray for a miracle and for good people to help us save Hania.

Ola - mom, Bartek - dad

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