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HELP NEEDED! Justyna requires last-chance treatment!

Justyna Zbierska-Klamerek
Fundraiser goal:

unrefunded treatment

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Justyna Zbierska-Klamerek
Września, wielkopolskie
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Starts on: 03 December 2020
Ends on: 13 December 2020

Fundraiser result

Tego bólu, żalu i rozpaczy nie da się opisać słowami... Justyna przegrała walkę z chorobą, choć do końca mieliśmy nadzieję, że tę batalię uda się wygrać. 

W takich momentach słowa więzną w gardle, a łez nie da się powstrzymać. Justyna odeszła, a we wspomnieniach Rodziny na zawsze zostanie tą uśmiechniętą, pełną energii kobietą, która zawsze była dla innych. 

Jest teraz w świecie, gdzie nie ma cierpienia, choć cierpienie odczuwają Ci, którym najbardziej jej brakuje...

W imieniu Rodziny Justyny bardzo dziękujemy za wsparcie w najtrudniejszych momentach, za pomoc i nadzieję. Dobro, które od Was dostaliśmy, przekażemy dalej, dzieląc się środkami ze zbiórki z tymi, którzy wciąż walczą o zdrowie i życie. 

P. S.
Środki pozostałe ze zbiórki zostały przeniesione na ratowanie zdrowia małego Kubusia z którym Justyna poczuła szczególną więź. Dobro, które podarowaliście, przekazaliśmy dalej, jeszcze raz dziękujemy za Wasze wielkie serca. 

Fundraiser description

HELP NEEDED! Justyna requires last-chance treatment!

Justyna’s treatment has to begin immediately but we hit a wall. This wall is also a gateway to life so I am begging you for help!

We were hit with the worst news possible yesterday… Third leukemia remission! we received another blow just when we finally started getting hopeful with how the treatment was progressing.Resignation and fear. I've never before heard it in Justyna’s voice. For a moment I felt she gave up and I couldn’t believe it. My wife has always been incredibly strong - even whilst in treatment. The treatment was often difficult and demanded sacrifices but she remained extremely brave.

Right now I’m afraid to tell her how difficult the situation we are in is. To push towards life we need more than strength and luck. We need help!

Justyna Zbierska-Klamerek

The fight is not over even if all the previous treatment methods failed. It's just a temporary truce. We need to accumulate all of our strength to save Justyna's life! We’ve got a last chance treatment! A spark of hope for life …Doctors gave us hope - they say the treatment is possible but must be carried out with the use of a non-refundable drug. It costs almost EUR 44.700! (200k PLN). It’s a huge amount that I’m not able to get or borrow in time - the first dose is scheduled in a few days. We have to pay a huge price to save a life but this opportunity is worth of every sacrifice.

I don't know how to tell our teenage daughters that their mother's life is in danger. I cannot imagine our life, our reality, without a conductor - someone who maintains its rhythm. I could say that I am afraid but I know the real fear has yet to come. I embrace it and I am ready to fight it in the ring for one of the most important people in my life. Unfortunately, our opponent is extremely dangerous and unpredictable. We have seen twice that it is also ruthless.I can’t idly stand by and watch my wife wither. I can’t let her die without saying goodbye in the middle of the pandemic. I can’t describe it with words. Our life is completely upside down - the reality of living under the burden of fighting cancer is heart-wrecking for everyone. But we need help and your support to help save a life.

Hope dies last - at one point I thought it’s just a saying. Life has convinced me that it’s the hard truth. As long as life continues, we have something to fight for. Unfortunately, every delay is like a step into death’s embrace. I have to make a stance against it. And if you can help me, we have a chance to win. Can you help make a miracle happen before Christmas?

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