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Don't let her go! Kaja is fighting for her life, this is her last chance!

Kaja Czerwińska

Don't let her go! Kaja is fighting for her life, this is her last chance!

Fundraiser goal:


Kaja Czerwińska
Warszawa, mazowieckie
malignant tumor: IV stage neuroblastoma with bone and bone marrow metastases
Starts on: 07 November 2018
Ends on: 21 January 2019

Fundraiser result

Nie tak miało być, malutka… Nie tak…

Historia Kai, dziewczynki walczącej z zabójczym przeciwnikiem – nowotworem IV stopnia – poruszyła tysiące serc… Leczenie w klinice w Greifswaldzie było ostatnią szansą na życie Kajuni… Wiele miesięcy trudnej walki, powikłań, infekcji… Były bardzo trudne momenty, Kaja jednak walczyła z całych sił, walczyła o życie. Była taka dzielna… Po deszczu powinno przyjść słońce, niestety tak się nie stało.

Badanie kontrolne, wykonane pod koniec marca, pokazały, że w nóżce są 3 nowe zmiany… Nowotwór nie odpuścił. Kaja była wyczerpana leczeniem, a medycyna bezradna…

Kaja zasnęła na zawsze 11 kwietnia 2020 roku, w Wielką Sobotę… W domu, w objęciach rodziców, w swoim pokoju, wśród swoich zabawek, otoczona miłością i troską… W spokoju. Jej bliscy byli obok, do samego końca…

Mały krasnalku, tak pełen energii, pokazałaś nam, czym jest prawdziwa walka… Twój uśmiech czarował ze zdjęć… Wiemy, że teraz jesteś tam, gdzie nie ma bólu i cierpienia… Że odpoczywasz po trudnej walce… Wszystko, co złe, na zawsze zniknęło. Teraz masz siłę, by śmiać się i bawić do woli… Ty żyjesz, to ci, którzy cię kochali, umierają z tęsknoty.

Śpij, aniołku. Do zobaczenia.


Fundraiser description

Does the child's life have no price? This is not true. The amount you see on the green bar is the price for the life of our daughter. The price we have to pay as soon as possible! Kaja weakens every day. Not only every day counts, but every hour, minute! Cancer is raging, it attacks more and more ferociously, there are metastases ... You are our one and last chance for saving Kaja's life! Hope dies last ... Otherwise our child will die.

Kaja Czerwińska

There are no longer any dream plaits, Kaja has a completely bald head again. There is no place in the school bench next to a friend, there is a hospital room in the oncology ward where our Kaja is located. There is no more tomfoolery, there is a grimace of pain and a central venous catheter through which successive liters of chemotherapy will flow ... Everything that Kaja dreamed about - it does not exist anymore. It collapsed like a house of cards together with one word, with the essence of suffering and cancer, a word that we were afraid of like anything else in the world. Recurrence.

There is no longer any rescue in Poland for our daughter - we have known that for a long time. Kaja is in a clinic in Greifswald - a children's hospital that treats children with the most severe form of neuroblastoma. Doctors do not give up, they say that there is still a chance, that the fight will be fierce, it will be difficult, but it can be won. Kaja does not want anything but one thing- to live. Discontinuation of treatment means one thing - the end.

Kaja Czerwińska

The oncological ward, beds in which the children deprived of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes lie,  and the wards which the next day are empty and this smell - of hospital and fear of a child's life - it always seemed to be a different world for us, one that exists, but somewhere far away from us. For 4 years, it has been our home. November 10th, 2014, Kaja's second birthday. Instead of celebrating another year of our daughter's life, we found out that she was dying. Everything was ready - a cake, inflated balloons, colorful guests ... However, Kajeczka felt bad, she vomited, she was weak, she barely stood on her feet. Instead of a happy party, there was a hospital and ultrasound examination of the tummy, just for the formalities. Kaja was sure that she would be home in fifteen minutes. She did not see it for many months.

It's bad, a tumor of 8 by 10 centimeters, immediately go to oncology...

When you find out that your child has a cancer that she can die, part of you dies. Neuroblastoma, a malignant tumor of the nervous system. Cancer so cruel that it attacks only children, taking the lives of the most innocents - 50% of patients suffering from it did not celebrate their second birthday. 50% of children die. When the tumor begins to give symptoms, it usually means that it is the stage IV, that there are metastases to bone and bone marrow. Just like in Kaja's case.

Kaja Czerwińska

We lived like in a fog for a few weeks, like in a bad dream. When the shock was over, the fight began. The treatment lasted for a year. Kaja was crying. She suffered. And she fought, surprising us and the doctors with her strength. Aggressive chemotherapy, surgery, again chemotherapy, maintenance drugs ... Kaja went through the treatment like a storm. The hope came back. Home again, normality again. Every 3 months And then - recurrence. A return ticket to oncological hell ...

It killed us. It was worse than the first time. It meant that the cancer is strong, stronger than we thought, that the nightmare is not over but still lasts, that the chances were decreasing. Shock, terrible shock ... Apart of the fear of the child's life, we were thinking where to get the money from, for the treatment - chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation was followed by immunotherapy and treatment with anti-GD2 antibodies. At the last minute it turned out that Kaja could not pass the last stage in Poland, we had to collect money for treatment in Germany, so we got to Greifswald. We were successful, thanks to hundreds of good people we met on our way ... People like you. After a few months of living on the Warsaw-Greifswald route, we heard the most beautiful word in the world - "clean". Kaja defeated the disease for the second time.

She was healthy for 9 months. Honestly - we thought it would always be like this. Her longed-for hair grew. She has bathed in the sea for the first. On September 3rd, she went to school ... And then she complained of pain under her knee. We watched, we felt the swelling. Ultrasound, resonance, suspicion of recurrence. It was impossible... A quick trip to Greifswald, where our world has collapsed once again. Cancer returned. And attacks day after day.

Kaja Czerwińska

We waited for a conversation with the doctors as if they were to kill us. More than about Kaja's life, we were afraid of only one thing - they would tell us that it's over, that there is no chance that nothing can be done. Words came to us as from a distance ... The situation is very, very bad, but doctors will fight for the life of our daughter. It will not be easy, because Kaja after many years of treatment has many complications ... Choosing the right treatment will be very difficult but possible. We know that if they can save Kaja's life anywhere, it's just there. In Poland, Kaja has gone through all available treatment protocols.

The estimate amount of money knocked us out of our feet ... the zeros were spinning in front of our eyes. 875 000 Euros... A horrendously high amount, because the doctors will try every method to help Kaja - combine and use different chemotherapies, drugs to stop the disease, then examine Kaja and modify the treatment depending on the results.

The only chance, the only hope. Or wait for death ... Our child's life depends on whether we collect money, depends on you ... Please, no, we are begging ... For any  zloty, every sharing, every text message. Only you have this power. Kaja weakens. Cancer is progressing. Every breath, every heartbeat of our daughter is in your hands today.

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