Cancer will not wait to kill Michaś! We cannot wait with help ...

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Michałek Wilczyński, 2 years

Kielce, świętokrzyskie

IV stage neuroblastoma with bone and bone marrow metastases

Started: 24 October 2018
Ends: 25 March 2019

Cancer comes silently, appears where the greatest happiness is. IT does not warn about its arrival, it does not give time to prepare. It crouches, pretends it's not its. And then it attacks with all its strength, wanting to take everything that is most important and has only one goal - to kill. Cancer came to our lives, it chose an innocent boy - Michaś, our son. Please, help us save him ... We cannot let him die!

Michałek Wilczyński

We know what happiness is - it is a warm home and small feet tearing on the floor. It is a message that another life is growing under the heart, that soon there will be four of us! Today it seems so far away, unrealistic. One moment took it away; a message that turned the world upside down - our son was attacked  by cancer!

July of this year. Michałek’s eyes started to water, a small bruise appeared on the eyes. We thought that he probably hit a little, as it  is the habit of seven-month-old kids who discover the world. But the bruise did not disappear. So we went to the hospital, where they suspected the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. RTG was taken, no abnormalities were found. We got eye drops and they recommended further observation at home. After a week, nothing changed, the pediatrician gave us a referral to the ophthalmologist. Second diagnosis - clogged tear ducts. Another drop, recommended observation and in two weeks we were supposed to come back for another check. We did not make it ...

Two days before the visit, something terrible happened. The previous evening everything was fine, and in the morning we had a shock - Michaś got his eyeball exaggerated. We drove to the hospital with a rush, still thinking that it was the fault of a blocked tear duct. In a moment, we were supposed to know, how wrong we were...

Michałek Wilczyński

Ultrasound examination showed that there is a 4 cm tumor in the eye socket!  Then the doctors suspected the real cause, because they also made a belly ultrasound. And even more shock - a huge tumor on the adrenal gland, 8 cm in size. They immediately suspected neuroblastoma, although for us this name was strange at the time. We received a referral to the Oncology Clinic at the University of Medical Sciences. Since then - for four months - the hospital has become our second home, and life has turned into a ring, where we fight with death for the son's life ...

Just a few weeks before the terrible diagnosis we were happiest in the world - we learned that in December Michaś would have a sister. We would not even think about it then, that in one moment all joy  popped like a soap bubble ...

Subsequent research brought terrible news - doctors confirmed neuroblastoma at the worst, fourth degree. It turned out that the metastases are in all bones, in both eyes, in the bone marrow ...

There was a total shock. How is it possible that we and the doctors have not noticed before? But cancer did not give any symptoms, Michaś had been a joyful, smiling child! Nothing indicated that such a terrible cancer was developing in his tiny body ... Neuroblastoma is one of the most dangerous childhood cancers - malignant, lethal. It kills half of the small patients ... When we heard this, we felt fear and powerlessness about which we had no idea.

Michałek Wilczyński

We moved to a small hotel near the hospital in Warsaw, in order to be next to the son. There was no time to waste, doctors started chemotherapy. Our several-month-old son was given chemotherapy, which destroyed the cancer, but also took the strength ... Michaś had terrible side effects, he could not eat, he did not gain weight. Everyone did what they could to make him feel better so he could go on an operation to cut a tumor in his tummy.

Now (it is October 25) we are standing under the hospital room, and behind the door the doctors are trying to cut out as much of the cancer as possible. We tremble with fear, and this is really the beginning of our journey. There is still mega chemotherapy ahead of us, after which our son's immunity will not exist. Subsequently, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Finally, immunotherapy ... The latter increases the chance of survival of our child from 35 to 55%. Unfortunately, it is not refunded. Antibody therapy is a method of cancer treatment based on the activation of the immune system to fight cancer cells more effectively. It helps to avoid recurrence, which is very common with this type of cancer ...

They say that health can not be bought, but Michałek's case contradicts it. For his health and life, the price was set - extremely high, which we are not able to pay ourselves. We only have a few months ... We are begging you, help us to save our son's life ... Help us get him back home and rebuild the happiness that the cancer has brutally destroyed...

Ania and Sebastian, Michaś's parents

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 34 259 people
679 198 zł (100%)