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I just want be like you

Paweł Wiśniewski
Zbiórka zakończona

I just want be like you

14 900,00 zł ( 100% )
Wsparło 320 osób

wózek inwalidzki

Paweł Wiśniewski
Gdańsk, pomorskie
Encefalopatia, dziecięce porażenie mózgowe
Starts at: 01 July 2015
Ends at: 24 June 2016


The truck is me, without a trolley I'm not ... It's a substitute create together and being together, living without barriers, without solitude. Probably you not understand? -asked With a dream, do not even'd think about agile legs. Walking, for you is normal. For me it's a big dream, to realize that, you can join. To meet the need is an open heart - maybe just you. You read my letter - for which I thank you very much - a sign that your heart is in the right place. You can give me the "legs" to help fulfill a lot of dreams.

I am 13 years old. The state of my health does not allow me to walk on my own two feet. Trolley (my legs on wheels) provides me with the opportunity to move and live among their peers. Shortly after the birth, my parents, world collapsed .... My body was overcome with illness. Cerebral palsy, and with it the vesico-urinary V level - the worst. I went through two serious operations. But that was only the beginning. With each visit, doctors discovered another disease with which I fight myself, my parents and many doctors. Epilepsy managed to silence the drug, with curvature of the spine reaching 25 degrees fight during rehabilitation, vision defect +6 diopters correct glasses, reflux, asthma, allergy and thrombocytopenia accept medication. To a malfunction feet, it is this: trolley. With its help despite valgus of feet and contractures I can go wherever I want ...

Since I remember I ride on the trolley active wheelchair, because I love to move around independently. I grow every day I'm getting heavier, and the current truck grew up. It's too small, too cramped, dangerous. I do not want to lose weight, do not want to be a model or an athlete, I just want my mom would not have to carry me everywhere. For many years, parents try to provide me with everything that facilitates everyday life. Rehabilitation, appropriate medication, regular medical consultations and a whole lot of love. For additional "expense" can not afford our family, because daily expenses already significantly deplete meager budget. My wheelchair is too wide, about 3 centimeters long - for refunds have no chance. I do not want to be trapped in their own home. I want to like you go out for a walk, participate in family life, in the lives of neighbors, children from the area. He lives and would like to use life-won, but he succeeds in this only with the help of good people.

This call to your hearts. Pawełek has already passed a lot. He lives and would like to use life-won, but he succeeds in this only with the help of good people. We do not turn Pawelek health, do not go back back problems, nor agile legs, but we can help, give freedom. Then the dreams come true baby much easier.


14 900,00 zł ( 100% )
Wsparło 320 osób

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