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Wybudzona królewna

mama Beata
Zbiórka zakończona

Wybudzona królewna

5 550,03 zł ( 100% )
Wsparło 139 osób

Turnus rehabilitacyjny

mama Beata
Łódź, łódzkie
encefalopatia, opóźniony rozwój psychoruchowy
Starts at: 23 June 2015
Ends at: 30 July 2015


The moment of happiness was very short in Klaudia’s life. Just after she was born she greeted her mother with a shout, then she cuddled up in her arms and her mother instantly fell madly in love with her . After that she disappeared.  She was taken to the vaccination and from this moment the fight for her life has started.

It begun with convulsions. The baby’s body contorted in unnatural positions, though some strange force took over her little body. Furthermore nystagmus appeared. The child was screaming. It was her cry for help. That was a picture breaking mother’s heart. It overwhelmed the father who was not prepared for daughter’s unknown disease. He left the family…

Breathless crying and convulsions resulted in a coma. Little Klaudia did not react to any external stimuli. Deep inside her head there was a struggle and she lost contact with the world. She was sleeping. Her mother believed in a miracle, so she was waiting for the day that Klaudia would wake up and all bad experience would turn into bad memories. Doctors did not give hope saying there were no chances for Klaudia to live. But mother’s love knows no boundaries,  illnesses and adversities. Every day, for over 7 months at dawn and at night she was with Klaudia. Stroking little hand with tenderness, she was crooning melodies and telling stories about how much they would do together. Mother’s instinct was telling her that she should keep doing this.  People in coma, although they seem to be unconscious, they hear, they feel and can’t wait for the moment when they are able to react to all the stimuli from the world. Days became months. Although there were difficult times, the hope in mother’s heart never ended.

One day, after 7 months of sleeping and almost 10-month stay in a hospital, Klaudia opened her eyes and mother could see their colour. The world awaking her to life was dazzling her eyes. That was the greatest  happiness and a chance to bring back my daughter back to life – mother confessed.

Unexpected convulsions and long lasting sleeping caused havoc in the little girl’s head. Her mother tries to make up for the time lost in a hospital. A less than 1-year-old Klaudia was like a new born infant. Everything was new for her. She didn’t know how to seat or eat, she didn’t recognize colours. It wasn’t even obvious that she can see and hear. The most important thing was that she was alive…A stimulation of eyes, speech therapy and a lot of rehabilitation – painful and (squeezing tears) was worth, because now Klaudia can seat and (make) first steps with orthosis. Nystagmus disappeared and other neurological symptoms became less visible. A huge love of her mother supported by hard work of physiotherapists and a Woken Princess’ will to fight – it all gives hope for every day. A lot of hard work is ahead, because Klaudia needs to catch up lost months of her life. Mother’s selfless love and the will for life of the little girl helped to awake her from a deep sleep.

The happiness came back to their life. They are going to fight till the end. Klaudia got a chance to meet her mother, sister and to explore the world. Let us help her to go for her first rehabilitation trip that will give her a chance to recover her body efficiency and explore life.

5 550,03 zł ( 100% )
Wsparło 139 osób

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