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Pola ♥

Pola Grabowska
Campaign finished

Pola ♥

24 950,32 zł ( 100% )
Donated by 730 people
Campaign goal:

Operacja serca w Munster - wszczepienie zastawki Trifecta

Pola Grabowska
Wrocław, dolnośląskie
Wada serca: HRHS (zespół niedorozwoju prawego serca)
Starts at: 27 July 2015
Ends at: 26 October 2015

Campaign result

Od kilku dni jesteśmy w domu :)

Operacja Poli przebiegła według planu.
Pola czuje się dobrze, z każdym dniem nabiera sił.
Dziękujemy Darczyńcom i Siepomaga za okazaną nam pomoc i wsparcie!

Pola Grabowska

Campaign description

There is nothing special about Pola. Maybe the fact that an experienced gynaecologist had not recognised an anomaly during the pregnancy. And probably the fact that Polawas born with one of the most uncommon complex, congenital heart disease. Maybe also the fight of hospitals to refuse our new-born the admission because her condition was so critical after the first surgery.

And possibly not all parents are told at the intensive care unit that they should have no plans for their child, struggling for life, as there is no hope. Because there is no way that such a tiny human being, so weakened, could survive pericarditis, pulmonary atelectasis, 3rd level brain haemorrhage…

Pola Grabowska

There is nothing special about Pola, because as every other girl at her age she wants to explore the world, have friends, play with her sister, watch smart (and not-that-smart) TV shows, take walk or ride a bike, even for a short moment.

There is absolutely nothing special about Pola, because we, as her parents, want everything possibly best for our child. So she grows, learns, does beautiful things and makes mistakes. Most of all, we want her to have time for all those ordinary things…

This is a moment when we battle for this time. Pola has been getting weaker and weaker for the last months. She is stopping herself while playing, she is not keeping up with her peers, and even her beloved bicycle is more petted than ridden. The Pola’s special heart needs a repair – one of the most crucial part of it, pulmonary valve – is doing its’ job more and more poor from week to week.

We have the diagnosis – significant, over 60-percent, pulmonary valve regurgitation. We know what’s required – a valve replacement. We want the best team of heart surgeons, to perform a surgery – the same which performed the previous, highly successful one. There is just one more barrier we need to overcome – the one with currency sign. This where we ask you to help us cross this barrier. The cost of the operation is 31,500 Euro – and the green line shows how much we still need.

♥ There is nothing special about Pola. Except her ♥

Pola Grabowska

24 950,32 zł ( 100% )
Donated by 730 people

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