"Our Mum has got cancer, please save her.." - help for Zuzanna needed urgently!

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Yearly treatment by non-subsidised drug Lonsurf

Zuzanna Tumasz, 34 years

Nowa Wieś, wielkopolskie

Malignant neoplasm of colon - lesser pelvis adenocarcinoma

Started: 21 June 2019
Ends: 07 September 2019

We won’t save you, but we'll try to slow cancer down for as long as possible" - I've been told by the doctors from the very beginning. I've been fighting tough cancer for five years now… my youngest daughter does not know a healthy Mum. When Diana was growing under my heart, cancer was growing with her. My treatment is due to end and my only hope is a non-subsidised drug meant to give me more time. My only dream is to raise my daughters… I’m asking you with all my heart, please help me.

What is it like to receive chemotherapy for five years? Getting used to pain, horrible side effects, constant fear about tomorrow? Some may think it must be hell. It is not for me, because I'm still here, I'm fighting because I've got two little daughters who need their Mum. There's only so much the doctors and the Polish national health service could have offered me. My last chemotherapy is ending and there's no other. If it does not help me, my last resort is Lonsurf, medicine that delays cancer. The problem is that I have to pay for it myself and its price is enormous...

My fight with cancer started 2 years before I was properly diagnosed, in 2012. We were trying for a second baby, I wanted to have all checks done to be sure I'm healthy and can have a baby. The doctors found a lump then… it was not malignant and they called it a cyst. The procedure to remove it completely was unsuccessful as it was too close to my spine and it returned to its size immediately after the surgery… I've had it drained a few times, but it didn't help. The doctors didn't know what to do. Finally they decided - I could get pregnant as they hoped it would help. A woman’s body changes during a pregnancy and the hormones released during pregnancy can help to reduce or even get rid of the lump! We all shared this hope, although I was not worried at the time - the lump was not supposed to be malignant.

Zuzanna Tumasz

In 2013 I found out that I was finally pregnant. Unfortunately, everything went the other way. The lump instead of reducing, started to grow rapidly! I was scared… Diana was born prematurely in January 2014. A few months later I had surgery, which made no improvement. The next one, in the Institute of Oncology, neither helped, although the doctors did their best. When I received my histopathology results, I was in shock.  Malignant neoplasm - lesser pelvis adenocarcinoma. First, disbelief. I cannot have cancer, I cannot die! This must have been a mistake, these are somebody else’s results… When I realised that this cancer really was attacking me, I was distraught.  Scream, sobs, tears, anything to express pain…

I have a large family and none of us have suffered from cancer. Why has this fiend attacked me, why now? My oldest daughter Ela was only 3 years old, Diana had only just been born.  I was only 

In December 2014 I become an oncology patient and began chemotherapy.  Since then I have been taking various types of chemotherapy without a break. When one stopped working, I was given a different one.  Unfortunately, the cancer has spread and there is only one chemotherapy left, the one which I was given at the very beginning, in the hope that the cancer has not become resistant to it. Unfortunately, it seems that the doctors have run out of options for me.  My last hope is yearly treatment with an extremely expensive, non-subsidised, drug called Lansurf.  I can’t afford to pay this price for my life…

My marriage has broken down.  I moved out with my girls to a flat I inherited from my Nan, that requires overall renovation. This has to wait, as we have more important expenses… The money is constantly short and I can’t work.  We live off state aid. Only a person who has been fighting with cancer knows how costly this fight is. Often beyond all strength… Five years have shown who my friends are, who have remained with me to support me.  There are wonderful people around me, I can count on, but even with their support I cannot afford the drug.  I have two little girls, who know when I am unwell, when I need to lie down, rest… They come to me, give me hugs.  They are well-behaved and I know that my illness affects them.  This also hurts…

Zuzanna Tumasz

I want to live and be a Mum as long as possible. I’m doing everything I can for them to have decent lives, for Ela and Diana to have the happiest of childhoods… Without the drug I have no hope.  When a Mum dies, the children’s childhood is ended, and my daughters are still so young… I’m asking you, please help me continue to fight.  I will never give up, your help is the only thing and everything I need…


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Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 4 030 people
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