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"Why do I have to die?" Expensive treatment is your last hope!

Adrian Raszczuk

"Why do I have to die?" Expensive treatment is your last hope!

442 656,00 zł ( 100.02% )
Wsparło 5696 osób

Treatment at the Monterrey Clinic in Mexico

Fundraising organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Adrian Raszczuk
Plebanowce , podlaskie
Inoperable brainstem tumor
Starts at: 20 December 2018
Ends at: 09 July 2019


Nadeszła do nas bardzo zła wiadomość, taka, po której nic już nie jest takie jak wcześniej. Skończyła się doczesna walka Adriana, ale ta siła braterskiej miłości zostaje już tutaj na zawsze. 

Adrian – wielki szacunek za upór i łamanie wszelkich medycznych barier przez tyle lat! 

Sebastian – wielki ukłon i wyrazy współczucia. Zrobiłeś wszystko, co było możliwe!

Adrian Raszczuk

Adrian Raszczuk


Adrian is dying before our eyes. We are begging for help because for several weeks we have been fighting not only with a brain tumor, but also with time! We have been able to deceive disease for so many years and postpone subsequent sentences. Now is the end of this escape - the time has come to face the illness.

Even today we can see him thin and pale with bandaged head. Big eyes gazed hopefully and stared trusting everything we told and everything we did. Whole family remembers most of such images from that period. We heard only one thing from the doctors - "Brain tumor, inoperable". A few-year-old child who could barely walk was given up on.

We were told to prepare for the death of a child. They said that one day he would simply be missing ... They did not give a recipe for how to prepare for the decease of a child ...
We started this horrible dance with death. We were coming back from the hospital, we were glad that he lived.

Adrian Raszczuk

Adrian was losing his sight, balance, and hearing (he can no longer hear in one ear), epileptic seizures and vomiting appeared, but despite all these adversities he fought incredibly hard. He tried to live as if this condition did not touch him at all… As if he had denied it. He went to school with his brothers, passed the high school diploma, graduated from a post-secondary school. He started to look for a job, he signed up for a driving license. Through all these years, he lived and functioned.

Inside his head he had a hidden ticking bomb, the timer of which started in September this year. Everyone knew that this could happen, but if a small boy grows up together with cancer and wins every day with it, he makes everyone used to that it must be so.

From September we measure time again. We do not sleep at night and shed oceans of tears. If this time Adrian does not lift the burden of the illness, it will simply be unjust. The boy had suffered enough in his life to meet such an end.

On that day, hydrocephalus was diagnosed at Hospital Emergency Ward. For someone who has lived with a brain tumor for so many years such words mean only one thing - it started, the tumor is growing ...

A biopsy was performed in Bydgoszcz, and oncological treatment was recommended. We know too well that in this situation it will not do anything. Adrian will go through the entire treatment program. He will crawl with pain and fatigue again, and finally everything will be for nothing?

Martynka is winning with the disease, so Adrian can do it too. The girl has a brainstem tumor and is treated at the clinic in Monterrey, Mexico. Standard therapy in Poland did not bring any effect for her. Now in Mexico, doctors give Martynka chemotherapy intra-artially and in this way they reach to the tumor directly. This is the last and only chance to finally resist the nightmarish disease after so many years of struggle.

In Poland we are currently guided by a very good neurosurgeon who, despite the difficult access to the tumor, would undertake to cut it out. However, the tumor must be significantly smaller. Adrian has been qualified for this treatment. We are one step away from saving his life. The average annual cost of treatment is an amount that we are not even able to get close to.

Adrian Raszczuk

Over the years, we've had thousands of consultations with various doctors. Medical documents have been sent to the United States, to Mexico, to the best specialists in the field of neurosurgery and oncology in Poland. The only chance for this moment is the recognised clinic in Monterrey.

Even today, despite the tremendous weakening of the body, he is fighting bravely. He does not want to let others know that he is seriously ill. He just asks: "What are we doing next?", "What else do I have to do to win with this disease?" And "More or less, how long does it all have to last?". Like us, he does not allow himself to think that something could go wrong. Every mother and father will agree with us that there is no greater pain than the one that appears when you are aware that your own child is dying before your eyes, and you have absolutely no idea how to stop it ...

There is no minute without hope and faith that it will be alright, but there is also no minute without fear, pain, anger and self-pity ... No matter how hard we try, we will not be able to express this pain with words. The eyes of our son filled with hope give strength and motivate to action. We simply cannot let him down. Adrian's health is getting worse. Time pressure is tight, but we believe that we will succeed together. Once again, we beg you with all our hearts. Let's not Adrian pass away.

442 656,00 zł ( 100.02% )
Wsparło 5696 osób

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