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Blessing for my mother's life.

Lilla Gątarek
Campaign goal:

Ratowanie życia mamy – zakup leku Darzalex

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Lilla Gątarek
Łąck, mazowieckie
Malignant tumor
Starts on: 29 November 2017
Ends at: 28 February 2019

Campaign description

Hi, my name is Hubert and I never thought that I will initiate internet based fundraising. However, the current situation made me do it and such a collections seems to be the last resort.

Lilla Gątarek

My mum suffers from nasty type of medulla cancer – multiple myeloma. She got sick 6-7 years ago when I was still in high school. This news shoo up her and our entire family’s lives. About 90% of her medulla was pathologically affected. Without hesitation doctors provided her with strong chemotherapy and as soon as possible directed for autotransplant which was successful. Thereafter, it has been relatively fine for a year or two. She took medicines but the illness slowly stroke back.

Up until today my mum took and still takes tons of medications which stopped helping her. During all these years she would travel about 100 kilometers to the oncological clinic several times a month, often for chemotherapy, for controlling examinations, then again for chemotherapy and for controlling examinations. Her life since then is a really hard and unequal fight with this illness.

Lilla Gątarek

Until this moment multiple myeloma ripped her off her last vital strengths, let alone joy of live. She hunches even more now, sleeps all the time, suffers from severe mood variations and all her bones hurt. All September this year she was at the hospital where the doctors prepared her for the next autotransplant. This time it did not work out although my mum received strong chemotherapy which almost took her away.

My mum is ashamed of the way she looks after chemotherapy and often suffers from depression. She is slowly losing hope and lets the illness take over the lead. We help her as much as we can but probably nobody is able to understand what she is going through.

Her illness immunized for all common medications. What only works is strong chemotherapy which destroys her organism almost as much as the illness. After the last treatment she hardly could stand up. During the last two months we lived with hope because the doctors were about to include her in a pilot treatment program with drugs which are not yet on the market. Unfortunately the program has not started but it may be also positive since these new drugs could potentially carry fatal side effects.

We are fully aware that this illness unfortunately cannot be cured. It can be only treated and we can only give mum some time and count on new, effective drugs showing up on the list of drugs refunded by National Health Fund in Poland. However, at the moment there aren’t any more drugs for her. She took all possible drugs which doctors have at their disposal right now. The only thing she can do now is to go for controlling examinations and receive worse and worse measurement results.

Lilla Gątarek

My mum has already lived longer than all her acquaintances whom she friended up with while at the oncological clinic. She fell ill at a quite early age for multiple myeloma, at 56. However now her organism is not as strong as back then and the illness develops at a fast pace. The last spark of hope is a new drug DARZALEX which is not on the list of drugs refunded by National Health Fund in Poland. Single dose of 30 ml of this drug costs more than 3k US dollars. Doctor who has been taking care of my mum so far estimated that monthly treatment will cost about 100k Polish zlotys which is about 28k US dollars.

Apart from the fact that this illness is destroying our mum and effectively our entire family, now we learned that medication is available but we cannot afford it and prolong her life. My heart is breaking when I look at her as she shrinks inside. I would like to stop the clock of death but without this money it is not possible.

My mum’s days may be counted and that is why I am asking everyone for help. Every penny counts. I cannot sit without doing anything, there is no more time for that. Sometimes things like this work out, especially now when we have the Internet people do things like this. I am not sure whether this is legal, I do not know what the legislation around this is and I do not have a special bank account, yet. I do not care about it at the moment. If I only could I would take part of the illness on my shoulders. I would take off part of it from the shoulders of my mum, so         that she could see my children in the future, so that she could see me with my future family. That is why I beg you for help. I believe in people and in the power of united society. Only this way we can make it – together.

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