Run for Milosz

Anna Booth
organizator skarbonki

This story made me cry. Seriously I can't even imagine what his parents must be going through! This is a local family to where I come from and I genuinely feel I want to do something to help this little dude get his heart surgery. I am running a 10km run on the 11th of June in Gloucester to raise money for this cause. Please if you feel you could help Milosz feel free to donate towards his surgery. There is not much time as the bigger he grows the harder it is for his heart to handle his body. Any amount is appreciated, the pound to zloty exchange is quite good so I'm sure even a fiver will cause a great big smile on Milosz's parents faces. 

OK, get your tissues ready... here's Milosz's mom's story:

What hurts the most? Losing a child. So how can I describe the pain after losing two children? And if I then added a very serious illness of the third one? To call it a nightmare would not be enough. But we can’t give up and simply sit in the abyss of misery. Not now when Milosz counts on us. We will do everything we can for him to stay with us. His sister and brother in heaven are sure to keep their fingers crossed ... Help us save our son, help him fix his heart .

 When I lost my first child, daughter Hannah, I fell into despair. She was born at 23 weeks, too small and too weak to survive. All because of the bacteria in the birth canal, this caused her premature birth and killed my first child. It took me a long time to deal with the loss, and in my heart there will always be an empty space she’s left behind. When I was pregnant again after four years, joy and hope returned. I could be a mother! But this did not last long... Simon was only four months in my belly when I found out that I have a polyp. I panicked because I remembered the horrible time when I lost Hannah. We went to hospital, but the doctor gave me only a prescription and sent us home. I only managed to open the house door and take off my shoes when I felt a piercing pain. I already knew. I intuitively felt my baby was dead.

After these two tragedies I lost all hope that I could ever be a mother and yet I did not want anything more than to be one. And when I almost came to terms with the fact that we will not have children, there was a miracle - I got pregnant! I felt huge euphoria but also a great fear. I was afraid that it would happen again, and I know I would not survive a third loss. However, pregnancy was developing well and all results were excellent! I was enjoying myself, although there was still a little fear somewhere at the back of my head, some kind of bad feeling that kept me awake at night.

At 13 weeks of pregnancy the ultrasound scan showed abnormalities. The doctor noticed that the umbilical cord that connects the baby with my body has only two, and not as it should, three dishes. Although he reassured us that this still doesn’t mean anything bad, the fears of the past woke up again. I was scared every single day and I prayed my son would survive. On the next scan, however, it turned out that there is a defect in his heart - my unborn child's little heart has only one chamber ... Other specialists have confirmed the complexity of this condition and recommended to choose the best hospital, which after childbirth, if necessary, will save Milosz's life.

We went to a Gdansk hospital and our son was born into the world. When I saw his tiny pink body, I felt what it meant to be truly lucky. I hardly believed that it was possible! That after ten years of trying the moment we’ve been waiting for - our beloved baby was here. I knew he was born with a serious heart defect, but I believed that everything would be fine now. It must be because we already suffered too much.

However, fate once again decided to put us to the test. In the third day of life, Miłosz got tachycardia and body acidosis. He balanced on the thin line of life and death. Perhaps only a miracle let him survive. To this day I thank God for sparing him and for the doctor who so bravely took care of our son. That time we succeeded and our dream came true - as proud parents we could finally return with our child home. We also took with us a thick file of medical records, referrals, recommendations and medical prescriptions.

Milosz has a very ill heart, and his saturation is falling from day to day. Time is our enemy, because when our son grows, his body is less oxygenated. Soon he will start sitting up, turning over, he will eventually learn to crawl and walk. For his one-chambered heart it is too much – his heart can’t handle such a big load. Therefore, it is necessary to do the surgery as quickly as possible. The best and safest treatment for our son is a surgery by Professor Malc in a German clinic in Munster. A few years ago, a different child from our city, with a similar problem, underwent surgery in the same clinic - today he is leading a normal, happy life: playing ball, training karate, and having an interesting and active life. We would like the same for our Milosz.

We have already lost two children, so we want the best and safest care for our son. We simply can’t afford even the smallest error; we want to avoid all threats. Professor Malec has saved so many hearts. We dream for him to save our son too. The cost of surgery, and therefore the cost of Milosz's health and life, is very high. The operation is scheduled for the second half of the year. We will know the exact date when we collect a minimum of 70% of the amount needed. I swore to Milosz that it will be ok, that Mummy will do everything to make his life healthy and happy. I believe that Hannah and Simon are watching over him and over us, to give us strength in this difficult fight. I can’t give up, I will not survive another loss ... We have to keep him with us, so we beg you for help. Help us save our child, the only meaning and purpose of our life.


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