Help Martynka Raise Money for a Hand Surgery!

Karol Piotrowicz
organizator skarbonki

Hello, my friends!

My name is Karol and I'm from Poland. I have a 9-year-old niece who suffers from two extremely rare diseases - Poland Syndrome and Radial Club Hand. Due to these syndromes, she has a deformed hand, absence of ribs, and no breast. Lately, we have met with American doctors from Paley Institute in Florida and they gave us a chance to fix her hand. Her dream is to be able to brush her hair by herself. She wants to be a vet in the future because she loves animals. After the surgery, she will be able to move her fingers and elbow which will make her life easier. It's her biggest dream and I, as her uncle, want that dream to come true. We need to collect over 100k USD. The amount of money is overwhelming but we won't give up! For our little angel's happiness. 

Karol Piotrowicz


Press the big red "Wesprzyj" button and later, when you proceed further, write the amount of money you would like to transfer (Paypal accepts only transfers above 50 PLN). It's in Polish currency -PLN (1 PLN = 0.27USD, 1 PLN = 0,23 EUR' 1 PLN = 0,20 GBP), write your name or press "Wpłata anonimowa" if you want to stay anonymous, press red "Wpłać teraz" button. Later, choose the middle option "przelew internetowy" which means "online transfer" and scroll a bit lower, press "Pokaż więcej" ("show more") and choose PAYPAL. Then, tick "Akceptuję regulamin" ("I accept the terms of and press the red "Przejdź do płatności" ("proceed to the transfer") button which will lead you to your paypal account. That's it :)

This is a verified fundraiser. I turn to you to ask for help. It's our only chance to change her life, but we won't manage to collect the money without your help. I know that if you are reading this, it means that you have a huge heart and you can significantly help us. Even a dollar brings us closer to our goal. 

Please, help us!

Karol Piotrowicz

Below you can find our estimates:

Karol Piotrowicz

Karol Piotrowicz


100 zł

Stacy Paalanen

Safe travels to Florida and prayers that your surgery is very successful.
50 zł

Wpłata anonimowa

Darowizny trafiają bezpośrednio na zbiórkę charytatywną:
150 zł Wsparły 2 osoby CEL: 400 000 ZŁ