Give Karolina a chance to win the battle!!!

Dawid Stramski
organizator skarbonki


I am raising money for a 21 year old girl from Poland who fights cancer since she was 18.

In April 2012, Karolina won a battle with cancer, and all tests have shown that it went away. However, her happiness did not last long. Come September 2012, Karolina was back in hospital and found out that the cancer was back. This time much stronger, affecting much bigger part of her body.

The only hope Karolina has right now, is a new medicine, imported from United States. It passed all tests, showing it has potential to help Karolina to win the second battle. The only problem with it is its price...170,000 polish zloty (about £34,000). 

I am trying to collect some money, to help Karolina to raise the required amount. My target is 500zl (£100). I don't want to ask for money, but if you feel like you can help, even the smallest amount counts. 

Thank you,


p.s. If you would like to help, please let me know as the payments are processed in Polish currency, which is aprox. 5 times of English pounds, i.e. £1 is 5zl. 

All payments are secure, processed by authorised website, so there is no risk.  


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