Fundraising for Marta

Pat Gie
organizator skarbonki

Marta suffers from muscle atrophy and requires stem cell transplantation.

Donations  for arbitrary amounts can be made by paypal or card payments.

I will match some of donations at the end of fundraising.

By doing this I also want to bring awereness to other fund raising initiatives on

To raise some funds for this cause I will atempt to:
-break half marathon in a suite official Guiness World Record on 4th March,
-race Scottish Championship marathon on 29th April.


100 zł

Wpłata anonimowa

100 zł


Do you even have a suite? ;P powodzenia!
Darowizny trafiają bezpośrednio na zbiórkę charytatywną:
200 zł Wsparły 2 osoby CEL: 5 000 ZŁ