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I'd like to help a little Polish girl, Nadia, who needs operation to be able to walk. That's what this fundraiser is about. Nadia is my friend's daughter and I hope to raise some money for her. Read her story in the link on the right (or above if you're reading on your mobile) -use Google Translate if you don't speak Polish. ;-) 

(If any Polish on this website confuses you - get in touch - email below, or if you know me, you know how to reach me)

My name is Ela Wassell and I'm Women's Leadership and Empowerment Coach at Truly Boldly You .

On Wednesday, 27 February (my birthday) at 19:30 London Time, (20:30 CET) I'm going to hold a webinar for women that is going to change the way you look at life! 

"Energy and Effectiveness for busy Women."

Anyone who donates here 50 zł or more with a comment "TBY and their name" - will be invited to this webinar! 
£1 =4.9 zl* at the time of typing, so 50 zł is about £10.40 .
First 8 people who donate 300zł or more will also get a half an hour laser coaching session with me!

IMPORTANT:  After donating here send me an email at ela@tbyou.co.uk  saying "I'm in. I'm helping Nadia and I want to join the webinar." and I'll send you the link to the webinar.
If you don't do that I have no way of identifying you and inviting you, or knowing that you want to attend.  

If you don't want to take part in the webinar - that's absolutely fine, you can donate as much as you want. This could be your birthday gift to me!

About the webinar:

We’re all guilty of it: dashing around from one commitment to the next, cramming ever more into our bursting diaries, multi-tasking or procrastinating in equal measure, finding it impossible to say no or to prioritise our own needs – much to the detriment of our relationships, our health and our mental wellbeing.

How would you like to put an end to running in small circles? Achieve balance and avoid overwhelm; free up hours in your week and make time for more meaningful things?

‘Energy and Effectiveness for Busy Women’ is a webinar with a difference. It is designed by women for women, recognising the cyclical nature of our energies, and focusing on the innate strenghts we hold as females. These powers can be harnessed to clarify and prioritise what is really important to us.

It is more than a practical strategy or toolbox, but a whole new mindset as to how you approach tasks and what you choose to fit into life.

 Join me and support a good cause! 

Donate now - click "Wesprzyj!" 

Glosorary :
Wpłać - pay / donate
Kwota - amount
Ukryj kwotę - Hide amount (don't do that if you want to take part in the webinar or have a coaching session with me )
Wpłata anonimowa - Anonymous donation (again don't click it if you want to take part in the webinar or have a comlimentary coaching with me.) 

Contact me at ela@tbyou.co.uk if you get stuck. Or Google translate ;-)

*) If you're paying by PayPal - Their currency conversion is a bit more expensive, I'd suggest clicking that you want to pay in PLN or Polish złoty, and than your bank calculates the rates.


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