Through a Mother's and Father's eyes photography

Emilia Wilgosz
organizator skarbonki

International Photo Festival II edition: "Through a Mother's & Father's eyes photography" - Amsterdam 2019


Gorąco zachęcam do udziału w naszym festiwalu fotograficznym "Through a mother's & father's eyes photography" - w tym roku będziemy pomagać Laurze i jej rodzicom w zbieraniu pieniędzy na operację.


Laura, our 9-year-old daughter, suffers from the Ondine Curse, a very rare and fatal genetic disease. Only a few hundred cases of this disease have been confirmed worldwide.

Every night Laura has to be connected to a ventilator, because her brain does not send the impulses responsible for breathing while she sleeps. When Laura closes her eyes, death comes to her - so without the ventilator she would suffocate in her sleep.

As loving parents, we want to do everything in our power to free our daughter from the ventilator and allow her to be as independent as possible. It would be a salvation for Laura. The operation of implanting a diaphragm nerve stimulator will allow her to breathe on her own. Thanks to this procedure, our girl will be freed from the machine and will also be able to have her tracheostomy eliminated.

As the costs exceed our capabilities, we would be very grateful for any help in financing this surgery.

Emilia and Jakub, Laura's parents


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