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Fundacja Siepomaga
Fundacja Siepomaga

The national campaign to support Ukraine. You'll never walk alone...

UPDATE 10.08.2022 Dear Donors, today is the 166th day of the war in Ukraine, our eastern neighbor, which marks six months of tragedy for the Ukrainian nation, with thousands of killed and millions of innocent civilians who experience a humanitarian crisis daily…  Our fundraiser has lasted for the same number of days. Thanks to your donations, we can provide support directly to the Ukrainian territory—to the people in need.  We are grateful for turning your compassion and empathy into good deeds that we can use as a life buoy for this abused nation! Below you can find an update on our latest activities: At the beginning of the week, we met with a group of soldiers from the air assault brigade in Kharkiv, who have been fighting in Izium city (Ukr. Ізю́м), occupied by the Russians. We delivered 50 tactical first-aid kits directly to the front line. The kits have been purchased thanks to our Siepomaga donors. Only in the last few weeks, have we delivered 2 thousand such tactical first-aid kits!  Several kilometers from the front line, we have joined forces with other organizations, providing humanitarian aid to the war victims and refugees who fled the cities bombed by the Russians. We have supplied Caritas-Spes Kharkiv with personal hygiene products for the bedridden and the dependent: adult diapers, disposable sponges, and incontinence bed pads. Thanks to the Siepomaga donors, we delivered to eastern Ukraine ca. 20 tons of required specialized hygienic products in the last couple of weeks. TOGETHER we have great power to help! UPDATE 13.07.2022 Ukraine is still fighting and we keep on helping!  ➡️ Last week we met with a team of nine firefighters from the USA and Australia, who came to Kharkiv to take part in the clearing of debris and searching for possible victims from under the debris of the shelled buildings. They are professionals who took leave from work and financed their trip to Ukraine. They even bought a German fire truck that will remain in Ukraine when they depart. Saving lives and providing support where it is most needed is both their job and calling. We are planning joint activities to help Ukraine through portal.  ➡️ The aid provided by our donors to Ukraine is becoming more and more popular! We have been present in war-stricken eastern Ukraine for only three weeks. Some say it is “already” three weeks. You can find an interview here:  ➡️ No one will say it out loud, but it was one of the saddest days in eastern Ukraine. 8 July used to be a Family Day. This year, war affected and divided millions of Ukrainian families.  Instead of feasting, in Kharkiv, children learn what cluster bombs, butterfly landmines, and misfires look like. They can be found in the parks and housing estates.  ➡️ Saltivka (UKR. Салтiвка) is the “ghost district” of Kharkiv. It used to be Ukraine’s largest dormitory town, with 400,000 residents—until February this year. Today it is almost deserted, silent, and destroyed. Buildings ripped apart by the bombs, burnt apartments, and the remains of tens of missiles stuck in the concrete and garden soil still put at risk those who survived. The war is just 20 km away. All day and all night, you can see and hear the explosions. The city is under attack 24/7.   ➡️ Each day they make 40,000 km to provide help for abandoned, lost, and wounded animals in Kharkiv and Donetsk regions. They evacuate pets from the war zone—left by their owners in locked houses and apartments.  ➡️ The city is under missile attack. Searching for victims in the school building after the overnight bombing in Kharkiv.  ➡️ The crosses damaged by shrapnel. Nameplates of the fallen ripped off due to the explosions. It is the actual image of the Totalitarianism Victims' Cemetery in Kharkiv.  Ca. 4,300 Polish military officers and civilians murdered by the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD) in 1940 are buried here. The victims also include 2,000 Ukrainians, Russians, and Jews killed between 1937 and 1938. We thank our friends for enabling a memorial tribute to the fallen. Glory to the heroes! We will keep you updated about our next activities. We are grateful for your generosity and trust from the bottom of our hearts!  Thanks to you, we can help others! Together we have great POWER!   UPDATE 4.07.2022 Support that is granted to Ukraine by the donors of the Siepomaga. pl portal does not include the refugees in our country exclusively. First and foremost, it is an aid for the people trapped in war-stricken areas with no way out. Many inhabitants of eastern Ukraine refuse to leave—they are eager to fight for their country. Despite all odds, they try to live a normal life. On one side of the street, people make fortifications and anti-tank barriers, prepare to defend the city and rebuild destroyed houses, fix windows, and grow flowers on the other. Everybody here is grateful for the help from Poland—they either heard or received such support. ➡️ We cannot always describe or show you the places we visit. Our priority is security. We joined forces with the volunteers from eastern Ukraine, and provided supplies purchased thanks to the Siepomaga., pl donors, to the soldiers fighting in the Donetsk war zone. We were there! We met young men, a physicist, and an architect, who had become soldiers. The Ukrainian defenders are courageous and determined, but they also need help. We delivered food, a power generator, and medical supplies—compression bandages, Israeli bandages, vented chest dressings, and thermal blankets to them. We single-handedly made a list of other required supplies. ➡️ War is not only weapons and ammunition. It’s also, most importantly, an enormous challenge in terms of organization and logistics—clothes, food, and medications are needed for thousands of people in military uniforms. For that reason, on Thursday we delivered supplies, sponsored by Siepomaga. pl donors, to one of many places, from where such support is shipped daily to the people defending Ukraine. We’re already famous for supporting people and areas that we had previously verified. That’s why after hours—long drive, we visited young people in the fieldwork and front line, where they have been fighting for free Ukraine and Europe. We knew they required help from Siepomaga, and they will receive it. ➡️ We provided wheelchair parts to "Zwierciadło" (Eng. mirror), the facility for people with disabilities in Lviv, that, among others, takes care of the refugees from eastern Ukraine. ➡️ We provide direct support to the places where it is needed the most. On Sunday, we delivered a hydraulic hoist to the firefighters from Kharkiv. It allows lifting heavy objects that weigh 10 tons. It will be used for rescue operations and clearing shelled buildings of debris. ➡️ In Lviv, a 2-day first-aid training was organized by Siepomaga. pl. It was conducted by Ukrainian medical instructors—volunteers and tactical medicine specialists. A free course was intended for the volunteers who deliver Polish humanitarian aid from Lviv to eastern Ukraine, into the war zone. We’ve already trained ca. 50 people. We hope that they will never have to use their newly acquired skills, though… We will keep you updated about our next activities. We are grateful for your generosity and trust from the bottom of our hearts!  Thanks to you, we can help others! Together we have great POWER!   -------- UPDATE 23.06.2022 Ukraine, we will not leave you behind… It was the title of our campaign almost 4 months ago, and since then we have kept our promise. Despite the time passing by, the needs of war-stricken Ukraine, fighting for its freedom, have not diminished, and we have kept on providing support, especially for central Ukraine. That is where it is needed the most. Below you can find the latest update: Last week our Siepomaga team provided help to the refugees center in Krzywy Róg (UKR. Кривий Ріг) in the Dnipropetrovsk area, at the confluence of Ingulets and Saksagan rivers. It is the hometown of Ukrainian president Zelensky and used to be one of the military strategic targets of the Russian army in February 2022. It supports refugees from eastern Ukraine and the local people in need—mainly the elderly. After we had supplied the center with 3 tons of food and hygienic products, which took us 1.5 hours, we departed for Zaporizhzhia, and then to Donetsk… When 2 days ago we arrived at the destination with supplies purchased thanks to the Siepomaga donors, one of the Ukrainian volunteer soldiers told us that Poland is the only country that provides them with humanitarian aid. Everyone there believes in the victory, and it looks like they are not going to surrender. We met some refugees from Avdiivka, which had been shelled by the Russians with white phosphorus munitions, prohibited by international law. All that was left from the bombs, were ruins.   We provided the people currently staying in Donetsk with food, washing powders, soaps, protein bars, and electric generators. We had to travel 2,000 km to get there, but it was worth it! This is the farthest we are allowed to go. We are in Kharkiv, one of the largest cities in Ukraine, 15 km away from the front line.  The city and its suburbs are being shelled every single night with the Grad rockets and cluster bombs. Most of the inhabitants have already fled their homes. We hear them say: “If 100% of the Polish aid was provided to Kharkiv and the war zone, the situation would have been way better”. The reason for this harsh opinion is that they condemn those who pretend to offer support or want to make money from helping the Ukrainian defenders. Ukraine, we won’t leave you behind!  The city hospital in Kharkiv needs our help too! We have been recommended as aid providers by our Ukrainian partners, and we have already visited the hospital. Due to the fact, that the city and its suburbs have been under an artillery attack, some patients, and hospital staff were coming back from the underground shelter when we arrived. Everyone is scared. They are afraid that the whole city will be surrounded by the Russian troops.  The electric generators provide power only to the ICU.   During the air-raid warning and the shelling, the patients are transferred from the ICU to the corridors or the shelters, where they are less exposed to the explosions. The main doctor showed us the hospital and provided us with the list of the most required supplies: modern, light-weight beds (at least one would be perfect…), and a portable digital X-ray system. The one they have now is very old and primitive (it’s been there since the Soviet Union)... We went down to the shelter to take the photos, and show you the hospital reality. UPDATE 2.06.2022 Dear Donors! Over 100 days have passed since the lives of the people of Ukraine turned into a nightmare.   News informing of destroyed cities, and dead and wounded people have become as common as the sirens warning of bomb attacks, prompting immediate evacuation to the shelters. A constant fear, anxiety, and uncertainty of what is going to happen the next day. The additional lack of water, electricity and food paints a full picture of the humanitarian crisis… Despite the time passing by, those in need are still on our minds, and we feel the need to provide humanitarian aid in the most vulnerable areas. Below you can find the list of goals we managed to achieve in the last couple of days thanks to your generous donations, for which we are extremely grateful: Providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine is a process that involves many people and multiple stages. It starts with preparing the purchased goods, followed by organising the transport, and finishes with handling the goods to the people in need. All stages are extremely important and linked with one another, however, there is no doubt that when we hear “Djakuju” (the Ukrainian “Thank you”), we are moved the most. That’s what keeps us motivated and makes us bring constant support…   ➡️  Last week our team, called Poland Helps, delivered supplies for the refugees in the Szepietowo region. The supplies included 7 tons of food and personal hygiene products. The photographs show the unloading of the delivery. ➡️  Other photographs show 10 tons of supplies being prepared for shipment to Ukraine. The transport departed early this week and contains technical equipment for the fire service in Kharkiv, medical devices and specialised dressings for the hospital in Cherkasy, thermal underwear and shoes for the military defenders in the eastern part of Ukraine, almost 500 blankets and several thousand individual military first-aid sets, which will be delivered to the soldiers and recruits in military training centres in eastern Ukraine by our Poland Helps team. ➡️  Last weekend our team reached the Ukrainian troops in the Donbas region (at the same time there was a battle going on 6 km away). We delivered the medical equipment including tourniquets, Israeli bandages, and food supplies. The bandages constitute important, life-saving equipment for every soldier in case of getting wounded, as it allows stopping the bleeding. ➡️  Over 3 000 0000 citizens of Ukraine, mostly women and children, already have found shelter in Poland after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is an enormous challenge for Poland and the services responsible for taking action in critical situations. One of them is the State Fire Service, which undertakes the most comprehensive tasks, providing different rescue types, including fire, technical, and medical rescue services. We have delivered to the rescuers from the JRG-7 unit of State Fire Service in Warsaw the First Responder backpack, containing first aid supplies, designed in cooperation with the rescuers and firefighters, and made in Poland by the Resqline company. The backpack is useful in the most extreme conditions in which the rescuers of the JRG-7 unit, one of the most elite Polish units of high-altitude rescue services, operate. Currently, they very often secure shelters for Ukrainian refugees. We will keep you updated about our next activities. We are grateful for your generosity and trust from the bottom of our hearts!  Thanks to you, we can help others! Together we have great POWER!   UPDATE 15.04.2022 Dear Donors! You have already donated almost 48 million Polish zlotys to support Ukraine, the country fighting for its independence. We cannot even find the right words to express our gratitude for your generosity. Good deeds are always the best solution to the harm made to innocent people. Thanks to you and on your behalf, we can constantly bring help to those in need. Here’s what we have achieved in the last couple of days: Today, a couple of tons of food products and medical supplies have been delivered to Lviv to ​​a territorial defence troops made up of volunteers, who help the people of Ukraine in the most dangerous areas of the country.  The shipment of goods from our warehouse is handled by amazing volunteers from Lviv and it will be delivered directly to the people and places requiring help.  Ukraine receives even more support from us, however, we cannot inform you about the type of help due to security reasons and upon the requests from our Ukrainian partners.  We have also delivered 5000 blankets to the Caritas charity in the archdiocese in Poznan, to support the reception centre of the Poznań International Fair. We have provided financial support for the Siemacha Association in Cracow, which helps the children of Ukraine. Currently, ca. 300 children, who have fled poverty and war, have found a shelter in the Cracow and Wroclaw branches of the Association. It provides them with daycare, educational support and development possibilities.  We will keep you updated about our next activities. UPDATE 22.03.2022 Dear Donors, today is the 27th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is unbelievable, that this nightmare has been taking place beyond the eastern border for nearly a month… During that time, hundreds of thousands of kind-hearted people rushed with support, which can be seen on the donation stripe of our campaign—it is getting greener every day, and we cannot thank you enough. We are converting the raised funds into supplies, that are being delivered to the people of Ukraine, the war victims.   Here is the latest news from the field:   The end of last week turned out to be extremely busy for our warehouse people, who take care of dispatching the Siepomaga humanitarian aid supplies to Ukraine. On Friday, we sent 10 palettes of medical supplies, among others, surgical sutures, scalpels, dressings, and gloves, and 28 palettes containing shampoos, shower gels, soaps, and baby powders. On Saturday, people of Lviv also received 800 sleeping pads (2.5 cm thick), which are indispensable in the field and temporary shelters located near the war zone.  We sent 100 sleeping pads, 100 first-aid kits and one AED with spare electrode pads to the refugee shelter in Kamieniec Podolski. (Ages ago the city was generally considered the largest Polish fortress in the Eastern Borderlands). Thanks to our trusted partners from Poland and Ukraine, these supplies will be delivered in the upcoming days.  For a couple of days, we were trying to safely evacuate a beneficiary of the Siepomaga Foundation from a small town at Dniester river, a hundred kilometres east of Kyiv, to Poland. On Friday evening, the little boy from Ukraine suffering from cancer, was transported with his family: mother, younger brother (and his dog) from the Ukrainian-Polish border to Poznań. Now they are resting. We are preparing them for a trip to Germany, where the boy—thanks to the donations from —will undergo therapy.  “After that, we want to go back to Poland and stay there”—says Svieta, our beneficiary’s mother.  We found out about a dramatic call for humanitarian aid from Bachmut city in the Donetsk region. Every day, thousands of people flee here from the bombed cities, located east of Ukraine. There is no food and place to sleep. Today, two trucks of the Siepomaga Foundation with food supplies will take off to the help centre in Bachmut. There is an 1800 km drive ahead of them.  A while ago, we sent 85 high-tech Motorola radios to Ukraine. Today the paramedics thanked us for the devices, which had been purchased thanks to the Siepomaga Donors. We provide help where it is needed the most.        UPDATE 15.03.2022 Support and share—the largest national campaign to help war victims of Ukraine!  Dear Donors, It’s been almost 3 weeks since our reality changed irreversibly. News about the suffering of the civilians, which makes the blood run cold, has been coming from information channels on a regular basis. They concern simple people, who used to lead a normal life. Each day, tens of thousands of people are heading to the West across the Polish-Ukrainian border, fleeing from bombs and danger, waiting at every corner. Most of the Ukrainian people stayed in their homeland, though. Thanks to you and this campaign, we can support both of them.  Our latest activities: One of the supplies were delivered to Lviv on Saturday afternoon! The recipients of our “package” were medical centres and services helping sick and wounded people in eastern Ukraine. According to the latest news,  ⅔ of patients in Lviv hospitals have been evacuated from the East.   Our support included ca. 3 tons of extremely necessary medical supplies: individual dressings, specialised dressings, burn response kits, hydrogel dressings, drainage kits, rolled gauzes, neck collars, foil blankets, antibacterial silver dressings, disposable delivery surgical kits, Kramer splints, plaster bandages, synthetic stiffening and elastic braces, gauze bandages, highly absorbent gauze pads, hygiene pads, disinfectant solutions, sanitisers, and headlamps.   On Monday evening, the rescue workers of the RK Rescue Support Foundation collected from our warehouse near Poznań medical equipment that will be delivered to the children’s hospital in Lviv. In Warsaw, at nighttime, the devices were put into an ambulance, which will arrive in Ukraine on Wednesday morning. After the delivery, the ambulance will go back to Poland and bring a child requiring urgent treatment.  The first-aid kits purchased by the Siepomaga Foundation have been delivered to A0409 unit in Kyiv. We have just received a photo from the “end users”. Together we have a great POWER to help!    We have responded to a dramatic request of Tereszpol mayor to finance vaccines against hepatitis A for the group of a couple of tens of Ukrainian refugees, who are currently staying in the Sub-Carpathian region (these vaccines are non-reimbursable).  We will keep you posted about our next activities. Thank you again and again for your generosity and trust from the bottom of our hearts!  We appreciate that you help us help others! Together we have great POWER! You can also help Ukraine by pledging 1% of your tax. This gesture costs nothing, and it will let bring long-term support to the war victims.  Don’t hesitate, settle your PIT and pledge 1% of tax: KRS: 0000396361 Individual campaign: 0185785 Ukraina UPDATE 10.03.2022 Support and share—the largest national fundraiser for war victims in Ukraine! Dear Donors, for 2 weeks there has been the largest response of Donors going on in the history of Siepomaga.  The support for our war-stricken neighbours is coming from every part of the world. Thank you for every penny, dollar, euro… Every donation enables us to bring help where it is needed the most.  Ukraine—a home that hasn’t been finished yet. Loved by so many people. There are no words to describe the pain caused by such a huge loss. Everything you know, everything you love— it’s already gone. Familiar landscape, scents, places. The school you went to, the hospital you were born in. All is left is ruins. And a hole in your heart filled with sorrow, anger, and grief. All we can do it cover it with support and good deeds.  In the last couple of days, thanks to your donations, we have managed to:   Purchase dressings and first-aid supplies used in the battlefield, which is currently one of the most needed and deficient equipment in Ukraine. Thanks to the company specialised in manufacturing such supplies, we have ordered 10 000 special tactical dressings, that will be delivered to our warehouses in 2-3 days and then transported to Ukraine.  This is another purchase financed by the Siepomaga Foundation—along with vented dressings—that will be used by the medical services in the battlefield. Its total cost was 1,6 million zlotys.  Pass in front of the OKO.PRESS cameras, among others, 250 pairs of tactical military boots for Territorial Defense Forces. “The boots will be distributed among other detachments, to which the delivery of such supplies cannot be realised”—says the woman from Ukrainian services.    Purchase 225 000 protein bars and chocolate bars, which are a solid and proven food in extreme conditions.  Yesterday we delivered them to the Government Strategic Reserve Agency (RARS). In the next days, they will be transported to Ukraine. The food is one of the basic needs in the war zone and refugee areas.  Purchase almost 10 000 disposable diapers for babies, 32 000 menstrual pads and over 44 000 wet wipes for a total amount of over 465 000 zlotys. The citizens of Ukrainian cities in the war zone and the refugees, especially women and children, require the personal hygiene supplies, which have been delivered to RARS warehouses, from where, in cooperation with Ukrainian institutions, they will be transported to Ukraine.  Send almost 80 modern VHF radios worth totally ca. 250 000 zlotys. These devices enable, among others, encrypted digital or analog communication, data transmission, and operator localisation via GPS. These are the most advanced and reliable devices, used for development of communication systems during rescue operations and humanitarian activities. The type and place of its delivery has been discussed with Ukrainian experts. Our help goes to the areas where it is needed the most.   Prepare special support for Ukrainian families, who fled Ukraine to Poland. From now on they can create dedicated, individual campaigns, from which the donations can be withdrawn and used for daily needs. If you know any refugees from Ukraine, please help them launch their campaign:  We will keep you updated on our next activities. Thank you for your generosity and trust with all our hearts! That’s just the beginning, and your support will be also needed in the following months.  We are grateful, that you help us help others! Together we have a great POWER! The purchased supplies will be transported to the Hendi company, which has provided free access to its warehouses to the Siepomaga Foundation in the logistics centre near Poznan.    UPDATE 1.03.2022  Dear Donors, for many years you have been proving that you are the best donor community in the world, but despite that, we are still surprised with such a huge amount of donations and the speed at which the funds have been raised to support Ukraine. Thank you for your trust from the bottom of our hearts. How do we launch our support today?  First, we are going to focus on purchasing large amounts of the most needed food products. We want to place them on pallets, which makes the logistics easier, without a need to sort them.  We keep in touch with KPRM and RARS (Government Strategic Reserves Agency) teams, which, together with the Ukrainian government, have been coordinating the humanitarian aid for Ukraine. In this way, we are going to support the Agency by providing Ukraine with the most urgent supplies, which are being passed on to people by the Ukrainian site. Today we have purchased a truck with 65 000 tinned food which in the first place will be transported to the government warehouse, and next, across the Ukrainian border. Further purchases will be made in the following days. As a Foundation, we have an opportunity to organise large supplies, and we are happy that there is a fixed procedure for providing humanitarian aid, which allows this process to run safely.  Thanks to the cooperation with the Zobacz Mnie Foundation (in English: “Look at me”) we are going to offer support for 66 boys from Kyiv and their guardians, who came to Wroclaw for a football tournament a couple of days ago, and due to an ongoing situation, they cannot go back home. We are going to provide them with accommodation, psychological support, and sports training. We are also planning to bring to Poland their mothers and siblings.  Thanks to the cooperation with Iskierka Foundation, we are going to help tens of families of children with cancer, who keep coming to four Polish clinics for treatment. Two of these children are being treated in Rzeszow, one of them in Katowice, and another one in Zabrze. They will also need support, which includes food, clothing, and accommodation.  We have found the attached short clip today online. It breaks our hearts, and this situation should never have occurred. Unfortunately, that’s how the lives of thousands of innocent children in Ukraine have looked like for the last couple of days. They are on our minds when we are coming with help… We will keep you updated with our next activities. Once again, thank you for your generosity and trust from the bottom of our hearts! You help us help others! Together we have a Great Power!  Pledge 1% of tax to Ukraine:: KRS: 0000396361 Individual campaign: 0185785 Ukraina --- The conflict in Ukraine is unimaginable suffering of thousands of innocent people. Ukraine is at war… We have been watching eastern Ukraine with a particular concern, and what innocent people, living in the war-threatened area, are about to face—hardly a thousand kilometres away from Poland. Unfortunately, the worst has happened. There are bombs, fire, guns, and victims.  And there will be more. Tanks have never been a symbol of peace. We cannot predict, what will happen in the days to come, but the scenarios are far from optimistic, and people must receive help.  The armed conflicts triggered in the offices of the highest levels of government mostly affect the tiniest and the most vulnerable ones—the civilian population, women, children, and elderly people.  The conflict in eastern Ukraine has continued since 2014, yet the events from the last couple of days have shown, that the war turmoil has gone too far. We would love to have such power to stop this. However, we can take action and do what we are best at. Bring help wherever people are suffering.  This campaign was created to raise funds for war victims. The scope of support will depend on the scale of development of the armed conflict in Ukraine, and adapted to the needs of the people. We have been monitoring the whole situation, and we will be in constant touch with the organisations helping Ukraine, which will contact us, asking for support. Every hour brings new information, and everything is constantly changing.  We want to thank all people who are not indifferent to the pain of others.   #SiepomagaUkrainie If you can help, and want to join us… Let’s do it together! If you cannot help, support us with positive thoughts and keep your fingers crossed. War is an enormous tragedy. Let’s stick together with our neighbours.  * The campaign is managed by the Siepomaga Foundation, which, as a charity, can quickly finance helpful organisations acting for the support of Ukraine.  The whole amount of funds will be donated to support war victims in Ukraine For the campaign supporting Ukraine we additionally shared the bank accounts in the selected countries, to which the donations can be made via wire transfers.USA:Account holderFundacja SiepomagaRouting number084009519Account number9600002887035392Account typeChecking- please make only ACH transfers in USD currency Canada:Account holderFundacja SiepomagaInstitution number621Account number200110222764Transit number16001  - only EFT credits in Canadian dollars. We do not handle wire transfers, SWIFT, or Interac Australia:Account holderFundacja SiepomagaBSB code802-985Account number114352467 - for domestic wire transfers in AUD currency Great Britain:Account holderFundacja SiepomagaSort code23-14-70Account number77052488IBANGB19 TRWI 2314 7077 0524 88for domestic wite transfers in GBP currency In all cases please make sure to enter Fundacja Siepomaga as the Account holder

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Fundacja Siepomaga
Fundacja Siepomaga

#wykluczeniSMA Ogólnopolska zbiórka dla dzieci z SMA! Zostały bez refundacji – pomocy!

17 dzieci z SMA pozostało bez refundacji terapii genowej, która może uratować ich życie, czyli najdroższego leku świata! “Jesteśmy załamani, bo wiemy już, że państwo nie zapłaci za terapię genową naszych dzieci” – mówią rodzice! Ministerstwo zdrowia przekazało najnowsze wytyczne dotyczące leczenia dzieci z SMA. Lek otrzymają jedynie dzieci do 6 miesiąca życia, zdiagnozowane w wyniku rządowego programu przesiewowego, które nie otrzymały dotychczasowego - jedynego doraźnego i refundowanego leku w Polsce! Kiedy 23 sierpnia na konferencji prasowej Ministra Zdrowia ogłoszono te zasady i kryteria refundacji, dla tych siedemnastu rodzin był to początek dramatu, który trwa!Dzieci, które zostały bez leczenia, są w najtrudniejszej sytuacji, bo zaczyna brakować im czasu na podanie leku!  13,5 kilograma – tej wagi nie może przekroczyć żadne chore dziecko – w przeciwnym razie szansa na leczenie przepadnie na zawsze! Takie są sztywne kryteria programu lekowego. “Nie możemy dopuścić, by dzieci, które nie zakwalifikowały się do refundacji, straciły być może jedyną szansę na normalne życie!” - mówią rodzice. “Przez chwilę mieliśmy nadzieję, nasze serca zabiły szybciej, a potem przyszło załamanie! Musimy zbierać dalej i walczyć o swoje dzieci, tylko że zbiórki się zatrzymały, pojawiło się dużo pytań, fałszywych informacji, wielu ludzi uznało, że skoro ruszyła refundacja, nasze starania nie mają już uzasadnienia!” – mówi mama jednego z dzieci, które wciąż potrzebuje 3 milionów złotych, by rozpocząć terapię. Te siedemnaścioro dzieci to tak naprawdę ostatni pacjenci w Polsce, którzy nie otrzymają refundowanego leczenia. Wszystkie dzieci, które przyjdą na świat i zostaną zdiagnozowane w ramach programu przesiewowego, będą leczone na koszt państwa! Oznacza to jedno – rodziny dzieci, które nie załapały się na refundację, rozpoczynają dramatyczny wyścig z czasem! Ta zbiórka powstała właśnie po to, by pomóc zrozpaczonym rodzicom dzieci, dla których zbiórka na to ostatnia nadzieja! Ogólnopolska zbiórka na terapię SMA to szansa dla każdego z tych małych pacjentów. Zebrane środki zostaną podzielone pomiędzy te dzieci, które muszą zebrać na terapię genową ogromną kwotę. Każde z 17 dzieci potrzebuje ponad 9 milionów, by rozpocząć leczenie! Dlatego potrzebujemy ogromnej mobilizacji i ogromnej pomocy, by i tym razem się udało! Naszym największym wrogiem jest czas, bo dzieci rosną, a przekroczenie wagi spowoduje, że bezpowrotnie stracą one szansę na zatrzymanie SMA! 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚 💚  💚    *W ramach kampanii #wykluczeniSMA zbieramy środki na zasilenie zbiórek dzieci z SMA, które posiadają aktywne zbiórki na, nie zakwalifikowały się na przeprowadzenie terapii genowej w Polsce i nadal zbierają środki na ten cel.Na są również aktywne zbiórki dzieci z SMA zbierających na leczenie za granicami Polski. Te zbiórki również możesz wesprzeć.Sposobów jest naprawdę wiele - np. przekazując darowiznę na wybranego podopiecznego lub udostępniając tę zbiórkę w mediach!Masz pomysł, jak jeszcze możemy wspólnie wesprzeć tę akcję - napisz do nas:

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Polska Akcja Humanitarna
Polska Akcja Humanitarna

War in Ukraine - we ask you for urgent support!

SOS UKRAINE - WHAT WE DO UPDATE November 3 - Psychological Support Providing psychological support in the Donetsk oblast is now difficult, especially in the frontline Lyman and Bakhmut. But right now so many people need help because of stress, trauma, loss of loved ones, destruction of homes, incompetence about their future. That is why our psychologists help the inhabitants of this region by conducting consultations over the phone. Project co-financed within the framework of the Polish development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH activities related to the war in Ukraine. ---------------------------- UPDATE August 2 - Raisa In July, we delivered 3,500 ready-to-cook packages to Mikołajów in the south of Ukraine. Each package weighs 18 kg and covers the needs of one family per month.  Inside, there are products such as pasta, rice, canned food, sunflower oil and salt.\ The aid reached people directly affected by the ongoing conflict, including to the elderly, people with disabilities, children without parents, low-income families and pregnant women. 13 distribution points were opened in Mykolaiv, supported by local Ukrainian organizations. Project in cooperation with the World Food Program. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine. ------------------------- UPDATE June 9 - Raisa Update from our activities in Ukraine! Mrs Raisa lives in the small town of Nju-York in the Donetsk Oblast. Even though she lost her arm at the age of 27, she never gave up and learned not only to live fully independently and to care for her children, but also to embroider and crochet. Now, during intensified hostilities, she tries to take care of her mental health and support the neighbors who could not leave. Mrs Raisa has always actively participated in the activities at the Psychosocial Assistance Center we run. Currently, the activities of the center are suspended, but as soon as safety considerations allow, our employees reach people in need, including providing them with essential products. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine.  -------- UPDATE June 3 Update from our activities in Ukraine! We organize regular aid transports to Ukraine for internally displaced persons and individuals who have not been able to leave their homes. We provide food and hygiene products as well as household chemicals for adults and children, taking into account the needs of the elderly, people with disabilities and infants. Some of the activities are carried out in cooperation with our international partners, and the distribution is supported by local Ukrainian organizations. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine.    ------------ SOS UKRAINE - WHAT WE DO UPDATE May 9 Update from our activities in Ukraine! Because of the war in Ukraine, more than 13 million people had to leave their homes. 7.7 million of them are displaced within their own country. Last week, we delivered food kits to people who, fleeing Kyiv and eastern Ukraine, found refuge in the Volyn Oblast - close to the border with Poland. The package includes products such as flour, groats, canned food, pasta, oil, chocolate, dried fruit, sugar and salt. Each package is prepared to be enough for a month. The next distributions will take place in this and next week. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine. UPDATE April 28 Update from our activities in Ukraine! This week we delivered more packages to the villages of Donetsk region: ✅ 966 hygiene kits for adults✅ 1200 food parcels for families  The packages went to Toretsko, Luhansk, Svitlodarsk thanks to our local staff. Additionally, we delivered 2034 adult hygiene kits to Zaporoże. We were supported in this distribution by our local partner Posmishka UA.  All transportation was organized in cooperation with GOAL. We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine.  UPDATE April 15 Information Centre on Aid to War Victims in Ukraine  We have launched a website on which we publish up-to-date information about PAH's activities related to the war in Ukraine. UPDATE April 8 Food kits and hygiene kits in Kyiv Together with Tovarystvo Leva we distributed food kits and hygiene kits in Kyiv and Kyiv region. In total, we supported 3,046 the most vulnerable people, including internally displaced persons, families with one caregiver, large families and people with disabilities. We keep you informed about our activities on PolishHumanitarianAction UPDATE March 30 Convoy with Humanitarian Aid  Another convoy with humanitarian aid arrived in Ukraine. It includes, among others soap, laundry detergents, menstrual hygiene materials and blankets. The products will go directly to the inhabitants of the Donetsk Oblast, and some of them will be distributed through hospitals or centers for internally displaced persons.  In total we will reach 6,300 families in this region. We keep you informed about our activities on UPDATE March 17 Katia and her 5-year-old daughter Tamila had to flee their home for the second time because of the war. They came to Poland from Kiev. Previously, Kati and her husband lived in Donetsk, which they left in 2014 after the conflict began.  On 24th of February they were woken up by explosions in Kiev, they spent three days in the basement. Katia and Tamila left the city on a crowded and stuffy train. Katia's husband was on the second train, which was stopped by bombing - he did not make it to the border to say goodbye. When we met Katia in Hrebenne, she was a refugee who needed our support, but on the next day she was actively involved in helping other people by preparing packages for newcomers at the border. Photo taken by Piotr Matlok / 33 Wodna Drużyna Harcerska / PAH  We keep you informed about our activities on UPDATE March 10 In eastern Ukraine, we run psychosocial assistance centers, which are mainly needed by elderly, lonely and disabled people. Centers are now closed for security reasons, but our social workers continue to support the most vulnerable elderly wherever and whenever possible. They bring water and necessities, they ask what they need. Additionally, our psychologists contact the elderly by telephone to help them cope with the current situation. At this most difficult time, we cannot leave people in Ukraine without help. We act and we will act for them as well. We keep you informed about our activities on --- ✅We drove with the transport of food and hygiene products to Ukraine. There is a warehouse on site from which products are distributed to the local community. At the same time, transports also take place in the south of Poland. ✅Additionally, we are opening an emergency aid point in Rawa Ruska, which is operated by Ukrainian volunteers. On that point, people will be able to eat, drink something warm, and get necessities. We organize these activities together with Stowarzyszenie Folkowisko and Stowarzyszenie "Czajnia". Thanks to local cooperation, we can work most efficiently! We keep you informed about our activities on

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Fundacja Siepomaga
Fundacja Siepomaga

Ukraine needs power generators! Let’s help the bombed cities survive the winter!

The situation becomes more and more dramatic… On November 15, the Russians have shelled power stations in Ukraine.  There used to be homes without windows. Now there are cities without power.  It means that millions of people have lost their electricity supply. Ca. 7 million citizens are estimated to have experienced power cuts. And now live without a hot meal, a hot beverage, heating, the possibility to use medical equipment… The snow has covered the eastern part of the country. And a much bigger cold is coming… The upcoming winter will be the worst time of year for the elderly, women in labor, and sick people. The truth is that without heating, many people will be struggling to survive… All Russian activities against Ukraine can be followed in the media. But we need to focus on what we can do to help Ukraine resolve the blackout that happened last night and probably will happen again in the upcoming days. Our objective is to purchase as many power generators as possible and deliver them to the most affected areas.  A mug of hot tea or soup, a room where it’s warm, that determines the basics in the winter is unavailable for many people now. Trams and trains stopped. Ukrainian people slowly lose connection. A lack of power means an inability to get in touch with one another. A discharged phone or a computer is useless.  It is a crucial moment for Ukraine. Its cities have weakened so much that another strike might be difficult to overcome… It is not how the Ukrainian people imagined this year’s Christmas season. But they want to defend their country. No matter the price they will pay.  War in Ukraine has already taken thousands of lives. Many people had to flee from rapes and other violent crimes performed by the Russians. We must provide support to the most vulnerable areas. Let’s save those who keep fighting for their country.  When the lights go off, fear comes. We want to provide as many power generators as possible and give hope!  Let’s warm up Ukraine and overcome the darkness!

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Fundacja Siepomaga
Fundacja Siepomaga

Gala Biznes Boxing Polska 23/03/23 ŁÓDŹ – Klub Teatr

Zapraszamy wszystkich do wspierania Naszych zawodników, którzy będąprzygotowywali się przez 8 tygodni do 3-rundowej bokserskiej walki w ringu przed setkami osób! Na gali Biznes Boxing Polska będziemy zbierali pieniądze dla Fundacji Siepomaga, która uzbierane środki przekaże na rzecz Fundacji K2 Zaborowscy. Poza walkami odbędą się również wspaniałe licytacje, z których uzbierane środki także zasilą konto Fundacji! Uroczysta gala odbędzie się 23 marca w Klubie Teatr w Łodzi. Bądźcie z nami tego wieczoru!

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Stowarzyszenie #StrażacyMałopolska
Stowarzyszenie #StrażacyMałopolska

Wypadek podczas akcji ratowniczej - zginął dh Andrzej, a jego żona dh Magda została ciężko ranna – pomóżmy jej i ich dzieciom!

Tuż przed północą, 26 września 2022 roku, OSP Balice zastała zaalarmowana do zdarzenia drogowego na podkrakowskim odcinku A4 gdzie doszło do kolizji samochodu ze zwierzyną leśną. Strażacy odpowiedzieli na alarm – wśród nich byli Andrzej i Magda (małżeństwo). Udając się na miejsce działań nie przypuszczali, że ta akcja zakończy się tak tragicznie. W trakcie udzielania pomocy poszkodowanym osobom, na pojazd, który zatrzymał się, najechał bus, który następnie wjechał na pas awaryjny, gdzie pracowali trzej strażacy. Niestety, ale mimo wysiłku służb ratunkowych, śmierć poniósł druh Andrzej, a jego małżonka, druhna Magda z licznymi obrażeniami została przetransportowana do szpitala – trwa walka o jej powrót do zdrowia. Te pierwsze momenty to przede wszystkim niedowierzanie, zaprzeczenie, to nie może być prawda, ale z upływem kolejnych godzin górę bierze brutalna rzeczywistość. W domu na tatę i mamę jak zawsze wracających z akcji czekała czwórka wspaniałych dzieci… jednak tym razem nie wrócili…. w jednej chwili cały świat wywrócił się im do góry nogami… Tato Andrzej (38 lat) odszedł na wieczną wartę, a mama Magda (38 lat) walczy o powrót do zdrowia… Jest to niewyobrażalna tragedia dla całej rodziny, jak i braci strażackiej z OSP Balice – jednostki, którą tworzą ludzie oddani bezgranicznie pasji bezinteresownego niesienia pomocy potrzebującym. Teraz druhna Magda jak i jej dzieci potrzebują naszego wsparcia. Na tę chwilę najważniejsze jest by pomóc rodzinie i zabezpieczyć dzieci oraz powrót do zdrowia ich mamy, którą czeka długie leczenie i rehabilitacja. Drodzy Pomagacze! Po konsultacji z Prezesem OSP Balice, wspólnie postanowiliśmy utworzyć tę zbiórkę, bo wiemy jak ciężko będzie rodzinie samodzielnie podnieść się po tej tragedii. Dziękujemy Wam za okazane wsparcie, każda, nawet najmniejsza wpłata jest ważna, bo #wJEDNOŚCIsiła i w taki sposób możemy wymiernie odwdzięczyć się Magdzie, jej dzieciom, ale i śp. dh Andrzejowi za bezinteresowne niesienie pomocy. 💚

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Fundacja Tiptop
Fundacja Tiptop

Każdy dotyk zagraża życiu – trwa walka z wrodzoną łamliwością kości - POMÓŻ!

Te dzieci mają wpisane cierpienie w swój los już od życia prenatalnego. Choć trudno w to uwierzyć - nie znają życia bez bólu. On zawsze był, jest, a my z całych sił staramy się, żeby w przyszłości było go jak najmniej... Zresztą wystarczy spojrzeć na zdjęcia. Wrodzona łamliwość kości - tak nazywa się choroba, z którą muszą się mierzyć. Tak nazywa się choroba, która jest dla nich źródłem nieustającej udręki.  Franio (zdjęcie powyżej) już w życiu prenatalnym miał kilkakrotnie połamane wszystkie kości w ciele, dlatego przez pierwsze 6 tygodni podawano mu morfinę, by choć trochę uśmierzyć ból. Podobnie sytuacja wyglądała u Jasia (zdjęcie poniżej). Jeszcze przed narodzinami chłopiec doznał licznych złamań, kolejnych tuż po porodzie. Kości Jasia są tak delikatne, że do złamań może dojść podczas codziennych czynności: przewijania, jedzenia, snu. Zaledwie 4-letnia Oliwka ze zdjęcia poniżej doznała już 35 złamań i przeszła aż 6 poważnych operacji. Mimo ogromu cierpienia można w jej oczach znaleźć uśmiech. Przed nią wyścig o samodzielność, którą każdego dnia odbiera jej choroba. Kubuś ma zaledwie 4 lata i już po raz trzeci musi walczyć o swoją sprawność. Jego kości są bardzo kruche. W brzuchu mamy, gdy powinien być bezpieczny, doznał 12 złamań. Teraz jedynym ratunkiem dla niego są poważne operacje, z których każda kosztuje blisko 40 000 zł. Laura, kolejna maleńka istota, doświadczająca ogromnego bólu. Choroba, z którą się mierzy, odbiera jej sprawność, a kości zamienia w „zapałki”, które łamią się zbyt często. WRODZONA ŁAMLIWOŚĆ KOŚCI - niezwykle rzadka, poważna genetyczna choroba. Objawia się ona zwiększoną łamliwością kości, przez co do urazów może dojść w każdym momencie. Typ 3 OI dotyczący naszych dzieci - jest ciężką postacią, charakteryzującą się wytwarzaniem przez organizm kolagenu o niskiej jakości (mimo że w odpowiedniej ilości).Łamliwość kości pojawia się jeszcze na etapie życia płodowego. Powstałe zniekształcenia pogłębiają się wraz z rozwojem dziecka. Złamane kości bolą i zwykle zrastają się krzywo. Liczne deformacje naprawia się operacyjnie, wstawiając w kości specjalne pręty. Wśród objawów towarzyszących kruchości kości pojawiają się też: niski wzrost, częste problemy ze słuchem (niedosłuch) i zniekształcenia kości: skrzywienie kręgosłupa, wygięte kości przedramienia, zbyt wiotkie stawy, łatwo ulegające zwichnięciom. Franio, Jaś, Oliwka, Kubuś i Laura cierpią zbyt często jak na tak małe istoty. Chcemy im dać choć trochę uśmiechu, złagodzić ból, wzmocnić kości i mięśnie, by do złamań nie dochodziło tak często. Dzieci stale i systematycznie przyjmują lek wzmacniający kości, który podawany jest w Krakowie, Warszawie lub Łodzi. Żeby ten lek działał prawidłowo, niezbędna jest intensywna rehabilitacja, zwykle jest to 5 godziny w tygodniu. Koszt jednej godziny to około 200 zł. Łatwo policzyć, z jak ogromnymi kwotami mamy tutaj do czynienia. Dlatego też prosimy o wsparcie. Błagamy, pomóżcie nam zapewnić im rehabilitację i dać szansę na samodzielność, na tyle, jak bardzo jest to możliwe. --- Aktualna, społecznie trudna sytuacja spowodowała, że jako Fundacja borykamy się z trudnościami w zapewnieniu wsparcia finansowego naszym dzieciom z wrodzoną łamliwością kości. Na co zostaną przekazane zebrane środki? - Na zapewnienie stałej rehabilitacji dla 6 dzieci z wrodzoną łamliwością kości - Na potrzebny sprzęt ortopedyczny, wózek inwalidzki i zabiegi, które się pojawiają.

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Fundacja Siepomaga
Fundacja Siepomaga

Gala Biznes Boxing Polska 25/03/23 GDAŃSK – Teatr Szekspirowski

Zapraszamy wszystkich do wspierania Naszych zawodników, którzy będąprzygotowywali się przez 8 tygodni do 3-rundowej bokserskiej walki w ringu przed setkami osób! Na gali Biznes Boxing Polska będziemy zbierali pieniądze dla Fundacji Siepomaga, która uzbierane środki przekaże na rzecz Stowarzyszenia Brzostek Top Team. Poza walkami odbędą się również wspaniałe licytacje, z których uzbierane środki także zasilą konto Stowarzyszenia! Uroczysta gala odbędzie się 25 marca w Teatrze Szekspirowskim w Gdańsku.Bądźcie z nami tego wieczoru!

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Fundacja Sióstr Św. Dominika
Fundacja Sióstr Św. Dominika

By rodzice dzieci z niepełnosprawnością nie czuli się sami

Opieka nad dzieckiem z niepełnosprawnością lub cierpiącycego na nowotwór to niesamowicie trudne doświadczenie. Ogromny ból i cierpienie, poczucie niesprawiedliwości, a przy tym ogromna miłość. To także zmagania związane z opieką nad dzieckiem. Czasem trudno jest sobie poradzić z tym wszystkim samemu... Fundacja Sióstr św. Dominika chce zapewnić bezpłatną pomoc psychologiczną dla rodziców, którzy potrzebują wsparcia i chcieliby porozmawiać ze specjalistą. Dzięki tej inicjatywie, możecie skorzystać z profesjonalnej pomocy, która pomoże wam przejść przez trudne chwile i lepiej radzić sobie z emocjami. Wszystkie osoby, które potrzebują wsparcia w przejściu przez trudne chwile, otrzymają ją kontaktując się bezpośrednio z Fundacją św. Dominika. Zachęcamy do wsparcia tej ważnej inicjatywy. Razem możemy zrobić wiele dobrego dla rodziców, którzy codziennie zmagają się z trudnymi sytuacjami. Każda wpłata ma znaczenie!Z góry dziękujemy za pomoc!

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