For Piotrek

Ilona Schulz
organizator skarbonki

Dear friends,

Actually it's a call for action. For your support... I'll turn 44 soon. I hac´ve a good time of my life now, I am healthy , have loving family and a human boss. What else do you need?.  I have decided to support someone who does not have that much luck in his life. I decided to support the crowdfunding for an 8-year old Polish boy named Piotrek, suffering from a brain tumor. We have a boy who is just a bit younger than Piotrek and I can not even think of what his parents are feeling now, knowing they might loose him... The professional medical treatment for Piotrek in Vienna, Austria costs a lot of money, still about €200.000 are mising and there are just couple of days left. I dare ask you to support this funding while sending me birthday wishes. Donate as much as you can, each cent counts! Thank you for your donations!

Best regards,



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