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Only the surgery will save Alexander from inhuman suffering - please help!

Alexander Świerczyński
Campaign finished

Only the surgery will save Alexander from inhuman suffering - please help!

Campaign goal:

urgent surgery in Paley European Institute and rehabilitation

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Serca dla Maluszka
Alexander Świerczyński, 8 years old
Warszawa, mazowieckie
holoprosencephaly, epilepsy
Starts on: 16 April 2021
Ends at: 18 April 2022

Previous campaigns:

Alexander Świerczyński
10 425,00 zł ( 100% )
145 donors
02.11.2015 - 25.02.2016

turnus rehabilitacyjny

10 425,00 zł ( 100% )

turnus rehabilitacyjny

Campaign description

The thing we feared the most has happened – Oluś is very unwell! The boy needs an urgent surgery otherwise a tragedy is bound to occur – he’s threatened by a total hip dislocation … They are already dislocated by 50% - if we don’t do anything,  a terrible suffering awaits him! Without surgery he won’t be able to move, won’t get up from bed… We don’t agree for pain and disability that’s why we’re begging for help!

Oluś’s mom is truly asking for your help:

Every mother wants the best for their child… I, most of all, would like my son not to have so many tears, difficult moments and pain in his life… Alexander has turned 7 recently. 7 years of discipline worse than on a military training field, a childhood whose rhythm is marked by visits to hospital, tests, classes, exercises... There are no carefree days of childhood, there is a dramatic fight for health. All done so that Oluś is relieved, so that he has a little chance to have what other children have – an able, independent, good life…

Alexander Świerczyński

My son was born with holoprosencephaly – a very serious brain malformation which caused it not to divide the way it should… In its most severe form children die within the first year of their lives. We were lucky – death spared Oluś, our son is with us. However he does not develop the way other children do…

Everything that is easily achieved by others – the first step, the first word – is an effect of arduous work in our case… Even though Oluś won’t say what he feels or what he would like, he can point his finger, communicate nonverbally, show it with a grimace… Our son won’t get up or walk on his own, but he crawls bravely, moves around with a walker or held by his armpits… We rehabilitate him practically every day and that is why with small steps his development is going ahead. It gets hard, at times truly hard. But Oluś’s smile gives strength for fighting...  We are lucky that our boy is always a cheerful and happy child.

Alexander Świerczyński

Unfortunately, Oluś’s health condition has worsened dramatically… At one of our appointments we found out that Oluś’s hips are not developing correctly. This thought has tormented us for a few years. In the end, the thing we feared most happened – before a rehabilitation stay we took an X-ray of his hip joints. We monitor them yearly. It turns out they are very bad, dramatic in fact…. The hips are dislocated by 50% already and without urgent surgery they will fall out of place completely! It is supposed to be a terrifying unimaginable pain… If it shall happen, Oluś will became a bed-ridden child, crying in pain…

Our son may lose his ability to crawl, stride… All of which he learnt hard, in pain, with effort and tears for so many years. It would be a disaster… His only chance is the surgery. Experts at the Paley Institute in Warsaw, a hospital where children with the most severe orthopedic defects are treated, wish to help our son. They will operate on Oluś and save him from a tremendous suffering… Unfortunately the costs of the surgery are striking. We need a huge sum in order to save our son’s physical fitness.

Alexander Świerczyński

I am prepared for everything to save my son from what is going to happen if rescue does not come in time… I’m not afraid of days and nights spent at the hospital, hard exercises and sacrifices so that my son is better. The surgery, pain, suffering and fight for physical fitness are ahead of us. The costs of the surgery are unfortunately unattainable for our family. We won’t save Alexander on our own that’s why I’m begging you for help and prayer and God for a miracle to save our son from suffering.

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