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The situation is dramatic - every hour counts❗️ The cost of treatment may amount to PLN 1.5 million

Artur Kamiński

The situation is dramatic - every hour counts❗️ The cost of treatment may amount to PLN 1.5 million

1 229 504,32 zł ( 101.11% )
Donated by 44124 people
Campaign goal:

CAR-T-CELL therapy

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Artur Kamiński, 49 years
Poznań, wielkopolskie
Chłoniak nieziarniczy B-NHL
Starts at: 12 March 2020
Ends at: 19 August 2020

Campaign result

Artur walczył do samego końca. Niestety, choroba nie daje wyboru. Chłoniak okazał się niepokonanym przeciwnikiem.

Żegnamy Artura pełni żalu. Odszedł z tego świata, ale w naszych sercach pozostanie na zawsze - jako Mąż, Tata, Brat, Syn i Przyjaciel. Odszedł do świata, w którym cierpienie nie istnieje. 


Pożegnanie Artura odbędzie się we wtorek 25 sierpnia o godz. 13.10 na Junikowie. Msza za Artura będzie odprawiona również we wtorek o godz. 9.30 w kościele p.w.św. Jana Bosko na ul. Warzywnej. 

Campaign description

Dear Sir or Madam

We are a small family living in Poznan in Poland. My husband, Artur, is fighting with a terrible cancer – a very aggressive type of lymphoma. We need your help to keep my husband alive and to make sure that he can watch his son growing up. Please consider donating money to ensure that Artur, as a loving husband and father, can stay with us as long as possible.

We have been fighting this battle against cancer since August 2019. Our entire family, friends, colleagues and doctors joined in to support our cause. The doctors tried everything they could think of, beginning with basic treatment like chemotherapy, up to complicated medical processes like autograft. The last surgery gave us hope, but the cancer cells relentlessly attacked again – this time faster than ever.

Fighting the cancer means that every day, every minute and every second counts.  In June, there was a special medical consultation that took place in The Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Clinic in Poznań. During this consultation my husband, Artur was qualified as a potential patient, which gives us hope again. At this point, in addition to cancer, we are also coping with the brutal reality – gathering money for this very expensive therapy, called CAR T Cell. This therapy is our last chance and the price for this chance has been estimated at 1,5 million Polish Zloty. The Polish National Health Fund (NFZ – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) will not cover any expenses for the therapy.

This therapy can be implemented in our home town, by Professor Lidia Gil in cooperation with the US company Gilead. Professor Gil tried hard to achieve financial support from the Health Ministry, but he was eventually rejected. What it means for us that we have to cover all the cost ourselves, which is an impossible undertaking for us.

CAR T Cell gives my husband 87% chance to survive and stay with us for many years. I would have never thought, that my beloved Husband’s life will be dependent on money. Nevertheless, in these difficult moments, we still believe in kind people and their willingness to help and to fight for Artur and his chance to live.

Artur would like to live for his family and make dreams come true. He would like us to develop our passions together. I bake delicious breads, vinegars, liqueurs ... He would still like to taste them. Our son Tytus (15 years old) likes to travel, hike, climb ... Artur would like to be his partner in these passions. We wish we were all joyful and forget about those dark days. We would like to prepare for Christmas  celebrations again together. We would like to welcome spring together and light a fire on the first day of summer for years to come. In the fall we would like to look for mushrooms and in winter enjoy the snow… These are our dreams.

Please help us to fight together for our dreams and to change the story Life is writing with a dark ending – let us make a happy ending together…. Supporting the fundraising, you can change the course of events:

I will never give up, because hope is my biggest weapon. And faith. My faith in people and socially responsible companies. Please, share my husband’s story and our plea for help. It does not cost you anything but it might save a life.

Kind regards

Beata Kamińska

1 229 504,32 zł ( 101.11% )
Donated by 44124 people

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