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Next Sunday - October 25th together with my friend Nina we are going to run in the half-marathon in Gdansk. I am a little nervous because I had never ran such a long distance before - 21km. But I thought to myself that if we run for a good cause, we may not only make it to the finish line, but also within a good time - we aim for 1h45minut, but it will be tough, so keep your fingers crossed :)
Apparently in many countries it is very popular to run "for charity". I have never been engaged in any charity activity before, because as probably many of You I assumed I had enough problems of my own to worry about strangers problems. However sometimes I was thinking to myself, maybe it would make sense to do something for others, instead of thinking only of yourself? I think unfortunately it is a fact that nowadays there is a growing apathy to what is happening around us to the misfortune of others. I just found an article on the Internet "social insensitivity - a disease of the twenty-first century" ... shocking ... maybe it's high time to begin therapy?
Charity, or by dictionary "flowing out of love for others" sounds noble. So I thought that I could try to do a good deed, help someone who needs help, to find out how it feels. After a short search I found a page www.Się and there as recently posted was a call for help by Mrs. Isabella - fighting to improve the quality of life of her seriously ill daughter Kamila. This story touched me personally because our son shortly after birth also fell ill with bacterial meningitis. Fortunately, in his case thanks to rapid diagnosis and intervention we ended up "just" staying several weeks in the hospital. Quite painful start in life, drip of antybotykiem served in the veins in the head, because there was nowwhere else to stick a needle. Because of the funny hat he had to wear to support venous catheters, and probably because he was so brave :), the nurses called him "Rambo" :) After hospitalisation a few months of rehabilitation and now our Wiktorek is a healthy, cheerful 4.5-year-old, and the disease has not left behind any trace. Unfortunately, as illustrated by Kamila story not everyone is so lucky in life, so if you can a little bit relieve the daily sufferings, even by paying a symbolic amount of money, why not? Many of us probably often spend much larger sums on trifles which we don't really need?

They say it s priceless to bring a smile to someone's face. Since I have a birthday soon, I decided on this occasion, to make yourself a gift in the form of a sense of satisfaction caused by a smile on Kamila's and her mother's faces. You can just trust, that is a great feeling, or ... You can check Yourselves ;) If you decide to join this action, each of the smallest panny You paid by you for this purpose is also for me personally, the greatest gift :-)

PS. I realize that the sum of money to collect seems astronomical, but as they say you reach for the starts :) At this moment this is how much is still needed for Camilla, we must succeed!!!


100 zł

Andy Mansfield, OH

Misfortune can happen to anyone, it is up to You how to handle it... All the best :)
150 zł


Każdy z nas może otworzyć się jak okno, by Bóg przez niego przychodził na świat i czynił dużo dobrego.
50 zł


To good health.
10 zł

Jan Paweł II

"Człowiek jest wspaniałą istotą nie z powodu dóbr, które posiada, ale jego czynów. Nie ważne jest to co się ma, ale czym się dzieli z innymi."
89 zł

Mark Taylor

100 zł



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