Don’t let dexterity remain just a dream… Save Daniel’s hand!

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Operation of the deformed right hand, at the clinic of Dr. Paley, USA.

Daniel Koch-Giżycki, 2 years

Warszawa, mazowieckie

Lack of forearm bones and fingers.

Started: 20 March 2019
Ends: 05 April 2020

Daniel was healthy until the 16th week of pregnancy. After that week, a series of dramatic events ruined our happy world. The doctors offered me an abortion; I wouldn’t agree. Our son was born with a short, contorted hand, but for me he was the most beautiful in the world. I knew I would do anything to help him. This is why I am here today, asking you to give my son a chance for a normal life. The operation with Dr. Paley is our only hope!

We were living in London when it turned out I was pregnant. It was our first long-awaited child! By week 16, everything was going according smoothly. At week 17, I got a flu vaccine to protect me and my child from getting sick. It was supposed to help, and yet it harmed us both... Several hours later I started bleeding. I went to the hospital, got the necessary tests, but the doctors didn't find the cause of the bleeding. They sent me home. I have no proof that it was the vaccine that caused all the complications and that it was due to it that my son's hand is disabled, no doctor will confirm it. I cannot turn back time, but I know I would’ve made a different decision, because it was a dozen or so hours after the flu vaccination that I started bleeding and everything started to fall apart ...

Daniel Koch-Giżycki

My anxiety worsened. I found a Polish doctor with a private clinic in England. He told me that my pregnancy was at risk. Previously, in the hospital, they hadn’t even mentioned this! For my son to survive, I had to save my strength, lie down almost all the time, only getting up to go to another hospital check-up. The ultrasound showed that there was something wrong with my son ...

Abortion was offered - for me it was a shock. I could already feel Daniel, his movements, the life that was growing in me. I could not agree to this!

I was sent to another hospital, where there was better equipment. The more advanced medical examinations confirmed my worst fears ... The doctors could not find all the baby’s fingers. It also turned out that the right hand is half the length of the left. How is it possible? All was well before! I agreed to collect the amniotic fluid so as to determine if this was due to genetic defects, but these were not found. Everything looked normal ... So why the sudden underdevelopment of the hand?!

The darkest period of my life had begun. Every day I woke up crying, realizing that this was not all just a bad dream. It really was happening ... After all, I took care of myself, of my baby ... Why did it happen to us, why was it him to be affected by such a disease?

Daniel Koch-Giżycki

The day of delivery came. I was full of fear but also joy - in the end I was supposed to meet my son, we had both survived! Daniel was born on June 29, 2017 by C-section. When I saw his face, I felt indescribable love. He was so vulnerable and loved. Beautiful! I saw also his hand. It was shorter, strangely bent. My baby was born without one forearm bone, his hand is half as short and has only three fingers. There is a strong contracture in two of them.

From the first moment I told myself that I would do everything in my power to make him happy and dexterous, that his hand would be healthy and never be a reason for sadness. My son gave me great strength to fight, although the first days after giving birth were hard. I cried all the time because I couldn't cope emotionally. This, however, did not stop me from fighting for a better life for Daniel.

Although no one says it, I think that it was these unfortunate vaccination complications that caused my son to be born with such a hand. I went to a lawyer, but he honestly admitted that it would be an extremely difficult and expensive case. To judge doctors and not in my own country ... I don't have the strength nor money to do it. The most important is my son and his health…

We returned to Poland three months ago. In England they promised surgery, but no one was able to give details, dates, its course ... We didn't even have rehabilitation there. Here, in Poland, we went from specialist to specialist, but everywhere we heard the same thing: we do not deal with such children, it is a very rare disadvantage. They could not help us ... I began to look for help on my own and so I came across the outstanding specialist, Dr. Paley, MD. He ran consultations in Poland, we went. He looked at our son and said something that filled my hears with hope for the first time: Daniel’s hand can be repaired!

Daniel Koch-Giżycki

A chance for our son is waiting in the USA, in Dr. Paley's clinic. There, Daniel will have a chance to recover faster, because during two operations doctors will do what Polish doctors would have to do in three stages, which would significantly lengthen the treatment process. Dr. Paley will straighten the hand first by inserting in it wires. During the next operation, he will remove them from one finger while making a thumb. This will make the son's hand dexterous; he will be able to grasp! In a few years, we will have to lengthen it, which will only be possible thanks to these two operations.

It all sounds fantastic, but we are far from happy ... For Daniel to have a working hand, huge funding is required. Even if I sold everything I have, it wouldn’t be enough ...

On the day he was born, I promised my son that his mother would do everything to help him. Today I am asking you for help, because only an army of people with good hearts can make all the misfortune that happened to my son remain only a memory ...

Justyna, Daniel’s mom.

Charity collection verified by the Siepomaga Foundation
Supported by 13 489 people
429 934 zł (100,56%)