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!URGENT! The life of 8-month old Gabriel can be saved only by the liver transplantation! We are desperately fighting against time…

Gabryś Kuśnierczak
Zbiórka zakończona

!URGENT! The life of 8-month old Gabriel can be saved only by the liver transplantation! We are desperately fighting against time…

654 509,00 zł ( 101.27% )
Wsparło 14670 osób

Liver transplantation in Belgium to save Gabriel’s life

Gabryś Kuśnierczak, 23 months
Otwock, mazowieckie
Cholestasis, biliary atresia, ascites, esophageal varices
Starts at: 25 May 2020
Ends at: 02 September 2020


Gabriel is in deadly danger! The little one’s life can only be saved by liver transplantation. Gabriel’s mom is ready to give him a part of her liver – she would in fact give everything, including her own life, to let her son live… They need help – our help! 135,000 euro – that’s the cost of Gabriel’s life! His condition deteriorates every day… Any time a critical breakdown may occur! We can’t lose any hour and that is why we ask for help! Whoever saves one life saves the whole world…

Gabryś Kuśnierczak

Małgorzata, Gabriel’s mom: We have dreamt about quiet life. Just us, far from social media, silence, intimacy, everyday joys. It went otherwise… Life has painfully touched us, giving us emotions, which are hard to describe with words. Hospital, isolation, ever worse information every single day, operation, complications, another operation… Tears, fear, sleeplessness, constant fear for my son’s life. Consciousness, that Gabriel is terminally ill, bound to die without transplantation.

Last autumn was extraordinary – our beloved Gabriel was born at the beginning of October. The whole pregnancy was exemplary, the child in excellent health – Gabriel stole our hearts at once. Nothing heralded the later tragedy… At the end of 2019 Gabriel fell ill and went to hospital. Diagnosis was harsh: our son suffers from cholestasis (the bile cannot leave the liver) and biliary atresia. It is a very rare, dangerous birth defect… Untreated, it leads to liver cirrhosis and death.

90% of untreated children die before they turn 3 years.

Gabryś Kuśnierczak

Our son, healthy yesterday, has become a child struggling for his life… He was operated (Kasai method) in order to facilitate the bile flow. Unfortunately, there were complications - gastrointestinal obstruction occurred. 5 days after the first operation another, unplanned one was necessary. Then other complications… Hospital nightmare and one, echoing thought: only a liver transplantation can save Gabriel’s life.

Since that time our life turned by 180 degrees. Everything moves around Gabriel’s illness and the fight for his life. Our son receives medications every day. They – as well as the earlier operation – have one aim: to buy him time. To keep him alive until transplantation, which has to be done as soon as possible!

Gabryś Kuśnierczak

Unfortunately, it is not known when the transplantation in Poland could take place… For the time being there’s no such possibility. Usually the medical services wait until the last moment, when the child’s condition is very bad or even critical… It is like sitting on a bomb. Every day we fear the breakdown, any moment something bad may happen. My son’s organism might stop functioning. Kidneys are in danger, ascites or esophageal varices may occur at any time – they can all be lethal! The ammonia level might raise, which – together with blood – might reach the brain, irreversibly damaging it… I don’t want, I can’t let it happen!

In Belgium, where many kids from Poland are operated, transplantation may be carried out right now… It is the best moment, as our son is in good condition and is strong enough to stand the operation. There is huge chance for me to be the donor, thus giving life once more to my son and ensuring Gabriel’s health. I will give 20% of my liver to my son – the remaining 80% will suffice for me… I deeply believe we can do it. I will do everything to save my child!

Gabryś Kuśnierczak

The first stage is a consultation in Brussels and medical examination of both my son and myself. The second stage is the transplantation itself… Then post-operational tests, whether transplanted liver works as it should. The total cost of treatment is roughly 135,000 euro! A huge amount, difficult to imagine… The price for something, which for me has no price – Gabriel’s life. It can’t end like that!

The illness is progressing every day… Results are very bad, my son’s condition deteriorates. We have to collect this money - there is no other solution. I ask everyone to help saving Gabriel’s life. I have promised him that he will live, that he will be healthy, that he will stay with us. Please, help me keeping this promise.

Małgorzata, Gabriel’s mom

654 509,00 zł ( 101.27% )
Wsparło 14670 osób

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