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Let's help Filip!

Filip Sobczuk
Zbiórka zakończona

Let's help Filip!

213 887,00 zł ( 102.93% )
Wsparły 4493 osoby

Heart surgery

Filip Sobczuk, 2 years
Wysokie, lubelskie
Congenital heart defect in the form of left ventricular hypoplasia, sub-mitral hypoplasia, malposition of special vessels, ventricular septal defect, ventricular septal defect and aortic arch hypoplasia
Starts at: 09 July 2021
Ends at: 12 October 2021


Mom, Dad, I got tired ... This helplessness does not allow you to remain indifferent. You want the best for your child and you will do everything for him to be as healthy as possible.

Filip Sobczuk is our two-year-old son. He comes from Wysokie near Zamość, but was born

at the Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital - Research Institute in Łódź, because he was born with a complex heart defect. He spent his first weeks of life there.

The full diagnosis: congenital heart defect in the form of left ventricular hypoplasia, mitral valve hypoplasia, malposition of large vessels, ventricular septal defect, defekt in the atrial septum and aortic arch hypoplasia. Condition after aortic arch burgery and stenosis to 4.5 mm of the pulmonary artery trunk (04/18/2019), condition after pulmonary stem implantation and surgery using Glenn's bidirectional method (08/18/2020)

Filip Sobczuk

Some will say that IT is quite a lot for one child. Some, by simply looking at him, will say that he doesn't look THAT sick. And yet, it requires several stages of surgical treatment for him to be able to continue living and function properly.

On a daily basis, Filipek is a happy, smiling and curious child. His attention is often drawn  to the various sounds, especially machines. There are plenty of those around, as he is growing up surrounded by fields and tractors. 

Filip is a very active child. He is a real marathon runner. His sick heart, however, cannot keep up with his energetic body and therefore he gets tired quickly. While running, the saturation values ​​drop which makes him sweat and cough a lot. Filip loves playing with other children. 

He loves cuddling and kissing. Being such a sweetheart, he steals the hearts of many ...

He also stole the most important hearts - the ones of his parents who want the best for him. They want him to be healthy. To make that come true he needs to have the third Fountain Operation. During the last cardiac catheterization, his pulmonary arteries were found to be too narrow... There is a chance for him though to undergo an operation abroad at the University Hospital in Münster. Unfortunately, money stands on the way to our happiness ... It costs about 2 hundred thousand zlotys... The planned date of the operation is the beginning of 2022.

Filip Sobczuk

Each hospital stay generates costs that Filip's parents must pay to be able to be close to their child and provide him with meals, hygiene products and other necessary accessories. After the surgery, Filip will require intensive rehabilitation to be able to continue to develop properly. 

There is a long road ahead of Filipek, a road full of unknowns.  We want to help him. Therefore we ask. 

Together, let's create Filipek's team from the heart, which will help him have a more efficient heart that will beat better!

213 887,00 zł ( 102.93% )
Wsparły 4493 osoby

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