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Mateusz suffers from custic fibrosis a very serious hereditary illness that is incurable and affects entire organism ( lungs, liver, pancreas). The sicks persons are doomed to premature death but in spite of that and being ware of that, they struggle for the fullest and the longest life possible. How short is life expectance of cystic fibrosis sufferers is best attested to by the fact out of the 1069 sufferers registered with us, only 249 are above 20 years of age. The lifespan is affected by a number of factors...the sicks persons age when the illness was diagnosed,their and their parents attitude ( battle or surrender) proper specialist treatment socjal and familiad conditions ( libing and financial). Physicians, physical therapists and parents may only slow down the progress of the disease and prolong for the sick persons life. What really might prolong life would be a lung transplant. Unfortunately, for the time being and for the majority of Polish cystic fibrosis sufferers, this is dream.


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Mateusz Drozdowski , 26 years
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