At the Foundation Miśka Zdziśka ,, Blue Ray of Hope "

Support for the sick, the disabled and the needy

Miska Foundation Zdziśka ,, Blue Ray of Hope "  was created to help sick children, disabled persons and persons suffering, hurt by the fate of life, who unfortunately due to health reasons and social reasons are not able to function normally in everyday life. Our main objective is to provide such assistance and the desire to improve the situation of those most disadvantaged: the sick, the disabled, lonely and suffering. We want to show that disability does not interfere in anything. That is why we set ourselves the goal of shaping positive personality traits among people with disabilities. Therefore, the Foundation Miska Zdziśka ,, Blue Ray of Hope "in Jędrzejow helps children, people with disabilities. We want through our actions draw people with disabilities from their homes to become operational and cooperation between people zdrowymi.Pomagamy the treatment, purchasing medical equipment rechabilitacyjnego.
Persons acting in the Foundation are volunteers, the board of the Foundation does not receive any remuneration for action and help the sick and disabled children.
Please state with all my heart for financial support for the statutory Foundation's activities Miska Zdziśka ,, Blue Ray of Hope "because the goal of the foundation is also hiring people with disabilities to a considerable or moderate and thereby creating stable employment for people at vulnerable or sick and disabled. Where a blind person and a deaf but also in a wheelchair and prosthetic find its place in the world and thus peace, stability and opportunity to education and development.
Ladies and gentlemen, even the smallest contributions to the activities of the Foundation Miska Zdziśka ,, Blue Ray of Hope "because the foundation has shown by its actions that the fate of the children and the sick and disabled people is the most important and is a priority.
Nowadays it is difficult to operate such associations because this foundation and its board operate on a voluntary basis and do not receive any commissions and therefore the entire 100% of the deposit for a specific child or a sick person goes to them. Funding for its operations and seek compensation in the municipalities. Therefore please please help Miśka Zdziśka Foundation financially for the support of our operations to aid people with disabilities.
It should help them, please



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Dla Miska Zdziska . Trzymam kciuki
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