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URGENT! A liver transplant is needed! Help our Gabrysia

Gabrysia Wąsiel

URGENT! A liver transplant is needed! Help our Gabrysia

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to 75365
Text 0228833
6,15 zł (including VAT)
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Fundraiser goal:

Treatment, rehabilitation, medical equipment, accommodation

Fundraiser organizer: Fundacja Siepomaga
Gabrysia Wąsiel, 11 months old
Wałbrzych , dolnośląskie
Biliary atresia
Starts on: 24 October 2022
Ends on: 02 September 2023

Fundraiser description

January 24, 2023 11:50 am

Gabrysia’s in critical condition! 
Her health condition has been worsening day by day. She was bleeding twice already! We are in the hospital, desperately waiting for a liver donor!

Please help us. Every day brings more expenses, and we are running out of funds. Your support would let us take our minds off the financial issues and focus on saving our daughter! 

Fundraiser Description
We waited 11 years for Gabrysia. Her birth was a true miracle. Now we are fighting for her health. We will do our best to save her, but we need your help!  

When I found out I was pregnant, I was the happiest woman on the planet! I was about to become a mother! What a beautiful word. My world changed. I loved this little creature long before I knew its sex. We were having a baby! I didn’t even care if it was a boy or a girl.

My pregnancy wasn’t perfect, but the fetus developed normally. In the 37th week, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We were overjoyed! It was love at first sight. We named her Gabriela.

After four days in the hospital, we went back home. Unfortunately, jaundice not only didn’t disappear but intensified. We started to worry.  Finally, we went back to the hospital. We were told, that Gabrysia might suffer from biliary atresia, a condition where the bile ducts are abnormally developed. It is a rare disease!  If untreated, it might lead to cirrhosis or even death!

It is not how I imagined the first days with my newborn daughter… Another hospital confirmed the terrible diagnosis. Gabrysia had to undergo a Kasai procedure (removing the blocked bile ducts and gallbladder and replacing them with a segment of a child's small intestine). We went home after a month. 

Unfortunately, her condition gets worse day by day. Chronic cholestasis forces doctors to perform a liver transplant! However scary and overwhelming it may sound, it is a fact. The surgery is to be performed in February. Until then, Gabi must gain some weight. Unfortunately, it has been staying the same for a long time, and she might require a feeding tube. 

Gabrysia’s development is delayed by at least two months. She cannot lift her head or legs, or roll from tummy to back. She requires constant physical therapy. We are also concerned about her enlarging spleen.  

The costs of medications and transportation are enormous. We are scared of the future and asking for help, but not for us. For our daughter!… 

Sylwia and Zygmunt, Gabrysia’s parents

* The amount to raise is estimated. 

Donate via text

to 75365
Text 0228833
6,15 zł (including VAT)
Donate via text now

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