Sól życia - zbiórka charytatywna na grotę solną


"Not all of us can do great things.
but we can do small things with great heart."


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Every day we wake up with motivation and belief in a better future of our children, children with multiple disabilities. This is what we devoted our lives to. Please take a moment and familiarize with our initiative :)

What is our goal?

- We want each of our children provide the opportunity to live a full life.
- Thanks to your donations we will build a special room with salt cave.
- As a result, children will have a chance to thrive and draw from life more than had been given to them.

"In the salt cave, in addition to teaching and substantive work, our children will be able to just relax in a very pleasant and friendly environment for them. I help because the problem of children with disabilities is not unknown to me."
OREW EMEDEA director, Mirosław Maślak


- Removal of harmful pathogens

- Improving the work of the cardiovascular system

- A significant increase in resistance

- Full and proper breathing

- Comprehensive stimulation of the senses

- Activation of organs and muscles

"With the salt cave, children will be less fell ill, they will be better developed, they will be better oxygenated, they were able to breathe better. I'm sure these will be well utilized money for those who need them most."
Doctor Mirosława Gałęcka

Our mission is to help children with multiple disabilities.

Because children require complex care in conditions suited to their needs, we enable them to exercise special education in kindergarten, primary school and secondary school.

See more at: http://www.orew.emedea.pl/


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