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5th edition of a charity bike rally by IT employees from Szczecin. All to help a sick child.


This year will see the 5th edition of the "Informatycy na Rowery" (IT guys, get on your bikes) rally the aim of which is to help those in need. Since 2010, IT employees from Szczecin have been fighting stereotypes to prove that people who work in IT not only stare at screens, but also do exercise and show empathy. This year they are hitting the road to raise money for the treatment of Tymek Szulski- Żylak who suffers from a severe heart defect.


Four-month old Tymek has congenital heart problems. Tymek  regularly has to attend doctor's appointments and undergo treatment which is very costly. Parents contacted Rafał Źróbecki, who is the originator and organiser of the "Informatycy na Rowery" initiative, and he decided to help.


Who but IT guys?


This is the fifth time when IT employees from Szczecin decided to organise a charity bike rally, during which they will be collecting money, this time to help Tymek. Last year, they raised over 10 000 PLN for rehabilitation care for Martynka Wójtowicz. Cyclists have taken leave to ride almost 500 km along a cycling route that stretches from the Karkonosze Mountains to Szczecin. This is an international cycling route Odra-Nysa that goes along Polish-German border. − "We are happy that we managed to build a community that wants to help and does it voluntarily, at the same time fights the stereotype of a "typical IT guy". When we discussed the idea of regular bike trips, I instantly thought it would be good to consider a charity aim because this motivates participants and helps overcome own limitations. We hope that this year our effort will not be in vain and that we will raise our target amount − said Rafał Źróbecki, president of SQUIZ Poland, originator of "Informatycy na Rowery". 


Local manifesto of the power of collaboration


In this edition, participants will include IT employees from many IT companies in Szczecin, but also people not involved in IT who also want to help. Many local companies and organisations have shown support for this idea. Honorary patronage of the exhibition was taken by Olgierd Geblewicz, Marshall of the Zachodniopomorski district. Initiative is supported by: Fundacja Netcamp, Technopark Pomerania, Klaster IT, Szczecinblog, Kurier Szczeciński, Moje Miasto Szczecin, wSzczecinie, Szczecin na Rowerach, Klub Rowerowy Gryf, Hot Magazine Szczecin, Madbike shop. − "With every edition, more and more organisations decide to support us. This shows that it pays to organise such charity events regularly and to help those who need it. Not only does this involve participants, but also potential sponsors and media which then translates to the amount of support that Tymek receives." − emphasised Rafał Źróbecki.

The group will set off on 21st May 2015 from Squiz headquarters in Szczecin.


How to help Tymek?


Organisers of "Informatycy na Rowery" are constantly looking for sponsors who would like to support the initiative by donating money directly to Tymek and rally participants.


Donations for the treatment of Tymek as part of "Informatycy na Rowery" can be made at: https://www.siepomaga.pl/r/informatycynarower2015


More info about Tymek and his health problems can be found at https://www.siepomaga.pl/tymek


News from the event will be published daily on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/419357891522820/


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