Devs on Tour ride for Ania and Staś

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Devs on Tour - IT charity bike!


“Informatycy na Rowery” (ENG: “Devs on Tour”:)) is an annual charity bike, founded about 5 years ago by Raf Źróbecki, Managing Director of Squiz Poland, who is passionate about sports and active lifestyle. The purpose of the ride is to help children in need and integrate people from within Squiz and IT industry in Szczecin (Poland).

Main goals of Devs on Tour:

- help children in need
- activate guys from IT
- integration
- adventure & fun

This year charity goal:

This year we plan to help two small children, Ania and Staś Zalewscy, premature siblings from Szczecin who need money for their rehabilitation. Ania and Staś are actually close relatives of one of our Squizzers (Squiz Poland co-workers) from the Polish office.

Cycling Route:

The Oder-Neiße Cycling Route follows along the two rivers and through three countries the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. The cycling route stretches almost the entire length of the German-Polish border. It ventures 630 kilometres from the spring of the Neiße River in Nová Ves in the Czech Republic to the tourist city of Ahlbeck on the island of Usedom. It follows from the Jizera Mountains along the borderline all the way up North to the Baltic Sea.

Route details:

1. Wednesday, 01.06 0. Szczecin - Kristofovo - by bus

2. Thursday, 02.06 1. Kristofovo - Przewóz, 120 km (75 miles)

3. Friday, 03.06 2. Przewóz - Gubin, 80 km (50 miles)

4. Saturday, 04.06 3. Gubin - Kostrzyn, 120 km (75 miles)

5. Sunday, 05.06 4. Kostrzyn - Szczecin, 150 - 170 km (93 - 105 miles) - depends on the route taken

Detailed information about our ride you can find on our Facebook page and this year event page.


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