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6-year-old Jaś has a brain tumor! We need to save his life!

Jaś Woźniak
Campaign finished
2 916 215,00 zł ( 100.32% )
Donated by 65897 people
Campaign goal:

live-saving treatment in Zurich

Campaign organiser: Fundacja Siepomaga
Jaś Woźniak, 8 years
Poznań, wielkopolskie
brain tumor
Starts at: 30 October 2019
Ends at: 31 March 2020

Campaign description

Switzerland – a place, where chocolate has become a culinary heritage, a paradise for millions of sport fans enjoying snow during winter seasons and one of the richest countries in the world, giving the six years old Jaś  the only chance for the most expensive and valuable good one can get– his Life.

Hello! My name is Jaś (Polish diminutive of a name Jan). I am six years old. I love playing football, cycling, swimming and running. Some time ago , my life has changed completely.. I was not able to go to school anymore. More and more often, I felt exhausted. My body has been frequently requesting me to rest. I fear, the reason for that big change is a cauliflower, which decided to grow in my head….

In December 2018, during the joyful play with his sister, Jaś stated unexpectedly, that he suffers from a strong headache and he cannot see clearly. We did not hesitate for a moment and took those symptoms very seriously, deciding about visiting different doctors. At the end of March 2019, Jaś had his first Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The results demonstrated some unclear changes in the brainstem (21 x 20 mm).  Some additional examinations have been ordered. Doctors decided that the health of Jaś should be monitored constantly. The results end of June 2019 have removed any doubts . Lesions changed their size, growing 1 cm more! Since that time, doctors agreed on diagnosis – tumor of the brainstem -  Diffuse midline glioma H3K27 M+ - the worst malignant brain tumor. Due to its localization, surgery to remove the tumor, is not possible. An enormous fight for health and life of our Son keeps on going. Jaś had already a cycle of radiotherapy treatments. In Poland, we are running out of possible cure treatments. The only one remaining is a systematic chemotherapy, which cannot guarantee long-term results…

We have started to look for an alternative solution and we came across Dr. Sabine Mueller (MD, PhD, Pediatric neuro-oncologist) who works at the University Children’s hospital in Zurich (Switzerland). We have been informed about a new treatment method, which is currently at a clinical trial stage (with a limited number of patients in the USA). After conducted consultations and examinations, Dr. Mueller has qualified Jaś for a therapy using intra-tumoral MTX-110 (panobinostat). The drug is being delivered by Convection Enhanced Delivery (CED) infusion and may stop the growth of tumor cells. Due to the fact that the drug MTX-110 is currently not available in Europe, the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) will not cover any expenses for the therapy. Its costs, spread for two years, conducted in Switzerland (Zurich), has been estimated at nearly 3 mln Polish Zloty (CHF 800 000). We would have never thought, our beloved Son’s life will be dependent on money.  Nevertheless, in all those painful moments, at the bottom of our hearts, we believe in warm-hearted people and their willingness to help and to fight for Jas and his chance to live.

Why don’t we fight together to change the plot of that Life written story and become a writer who decides not only about its happy ending, but also initiates a beginning of an amazing life-changing-script…

2 916 215,00 zł ( 100.32% )
Donated by 65897 people
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